Baby Conception – 4 Ways a Vegetarian Diet Can Hamper It

Vegetarian diet plan looks enticing especially to those who are struggling to move back to their ideal body weight. It seems that vegan diet is the optimum solution to control calories and fats intake but in fact this option comes with some risks and negative impacts. The major of these for couples is infertility or no success in baby conception. This can be drastic for couples who are trying again and again to conceive but each time their efforts end with a failure. How a vegan diet affects the human reproductive system? Loren Cordain Phd – the founder of Paleo Diet Movement, answers the question by the following facts:

Vitamin B12 rich diet for baby conception

Vitamin B12 rich diet

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Decreases Chances of Baby Conception

Homocysteine is a non-protein amino acid and its level increases in the blood because of excessive vegan diet consumption. Tissue studies have proved that egg cells penetrated by Homocysteine either does not get fertilized or if fertilized cannot carry a healthy production of a new baby. Non-animal diet lacks animal protein and subsequently does not contain vitamin B12. Its direct effect on the human body is to reduce or diminish the eggs cells in women and sperm cells in men. Vitamin B12 is in abundance in fish, all sorts of meat, poultry and eggs. Consumed from animal diet, Vitamin B12 is readily absorb-able in the human body. So, while struggling for baby conception, stay away you and your partner from vegan diet and add a big portion of animal protein in your meals to supply good amount of Vitamin B 12 to your body.

Irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular Menstrual Cycle – an Obvious Result of Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is widely associated with irregular or complicated menstrual cycle. And first thing your gynecologist asks you to do is to fix irregular periods in order to get pregnant. Shocking results are obtained from studies run on women on vegan diet and women on animal protein-rich diet. 9 young women were put on vegan diet for six weeks. 7 of them stopped ovulating after six weeks. Another group of 9 young women were put on diet abundant with meat. After six weeks only one of them stopped ovulating. Significant higher rate of irregular menstrual cycle and complications are linked with vegan diet. The message is clear. For successful Baby Conception , focus on animal protein in your food and cease consuming pure vegan diets.

Zinc deficiency leads to infertility

Zinc deficiency leads to infertility

Zinc Deficiency Contributes to Infertility

Zinc is a key factor in proper function of your reproductive organs. Zinc works with 300 different enzymes in the human body. Even the progesterone and estrogen levels become unbalanced without zinc which directly results in failure to conceive. Vegan diet falls short of recommended amount of zinc. Though, plants also contain zinc but the presence of phytate in whole grain, legumes and soy hampers the absorption of zinc in the body. Hardly half of the available zinc in vegan diet is absorbed which is inadequate for healthy human reproduction system. Meat eaters absorb more zinc and remain at safer side of health. To assimilate excellent zinc in your food, stick to meat in your diet rather than plant food while you look forward to baby conception.

Vitamin B6 rich diet

Vitamin B6 rich diet

Vitamin B6 Regulates Hormones

To make the entire medical facts simpler, it is best to say that Vitamin B6 regulates hormone levels in human body and you now the significant role of hormones in getting pregnant. B6 increases cervical mucus also which is highly important for getting pregnant. Above these all sperm development is directly affected by the B6: good quality sperm with higher intake of B6 and poor quality sperm with low intake of B6. Foods rich in B6 include fish (the highest because of reduced cooking time) all sorts of red meat and eggs. Animal food is 10% to 100% higher in B6 than in plant food. You can get focused results from your animal diet by cooking the meat on low heat with its juices for a short time.

So, set aside your vegan recipes and get started with meat based foods to maintain healthy reproductive system for a happy healthy pregnancy!

10 Yoga Apps and Websites to Stay Fit in 2018

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that involves physical and spiritual exercises aimed at making the body and mind healthier. And thanks to technology, getting started with Yoga has never been easier. So on the occasion of International Yoga Day, we bring you a listing of some great Yoga apps and websites. These will make your journey towards leading a healthy and better life much easier.

10 Yoga Apps and Web sites to stay fit in 2018

International Yoga Day – 21 June Every Year

yoga apps

1. Daily yoga                  

Daily Yoga offers a big library of more than 50 yoga classes and 400 plus workouts. The app includes HD videos having soulful background music because it results in a better user experience. Daily Yoga comes with seven yoga plans geared towards beginners, and various other exercises duration and intensity based exercises too. The app also provides an advanced module.

2. Universal Breathing: Pranayama      

Yoga focuses quite a lot on breathing patterns. Owing to the Universal Breathing app intended to help users master the same. It offers various exercises designed around the ‘Pranayama’ method of breath control. The app includes structured courses with short exercises that come with a timer and an animated guide. Users can also track their progress and learn more about Pranayama because it’s good for health.

