How To Webcast Your Events Better; Job Made Easy

The Camera, being one of the most divine and definitely one of a kind technological intuitive has taken the standard of this modernized era to a great new extent. Being advancing when it comes to Audio and Visual recording, it turns down to be one the most emphasized inventions that have been improvising since the day it was made. Where it is known to capture the moments and preserve memories to be cherished forever, it also allows you to utilize it in ways you have never thought of before.

Things just cannot get any better when the most scintillating aspects of this technologically advanced era join forces together. Resulting in being one of the finest, these aspects prove themselves to be worthy no matter what. Considering the excellence of the Internet and the potential a camera has in store, this deadly duo has been ruling since they joined hands. Although the list to the endless possibilities of wonders this duo tends to put up, the Webcasting tops the chart in the most obviously distinctive ways possible.

Being able to be transmitted to almost anywhere in this world, this duet of the Audio Visual Technology and the Internet is one of the finest approaches when being referred to a huge audience is what you need to be certain about. Hence, if you are related to the webcasting field and the Audio Visual recording is what you need to take care of, described below are some of the finest practices you can put up to use. So get ready for the Lights, Camera and Action!

Use Video Switcher For a Better Result:

 Known to produce a visually interesting and a dynamic outcome, the Video Switcher proves itself to be worthy of giving a shot if generating a better Audio Visual representative webcasting. Although, the video switchers have a very diverse viewpoint and availability options, incorporating a number of cameras with the essence of a video switcher leads to a better coverage. Although the switchers can be classified into two types, i.e. the Software and the Hardware switchers; the software switchers prove themselves to be more accurate, precise and trustworthy.

Audio VS Visual; Which One Is Better:

 Frankly speaking, what turns out to be one of the most emphasizing factors when considering a webcasting of any kind is the fact that when it comes to the audience perspective; they prefer the Audio Visual representation to the Audio-only illustration. The audience tend to feel more engaged and thoroughly into the event if the Audio + Visual representation is easily accessed. Although the Audio-only webcasting requires lesser bandwidth and is easy to access even on the dial-up modems; hence, when it comes to the rural areas, this trick works out smoothly.

Ensure The On-Demand Viewing:

 Considering the fact that if some of your attendees or any of the participant were unable to access to your webcast due to any reason, OR even if they want to share it with their colleagues or anything that at all; an on-demand recording of the webcast should easily be available. Ensuring the perfectly Audible and flawlessly Visible recording; things will definitely lead you to a successful Webcast!

It has been found out in a survey that the webcasting nowadays has turned out to be more impactful and deliberately more precise than they previously were. The sole reason to its success is the continuous advancements in the field of technology. Although it is one of the easiest ways to deliver without requiring people to actually be present physically, it incorporates some of the most influential tactics and approaches that could lead to a better Webcast. Being more impactful and determined on your stance, this heavenly duo of the Camera and the Internet has been influencing lives; making our lives easier and better to live!

Reliance JIO Fastest Data Services

Reliance JioWhat is Reliance Jio

Craze of Android Phones in India is in its height. Now India has large market of smartphone in terms of users. In this competitive market Reliance with its latest brand Reliance Jio Lyf has picked the fifth position in race of smartphone marketing, by capturing 7% of market share in the first quarter of 2016.

Reliance Jio launched on 27th December 2015 on the event of late Dhirubhai Ambani’ s 83rd birth anniversary. Commercially it get launched in the Indian market in the month of March 2016. At first the 4G services were launched internally to Jio’s partners, its staffs and their family members on 27th December 2015. The brand ambassador of JIO, Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan inaugurated the launch event of this latest brand of Reliance in the Reliance Corporate Park which is in Navi Mumbai.

What Are The Features of New Reliance Brand

This latest brand of Reliance is full of lots of features. Like it will offer data and voice services with peripheral services like instant messaging, live TV, on demand movies and songs, news and online payment services.

The best advantage of it that the user will get unlimited free data usage and free call facility for the first three months of buying Reliance Jio. The chairman of Reliance Industries (Jio) Mr. Mukesh Ambani said that the Reliance Jio is the world’s largest start-up and carries power to revolutionize the telecom market with the internet speed of 80 times faster than its existing rivals.

Moreover its tariffs are also as low as 0.5 paise for 10 kilobytes of data and video calls are possible at paise per second. The launch of Reliance Jio has made massive impact on the existing market. Already Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular have cut down their data tariffs to cope up the market in respect of much awaited launch of Reliance Jio. Followed to them now Vodafone is also offering 67 percent more data to its existing 3G or 4G prepaid users.

