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ODIN : A Convenient App For Flashing Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone

Odin app offers a powerful system for flashing and manual installation. It is a great tool for flashing Samsung Galaxy smartphone. With its help, you can alter the kernel and firmware files without a need to recover. So, you can do it manually saving a lot of power.

A good example to explain this is of a kernel system which handles the GPU and CPU. Furthermore, You can customize the kernel to make it according to a completely new source that you want. Customizing kernels means to change the factory-made kernel. This is to change its properties for improving performance, CPU overclocking, and many other cool features. This does need rooting of the device before you can start the process, so make sure you have accomplished that.

It is risky as you are directly messing with the system files. But, developers who provide rooting techniques always warn users. Following the instructions accurately is important to avoid any difficulties. While doing this, it is also necessary that you use a compatible Android version on your device with the kernel.

Odin - flashing Samsung galaxy smartphone

Odin For Flashing Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone

It started as a PC software:

Odin is not a new application. It came out as a PC software letting people flash their portable Android devices using the help of a computer. The task was quite frustrating as you required a second device all the time you needed to flash your files or install a new update.

But, the software’s success encouraged the developers to come up with the Odin apk which is much more user-friendly. It does not even need a PC to handle the flashing. With the app itself, you can flash your phone or tablet and complete the process of installation any time.

Odin’s version for your Samsung Galaxy phones:

Odin 3.11.1 is here to provide with complete control in flashing roughly all types of Samsung Galaxy series of phones and tablets. Above all, you do not even have to be an expert to do this. But, you will have to follow instructions strictly to run a successful flash. Installation of custom software has become even easier privileges of Odin 3.11.1. Moreover, now you can root your Android phone with this app as well.

 flashing Samsung galaxy smartphone - Odin


Using Odin for your Android device:

Rooting phones and modifying its OS is not a new thing. It has been going on for years. And, the process of flashing your phone does come in handy. It helps in improving the system performance, or lets you use the latest Android version in your device even though an official update has not come up for it. Odin lets you control your phone’s system files completely to help with such benefits.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy series phone or tablet, then all you need is to download the ODIN apk from the official PlayStore. It is a paid app but you will feel satisfaction with its services without wastage of money.

Many a times, we possess a Samsung phone or tablet which stops receiving system updates from the company. This frustrates us as the performance gradually lowers down and the device becomes slower. Using Odin apk to flash those files and install customized files lets you own your device to the fullest. It gives you the power to upgrade your software on your own without the need to wait anymore.

Uses of ODIN

With Odin apk, you can flash Recovery, custom ROMs, Kernels, Root Packages, stock ROMs.

Some tips to take care of before proceeding with Odin:

If you are interested in using Odin for flashing and rooting, then you ought to take care of the following tips before starting.

  • Keep a backup of your device every time you start with the flashing and custom installation process.
  • Make sure you always use the latest ODIN version to do the work as it will be free from minute bugs, if any.
  • Your Samsung device should have updated drivers.
  • You can also use ADB Fastboot to carry the process at a much faster rate.
  • USB cable that you are using for the process should be well intact.

Improving performance for devices is quite fun if you are interested in that field. It gives you the power to change a system as per your needs. Using Odin apk to get the job done has made easier with the mobile application. Odin download from the official PlayStore will let you enjoy several features that professional developers use. And the best thing is that it would not require intricate codes and alterations in the files to do that. Anyone can do it through the simple steps present on the official website or any other reliable source. So, let your inner developer come out and upgrade your device to a much powerful version in a few steps.

Road – Tripping Apps For Your Children

Road Trips AppsWe all know how annoying and impatient kids can get, in a long car ride while travelling either between cities or anywhere you plan to go, and at the same time, you are trying to make some good memories to tell them when they grow up. It’s most common for most of the family members to have an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod so now you’re able to find easy solutions to boredom that would grant you some sanity as well as provide the kids with interesting road trips and even educational games.

Free And Premium Road Trips Apps

Here we’ve given premium Road tripping that you can use in your car and have a stress-free journey:

1. Road-Trip-Bingo HD


Your kids are probably already playing a version of this game as the street signs and roads pass by, so it makes sense to use an app where they can keep track of it rather than you trying to sneak in a point here and there to your kid. It’s a fun , colourful way to keep your child distracted for a lookout of landmarks, monuments, animals and even road signs. The goal is whoever spots a five in a row wins the game.

If you want to purchase Road Trips Bingo HD, it is available at $1.99.

2. The Oregon Tail


While travelling cross-country and your kids are sitting in the back seat, why not let them travel back to the olden days and see how life was. It’s a classic throwback that will appeal to all ages as it kindles a feel of nostalgia and gives the game a much-needed update. There are also eight mini-games that offers plenty of competitive spirits.

If you want to purchase The Oregon Tail, then it is available at $4.99

3. Pocket Planes


Whether you’re traveling by a car, plane, train, what is the best way to keep your kids entertained than have them set up and maintain their own airlines than Pocket Planes? There are many in-app purchases so you should keep an eye on them as they might seem quite tempting.

It’s a brilliant simulation game that teaches and becomes really addictive at some point. Good luck trying to take away the device from them!

4. Karaoke Anywhere


Forget the silly songs and the kids tune that they sing; now you can alive way better harmony to your destination. Just plug your iDevice into your audio jack pick a song from the apps library and sing you heart out. Sounds way better than backseat bickering right?

The price of Karaoke Anywhere is available at $1.99.

5. StoryLines


Making up stories has always been the kids favourite no matter where they are going or when. This app makes it even more interesting. One player draws a picture showing a specific scene and then passes the device on to the other player, who has to title the drawing and passes it on from there. It makes a hilarious telephone game by the time it gets back to the original player. It sparks up their creativity and keeps them occupied for hours!