3. Baba Ramdev Yoga

Furthermore, the Baba Ramdev app details the various benefits of practicing yoga. It comes with videos related to asanas and Pranayama, as well as special exercises that help in reducing fat and making the body fit. In addition to having information about yoga, the app also includes information exercises that can help in fighting ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Facial Yoga Apps

Moreover, The app offers some simple and interesting facial exercises which are aimed to help you get those youthful looks back. The app also includes solutions that can help in getting rid of excess facial fat. Maybe, supporting about 85 languages, including English and Hindi.

5. Parental Yoga Apps

The app has a special section detailing pregnancy exercises for would-be moms. It also includes exercises related to each of the trimesters, in order to keep both the mother and baby healthy. There’s multi-language support, and the various yoga poses help even further during pregnancy.


Speaking Tree offers knowledge covering various aspects of yoga. The website covers numerous yoga teachings designed to help users attain a better knowledge of yogic science. Consequently, It also enlightens the users about different aspects of yoga, and how they can help in leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

7. provides a complete framework for better living through not just yoga, but also exercise and meditation. Art of Living’s yoga programmes teach various yoga techniques and offer a complete package for beginners and regular practitioners. The yoga classes are also intended to provide solutions to various chronic diseases.


Dhyan Foundation spreads awareness about the authentic path of yoga and how to attain it. The organization is run by volunteers guided by Yogi Ashwani. Along with this, the website offers classes on ancient sciences of tantra, spiritual healing, Vedic chants and physical fitness.


While Isha foundation offers various yoga programmes, hence is designed for both adults and children. It includes a comprehensive system of core yogic science principles. Isha Yoga programmes enable individuals to work towards their inner growth.


The B.K.S Iyengar Yoga foundation is one of the well-known yoga organizations. It has a detailed yoga programme divided into eight stages – Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. The yoga teachings also include various props such as wooden items, belts, and ropes.

Rise and Grind – How to Maintain your Work Life Balance

How many times have you waked up at first light with your alarm right next to your hand? Yelling at you to rise and grind jump off your bed, get changed, ride the bus and pop into your office to finish the tons of work you have to finish?

Well, it must be your nightmare that you are living on a daily basis.

Now it’s 5 in the afternoon. you are saying goodbye to the office (if you are lucky enough to leave!). With only a few minutes left to rush to the bus stop, you are running across the streets bumping into people. You just got into the bus now trying to squeeze yourself next to your fellow. Obviously, it’s peak time and the bus is stuffed that you can hardly reach to the door to get off. If you are lucky maybe you won’t change buses. If not then you might have to spend forever to get home.

Now you are home having supper then a quick bath, hang on a minute.  It’s only a few hours left before your bedtime, come on you can hardly grab a drink somewhere and then straight to bed. Is this enough to remind you how much of a corporate slave you are?

What exactly are you pursuing in life?

Well, let’s get straight to the point, as you might have heard before “we weren’t born just to pay bills and die”.

This is true but how many out there actually got the guts to turn their lives around instead of living an “Auto Pilot-Led life”

Let’s be frank that living independently isn’t something that can be achieved as easily as it sounds. However, it’s sort of like having to knock on new doors and change your attitude towards life. You must figure out the purpose of your life and see the wood for the trees.

You can quit your job, gather the savings and take the risk of kicking off your own business. Or maybe you can work around the clock to earn some extra money, or simply you can get yourself involved in any of the fitness activities around your borough!

But what this has to do with living autonomously?

 How to move outside the bubble you have always lived within?

Right, as a matter of fact, sports can help you improve your life vision and broaden your horizon.

Out of your intensely busy schedule, you can easily free 1 hour each day to exercise, unless you are really good for nothing. Not only this can rejuvenate your body, but also it can boost your mental creativity and innovation. Doing sports can definitely boost your concentration, highlight the gaps that you need to fill in your life.

Imagine yourself waking up a bit earlier but this time, your alarm isn’t nagging your head to rush to the office. No it’s calling you to hit the ground running and earn control over your body.

A couple of weeks later, as soon as you get into the swing of it. You will find out that what have been more of a burden before is now becoming a passion. Instead of being fully dedicated to your 9-5 job you now came to terms with the fact that there are other aspects in life worth taking care of. Later on, this can be reflected in improved levels of well-being.

You must be able to strike the balance between passion and earnings

You aren’t supposed to turn your back on your job and start slacking, at the end of the day your job is your backbone and your source of income.

