Contributing Factors of Poverty

According to Carolina Maria De Jesus, “We are slaves to the cost of living.” If you do not have enough resources to provide yourself and your family essential needs like food, shelter, clothing, and education, then you are in the state of poverty. Extreme poverty can cause different misfortunes like hunger, illnesses and death.

Facts about poverty

Did you know that 18 million people die a year or 50 thousand people die each day because of poverty? That is 270 million since 1990.

11 million children die before their fifth birthday.

And in the year 2001, 1.1 billion had consumption levels below 1 dollar and 2.7 billion lived with less than 2 dollars a day.

Contributing Factors of Poverty

  • The politics of poverty – government decisions typically reflect the interests of the well-to-do rather than the poor. Instead of giving more benefits to the needy, the government’s decisions seem to give more to the rich. They treat the poor people as expendables individuals. Instead of helping them with their programs and decisions, they seem to aggravate the situation.


For example, in the Philippines during the Yolanda typhoon, millions of goods were imported from different countries all around the world for the victims. However, it didn’t seem that the victims benefited from the goods. They were replaced by lower quality merchandises, and the whereabouts of the imported goods remain unknown.


Another example is corruption. The Philippines might have overcome poverty if only the government officials are not corrupt. During the early 2000s, the Philippines had a higher income rate than that of Malaysia and Singapore. However, the Philippines stayed at the bottom while the two other countries developed.


  • Poverty and the Economy – the economy seem to work for the rich than for the poor. In other words, the poor people work for the rich to earn money. However, sometimes they are not given what is due to them. They don’t have the audacity to complain because they are scared of being fired. So instead of prospering, they remain poor because they depend on the capitalists who hold them as slaves.

For example, in the Philippines, there are so many farms and plantations called haciendas. The owners sometimes treat the farmers as slaves but the latter don’t have a choice but to conform. For them, they can no longer afford to lose their job to sustain for their family.


  • Patterns of Family Life – education is crucial to the success of an individual. If you want to succeed, apply for a better-paying job. However, companies would rather hire people of good descent, good family background and good educational attainment. Their requirements are too far up for poor people to reach.


This is the reason why people experiencing poverty have no jobs or has low-paying jobs. They are categorized as incompetent because they do not have a good educational attainment.


For example, in hiring operatives, they only consider the people from credited schools with a good transcript of records. The rest are rejected and most of them are under the poverty line.


Social or Psychological Factors: these are the values that are held by the poor which affect how they perceive things.


  • The culture of poverty – Oscar Lewis said that the economic, social and psychological values of poor people are likely to perpetuate poverty instead of alleviating it.


Most of the poor people in the Philippines conduct bad decisions in managing their resources. Instead of buying necessary things for themselves and their family, they use their money to buy drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.


In addition to that, they value their sense of belongingness rather than prioritizing. They still want to spend on occasions such as birthdays, and things they don’t even need even when they don’t have money. This is the reason why they obtain debts from other people which aggravates their poor condition.


They also have this thinking that when they are born poor, they die poor. So instead of looking for a way to progress, they slack off, do nothing, and depend on others.


  • Disparagement and Discrimination – the poor are considered by some people as stupid or disreputable because most of them are uneducated. This is the reason why, these poor people lack self-respect and self-confidence. They are being judged and labeled as incompetent and disgraceful because they come from low-class families.


Because of this, poor people don’t have the courage to stand out in a crowd because they are likely to be criticized. This is also one of the reasons why they are ashamed to apply for jobs in the central business district.


How to Get out of Poverty

  • Depend on yourself. If you think you are able enough to look for a job, do so. Don’t let other people’s judgment stop you from alleviating your situation. In the long run, they won’t be the ones to suffer more, you are. Our world is full of criticisms anyway. The rich gets judged and the poor gets discriminated. What is there to lose?


There are people who are deaf, blind and lame who are able to land for a job. However, you yourself are free from disabilities. If they can be hired, so can you. Keep your hopes up and do not lose confidence in your abilities.


  • Prove yourself. If people see you as incompetent, prove them wrong. Start applying on different realistic jobs, and when opportunity knocks, take it. You can start with low-paying jobs. At least you get something rather than nothing. Set aside your fear, and anxiety and let your pride help you stand up against the world.


  • Think positive. Being born poor does not mean you have to die poor. It is all on your decisions. If there is a will, there is a way. God is not that heartless to not give you opportunities at all. Believe, and you will see that there are many different chances that you can take in improving your situation.

Jubilee Party Merger Reaction: Who is Telling the Truth

jubilee party
President Uhuru Kenyatta launched his 2017 re-election bid on 9th August 2016 at the State House.  The President’s TNA party, Deputy William Ruto’s URP, together with other political parties will merge to form one political party. In all a total of 12 political parties will merge to form the Jubilee Party. The official launch was slotted for September 9-10. All parties allied to the Jubilee Party are expected to fold camp on September 8 just a day before the big launch. “We want to create parties that are national and not those that compete on tribal issues,” said the President.