How Reliance JIO is Capable of Giving Fastest Data Services

The RIL (Reliance India Limited) has already launched the 4G broadband services in the first quarter of financial year 2016-2017 throughout in India. The company has a network of more than 2,50,000 km of fibre optic cables. Moreover it will be partnering with local cable operators in order to get broader connectivity for Reliance JIO broadband services. Not only this, JIO owns spectrum of 800 MHz and 1800 MHz bands in 10 and 6 circles, altogether 22 circles in the country. It also owns pan-India licensed of 2,300 MHz spectrum. This spectrum will remain valid till 2035.

Before the launch of pan-India 4G data, Jio has started providing Wi-Fi hotspot services throughout India. The beneficiary cities include Jabalpur, Ujjain, Gujarat, Indore, Surat, Ahmedabad, selected locations of Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Mussoorie, Collectorate’s office in Meerut and at MG Road in Vijayawada. Jio has started providing free Wi-Fi internet at six cricket stadium hosting the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 matches. The net services were available at Wankhede Stadium of Mumbai, Eden Garden Stadium of Kolkata, Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium of Mohali, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium of Dharamshala and Chinnaswamy Stadium in India.

Apps Services of Reliance JIO

Reliance JIO Has Following Apps:-

  • My Jio – It manages Jio Account and Digital Services
  • Jio OnDemand – It is an online HD video liberary
  • JioPlay – It gives live TV channel service
  • JioBeats – It is a music player
  • JioChat Messenger – It is an instant messaging app
  • JioMags – E-reader of magazines
  • JioJoin – It is a VoLTE phone simulator
  • JioXpress News – It is a news and magazine aggregator
  • JioDrive – It is a cloud-based backup tool
  • JioMoney Wallet – It is an online payments/wallet app
  • JioSecurity – It is security app.

With all these apps and its features Reliance Jio is going to give a very tough competition to its rivals.

7 Free Social Media Marketing Tools To Promote Your Biz


[/media-credit] Popular social media marketing tools to help promote your newly established business

Undoubtedly, if you desire to sustain in today’s competitive marketplace the dire need of social media marketing tools is a must.

Every business of today’s modern era is made on the idea of uniqueness, quality, and promotion. Whether it’s about a home-based business introduced by a young women entrepreneur, a fashion boutique in the posh area of the city or even, an automobile shop at the street corner the social media marketing tools can be really useful for the marketing purpose.

Who doesn’t want exposure ?

Even if you are a blogger or an amateur photographer and looking for ways to reach out to a massive audience then this is the right guide for you.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Establishing a business is easy as compared with maintaining it. People often complain about the failure of their online companies and other projects. It’s always not about the accurate promotion of the products, but more often the lack of marketing comes out as the prominent reason.

Social media truly plays an important role in raising the standards of the company and reaching out to a number of new buyers.

However, there are a plenty of paid tools for the better promotion but following are few free to use applications that are highly effective and result-oriented. In brief, you simply cannot ignore any of these.


Facebook is the largest social networking website used by millions of people around the globe. Almost everyone who has access to internet has a facebook account. So, you must have an idea about the use of facebook in the marketing.

There is no easy and free way better than facebook. A number of companies have become successful due to their updated content on the social media profiles.

Now, there are more opportunities for the entrepreneurs. With the inception of facebook pages and groups, it is incredibly easy to feature a new company, it’s goals, products, any offers, events etc.

The social media manager just need to know the accurate tactics to handle the business and promote it.

Twitter is just another micro-blogging social networking site which is free to use. It is way different than facebook, but the site has it’s own perks. Within a limit of 160 characters, you have to compose a message and deliver it to the followers.

It gives you access to following other accounts and let other follows you. The free website enables the user to promote any kind of product, links to the website, offer deals, discounts etc. With the inception of hashtags and twitter chats, it is more flexible to gain a number of followers according to your niche. It again depends on the strategy you use to handle the app.

It may sound new to you but it is worthy enough to give it a try. From last years, Pinterest has become a popular source of traffic. If you are a blogger or an entrepreneur then it is just the right pick for the promotion of your blog posts.

People are fast to buy a domain and write a post but they suffer badly when no one pays a visit to their sites. It is a matter of hard work and the proper use of social media tools.

Pinterest is the modern social networking site where you can pin the favorite posts and build followers. It engages users to gather unique and informative content. Any young entrepreneur can promote their business by creating informative posts and pin it to the Pinterest boards. Make sure to implement all the techniques to grow your profile.