However, you are also supposed to explore yourself and unleash your talents. You don’t have to suffer for a living and you shouldn’t spend time complaining either. Best thing to do is take some serious steps, identify your strengths and weaknesses then work relentlessly towards your aim.

“Do something you love and you don’t have to work for a single day”. That’s a famous quote it explains how passion and effort can be aligned so as to attain the perfect outcome. The living society will have a major impact on the decision you make and the path you take.

You’ll hear different opinions from different people. However, what you need to fully understand is the fact that what works for someone doesn’t have to work for the other. What others can’t achieve doesn’t mean that you too can’t achieve. Everything you hear is an opinion and everything you see is a perspective so why take it so seriously?

Instead of starting your day flipping through your emails and handing dumb complaints. You are giving yourself a chance to feed your soul and body. Guess how much this can give you better grasp over different aspects of your life. Now that you know what it takes to change one aspect. You are most likely able to change the other aspects of your life if you get your head down to what you need.

Pump it Up!

The Pump It Up machine

The Pump It Up machine

Players behold! There is a standing rhythm game about to hit your life and stay there for eternity. This game is a rising trend all over the world. “Pump it Up” is a rhythm game created by Nexcade, fashioned and published by Andamiro in Korea. It was first published in 1999 as a freestyle game in Korea as the First Dance Floor. As time came by, they generated more versions along with different step charts, and songs with more difficult levels to challenge players to train and play. Therefore, Anda

miro created it into one of the best and most-challenging rhythm games yet.

The PIU Machine

Pump it Up, or PIU is played using a dance pad of 5 arrow panels – up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right, and center. The machine consists of a cabinet and the dance platform. The cabinet contains the speakers and lamps to give the game ecstatic effects and good sound system at the lower portion, and a monitor at the higher portion. The dance platform is a raised metal platform

divided into two sides to let two people play simultaneously. Each side contains five acrylic glass pads arranged like the five dots on a dice separated by metal squares. Beneath those pads are sensors that monitor the footsteps and the rhythm. The dance pad is also constructed with a hand bar to assist players for balance during a speed game.

Playing the Game

The mechanics of this game is simple. You just have to select a song and a level, set the speed of arrows, and then hit play. The instructions are posted on the machine itself for you to follow. When they game has started, you are to step on the arrows portrayed on the monitor with precision. Move with the beat and the rhythm and dance out.

In this rhythm game, you can play it as a freestyle or a speeders. In doing a freestyle you incorporate and choreograph steps to perform them on the dance pad. Speeders, on the other hand, are those who enjoy the wide variety of the stream, rapids and twists of notes that the step charts provide. These step charts are highly organized to fit and conform to the music. They are organized by level of difficulty for players to try and enjoy.

Most of the songs arouse and excite many people around because of the tune, the beat and the rhythm. Some of the songs are quite famous in our society like the Tu


rkey March, Canon, and many more. Others are sung by famous bands from different countries like T-ara and Block B from Korea, PANDA from Spain and others.  Who wouldn’t want to listen to their personal favorites while playing?

Pump It Up Events

Before, Pump it up was no more than a rhythm game, but as time came by, events were created and programs were organized from all around the world. Andamiro finally made Pump It Up a sport, gathering people from all over the world to train and compete with different people. They created a portion for freestyle  and speed competition wherein both males and females of different ages can join. However, in the speed competition, the extremity of levels is different between the male and the female bracket.

The 2016 World Pump it Up Festival was held in Bali, Indonesia. Many different countries joined the competition including Korea, Philippines, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, and many more. In the male and female bracket of the Speed Division, Mexico and Peru garnered first place, respectively. While in the freestyle division, Korea won by performing one of the most famous songs, “Sugar Conspiracy Theory.”

Showcase Skills and Talents

This is no longer just a game. Most players already call it their passion, their sport and their hobby. Some players have built themselves with their peers while playing this game. They have built their confidence and their will-power to engage in different activities. Some players spend money to train for upcoming events and programs to showcase their skills and talents in playing PIU.

Who would not enjoy this kind of amusement? Aside from the thrill and excitement you feel in playing, you also feel the challenge and the pleasure of pumping it up. More to the point, this rhythm game is also effective in losing weight and staying fit. What more fun way to lose weight than playing? After all, this is applicable to all ages. You wouldn’t lose anything if you try this. You would even gain a bit of experience and self-fulfillment. Don’t be shy to ask the players to teach you how to play. It’s better to get some assistance if you really want to try and succeed in this rhythm game. So what are you waiting for? Pump it up, and move your body to infinity!