Mixed Reactions About Jubilee Party Merger

The announcement made by the President and his Deputy together with affiliated political party officials, has elicited different reactions. The move has so far received a lot of criticism especially from the opposition.  Opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed that the move was aimed at taking back the country to a single party state. Mr. Raila held a press conference on the same day the President announced the merger.  “I welcome the announcement about the formation of a new party called Jubilee but I must tell them that the days of one-party State, the days of ‘Baba na Mama’ are long gone,” said Raila.

Musalia Mudavadi, the Amani National Congress leader, also faulted the President’s move as a ploy to reintroduce the single-party system. Mudavadi claimed that the parties allied to the Jubilee Party had not followed due process of the Political Parties Act.

In support to the merger, William ole Ntimama a former Cabinet Minister, lead other leaders from Narok and Laikipia counties to announce their preparedness to join the Jubilee Party.  Mr Ntimama said they would visit regions with Maa-speaking voters to gather support for Jubilee.

Registered political parties

According to the Kenya Political Party Register there are 59 registered political parties as at December 2012. If only 12 parties merged that leaves out 40+ parties. It is also worthwhile to note that merging of a few parties did not change the constitution that allows for multiparty.

We should not forget that both Cord and Jubilee leaders were in support of a new bill to allow for the merger of affiliate political parties. The Political Parties (Amendment) Bill 2016 allows for party mergers and was passed in parliament early in the year.

Unfortunately people forget quickly and most react to the latest they hear. It is rather unfortunate that there are voters who tend to believe everything said by political leaders. Voters need to equip themselves with facts so that they are not misdirected by leaders who are only after their individual interests. As we approach the general elections more utterances from political leaders that are misdirected are expected.

A call to those willing to unify the country and avoid going back to what has been witnessed before. Voter education should be conducted massively; it is high time that election of leaders should be based on ideologies rather than other ulterior motives. Voters need to know the truth to avoid being misled.

So Who is telling the truth, let us join us the discussion below with your comments on Jubilee Party Merger Reaction.

Maharashtra Mumbai BMC Election 2017

BMC Election 2017

BMC Election 2017

Maharashtra Mumbai BMC Election 2017 is much awaited election in the city Mumbai. BMC stands for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. The official date of BMC Election will be released soon. All the aspiring parties are waiting for it enthusiastically. Not only that all the local public of the state Maharashtra Mumbai are waiting for the election to get elect their favorite ruler . The BMC was established in Mumbai in the year 1888. It is also known as Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Its main work is to govern the capital city of Mumbai in Maharashtra Mumbai.

About Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation – BMC

BMC is India’s richest municipal corporation. It looks after the civic infrastructure and administration of the city and also some suburbs of Mumbai. The BMC is governed by the Municipal Commissioner who is an IAS officer. This 5 yearly election is held to elect corporators . These  corporators are responsible to see that their constituencies have the basic civic infrastructure in place and also that there is no break of work from the part of related authorities. The elected person of the majority party becomes the Mayor who is the head of the house.

Maharashtra Mumbai BMC Election 2017

The BMC Election 2017 is expected to be held in February 2017. Our website will keep on updating the regular update of the much awaited election in the city Mumbai regarding the electors, ward reports, expected winning party , voting numbers and voting results etc. So keep on visiting to our website for regular updates and reports regarding  BMC Election 2017. You may also visit to the official website of Maharashtra Mumbai Nigam i.e. www.mcgm.gov.in.

Detail of BMC Election 2017

Around 195 municipal councils are going to participate in the elections this year. Now its upon voters to whom they are giving their valuable votes.  The cabinet approved a proposal to make changes in the Maharashtra Mumbai Municipal Councils, Nagar Panchayats and Industrial Townships Act to make enable the changes, following the recommendations of a cabinet sub-committee under the respected Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis on the issue. Formerly Fadnavis told that he wants an authority which can work like the chief executive officer of Mumbai. This statement was fully criticized by ally Shiv Sena.

Many politicians and activists have recommended the need of directly-elected mayor who will be more empowered and accountable for the decision in city Mumbai. This concept is already tested in the year 2002 to elect the chairman for municipal councils directly. But it was rolled back in next four years due to some political considerations. The main drawback of directly elected mayor is that there may be a situation where the majority councilors in a  council belongs to one party and the chairman who is elected is from another party. In this situation it will be difficult for the chairman to do any work easily.

Participant Political Parties in BMC Election 2017

The political parties who are going to participate in the BMC Election 2017 are as follows:-

  • National Congress Party (NCP) UPA
  • Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) NDA
  • National Congress Party (INC) UPA
  • Shiv Sena (SS)
  • Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS)
  • Samajwadi Party (SP)
  • Others

BMC Election 2017 Candidates List

For BMC Election 2017, if a constituency is in reserved category, open category candidates may also shift o the another constituency to participate. Again, when the constituencies will be finalized then the parties will call upon to go ahead.  The list of candidates would be available ward wise and zone wise in catalog.

All the parties are giving their best make their campaigns successful and better than their rivals. Each party is trying to show themselves as best. Its upon voters to whom they are electing. So it is suggested to the voters to don’t let your votes waste and also caste your vote as it is your right.