Are you creative enough to produce catchy pictures? Awesome! Instagram will give you a lot of exposure. If you are a small business owner and striving hard to gain followers to your social profile then Instagram is an effective tool to boost up marketing.

A person can engage with a good number of followers by publishing relevant but interesting pictures. It is also suggested to use hashtags. You can chase different online companies and enter into a competitive zone.


Online streaming videos is also a great way to gain followers. If you have some electronic product then creating a video on youtube or any other platform is useful for the growth of business.

People try to seek tutorials for the new products. An appealing video in form of a story or an animated series can bring more buyers to your company.


Buffer is an excellent social media tool to ease your burden. Whether it’s you or the social media manager it is a daunting task to publish a similar post again and again on different platforms.

Buffer is the helpful tool to schedule the posts in advance. There is also a paid version for the exclusive features but for now, anyone can enjoy the free version.

7)Linked In

There is nothing important more than being professional to your business. Linked In is another social media platform to promote your biz. It’s a great way to create a portfolio of the company’s owner and the best projects it offer.

A number of companies, bloggers and entrepreneurs regularly visit the Linked In network and gather people from same communities.

How many social media tools do you use?

All the above tools are free and simple to use. A lot number of marketers and owners use free social media marketing tools to promote their business online.

Would you mind sharing few social media tools you use to market their business?

#3 Unique Picture posting ideas on Instagram



Instagram is primarily a platform that can be used to humanize a brand. In most cases, Instagram gives the audience a slip peeks at what goes on behind the scenes. It is also a good way to show followers what it is like to work there, which is great for the recruiting efforts as well. Instagram also enhances various companies in telling a visual story, so as to enhance their demands on the platform.

Undoubtedly, the engagement is quite high on Instagram due to the following mentioned facts:

  1. A) A number of people nowadays carry their phones it with them almost every time.
  2. B) The Short-attention crossover in order to find a picture -based application having an easy technique to process the information.


Having a number of companies endowing in the Instagram for the growth of their businesses, it is pretty tough in order to know what type of subject will resonate with the followers. Basically, there is constantly a fright of trying, failing. Along with having that particular account had been a permanent prompt of the posts that was unsuccessful to get any love from the followers.

Different and unique Ideas in terms of Instagram posting ideas has been compiled here in this article. Unique, in this case, means that something is special in some way


Let’s Get Started:

Aashima | UnoBurg
    • Let the Photos be a bit #Employee-Centric:


[media-credit id=249 align=”alignnone” width=”209″]instagram-screenshot[/media-credit]

Usually, social media is based on enhancing a company by showing off the exact personality of the brand. In most cases, putting the faces to a brand name is one of the critical ideas these days, as none of us would like to follow a faceless Brand off course! Therefore, creating a brand image at first is the best way for connecting with your followers. Organizations that consider their employees well are much- more desirable. Let’s now think about: why do the clothing stores ask their employees to dress up in their own product? Well, this is due to the fact this reckons a high credibility to the brand and elevates the engagement of the customers.

As like the customers are somewhat more interested for an opinion from the store sales representative, this seems amenable and knowledgeable as most of the Instagram followers will likely be attracted by a brand whose employees exemplify the personality of their brand.

  • How about Posting something # Customer-Centric:

[media-credit id=249 align=”alignnone” width=”377″]screen800x500[/media-credit]

A company that incorporates their user generated content in their social media is more likely to get a gold star from its followers. When posting pictures to Instagram, it is important to first understand the value an idea actually adds in order to the appeal their customers. For instance, what benefit it does to the customers?

Major pictures to choose are the one which shows your product in use. Instagram is a free advertising platform which helps the followers to subscribe your latest posts and information you posted in it. This also helps the followers to keep on checking your profile


  • Love Writing!!  Then Let’s Go #Blogger-Centric:


[media-credit id=249 align=”alignnone” width=”431″]instagram-screenshot-e1398075295244[/media-credit]

I always stress the significance of placing the focus on the fact that is not just the organization/ company and its products. A blogger also adds the credibility to the product as a form of celeb testimonial.

The diverse content makes a company’s posts more fascinating and having a regular blogger draws follower engagement. Various bloggers and especially the popular ones have their own fan base hence, the bloggers are easily able to promote their posts and brand’s products a wider audience on Instagram.

Upon conclusion, Instagram posting ideas are one of the critical methods of making your idea to pass through a number of individuals. It is very important to post the unique and appealing pictures and other posts to the followers or customers in order to create your brand image.