Top 5 Best XML Editor Software

The revolution in the digital technology greatly owes to editor software. They have enabled the text, videos, images and many different diagrams to be edited. Bringing a change in anything that has become a part of digital world is an amazing option. The quality of work improves and the continuity of your pace towards a better performance becomes smooth. When it comes to work and accomplishing high goals, you look for XML editor that have more features, are practical and does not cost you a fortune. It is lucky of you if you can find some software for free. We searched hard in a plethora of software just only to pick some software that meet the standard of your search and comply with your requirements.  Here are 5 the top best XML editors. Enjoy reading and making a choice:


  1. XML Copy Editor

Popular for its fast speed, XML copy editor is searched by many professionals. Since its creation in 2005, the software has gone through many updates and that is enough for you to know how functional it is for the users. The features are improved and its ability to fix bugs and error is so proficient that everyone appreciates its performance.  Do not worry if you have linux, the software works equally well and operates perfectly both on windows and linux. To keep its performance handy for most of the parts of the world, the software is offered in ten different languages. So, be confident that you are getting XML software you can understand well and use well.

  1. Peter’s XML Editor

This tool comes with a range of features. Yes, a wide range that really helps you to go proficient. It is interesting as it gives you a tree like diagram to do your editing through it. You can call it a syntax source highlighted, also for editing. A range of features appear for you that are all arranged in an instinctive environment. For introduction we let you know some of the top features; they are seeing XML as a DOM tree, validation and a handful of features used for editing the XML files. You can download it for free and enjoy the comprehensive help file that comes along!

  1. Oxygen XML Editor

This software offers comprehensive features to help you, that is why it is one of the top best XML editing software. If you have ever faced problems with XML schema languages, you will not face that problem again. You work with this tool on all sorts of XML based technologies or use it as a plugin; in both cases it works the best. Added with strong profilers and debuggers it is worth a trial.


  1. Easy XML Editor

One of the top best free software for XML editing! This Easy XML Editor comes with a wide range of good features. Find table editing or replacing, tool modifier, drag and drop support, restructuring tools, full text search, auto completion, syntax highlighting, CSV data export, HTML-export etc. The structure is so clear that you can handle edition complex files easily. Get it for free and edit your work like a professional.

  1. Altova XML Editor

This is another top best editing software for your files and graphs. XML editor is lined with features that are highly functional for the users. Take the example of database integration. This is one feature that saves time and efforts of the professionals. It comes with built-in templates and conversion facilities.  You have support of global resources with it. To have a top notch experience of XML editing get this software for free and enjoy its perks.

8 Amazing Apps Every Girl Should Download!

Be it online shopping, sending texts or our daily workout regime, today everything is possible through various applications provided on our cell phones. Here are top 8 amazing apps that every girl could use to organize the everyday life.

  1. Instagram


Instagram is a place where users share their photos and videos with cool filters on it. You could also use different tools to beautify your picture. To search something in your area of interests take the use of hashtags. It’s one of the amazing apps among others to flaunt your talent. Sometimes it also helps us in informing about the latest trends and affairs.

  1. Truly madly

Truly Madly

It’s an Indian tinder-like online dating app which focuses on girl users. Girls sometimes don’t feel safe talking to strangers on these sorts of apps. Truly madly, therefore, authenticates their users with the help of their social media accounts, so that only users with 30% or higher trust score, could get a match. There are amazing apps like truly madly that also offer chat games like ‘hocus pocus’, ‘foodie funda’, ‘styletastic’, etc. to make it more interesting.

  1. Ola

Ola Amazing Apps

Ola is one of the amazing apps among others which provide cab booking service by acting a mediator between taxi drivers and app users. This app is essential for women who work for late hours. All you got to do is book the Ola cab online before leaving the premises, and it’ll reach your destination in the prescribed time. The app also provides the cab’s info while booking like driver’s picture, name, and his cab number for a safer transport.

  1. Raksha- One of the Amazing Apps

Raksha App

It’s a mobile app designed by the Indian government to ensure the safety of women. You could press the volume button to send the emergency alert to your loved one with your location by GPS. You can also select the number from your contacts so that they would always be aware of your location. Moreover, if you are unable to connect to the internet, you could also send alerts through SMS.

  1. My pill

My Pill

My pill app helps you in reminding to take your birth control pills as well as acts like a menstrual cycle reminder. It will let you know how protected you are from pregnancy depending on the number of time you have taken those pills. Instead of googling your queries you could have a conversation with women around the world, dealing with same issues as you. Other than that, it also helps in planning the check-up schedule with your doctor.  With this fantastic app, you can be free from all worries.

  1. YouCam make up

You Cam Makeup

It’s the best Android digital makeover app with features like lipstick, foundation, face masks, eye makeup, hairstyle and even different hair colors. You could also try several looks including makeup and hairstyle of various celebrities. The real-time makeover is also possible with this app. You could also record a mash-up of makeovers you did, in a short video. Accessorizing of nails feature is also there in this app, so you don’t have to download another app for it.

  1. Beautylish

Amazing Apps

It’s like Pinterest but only for beauty related topics. Through this app, you could discover various trends of makeup, hairstyles, nail art and tutorial videos for inspiration. You could also follow up news with your favorite brand’s product launch. For any beauty addict girl, this app is a must. Know all the tips and tricks for an absolutely chic look and share some if you have any.

  1. Nike + training club

Nike + Training

It’s the perfect app for the fitness freak in you. This app is designed by one of the favorite sports brand, i.e. Nike. It focuses on the women fitness regime with 100+ workouts developed by their own trainers. It helps you to select a level from beginner to pro so that they would come up with the best workouts for you.

These were the top 8 apps you beautiful girls could make use of. But always remember that the real beauty comes from inside.