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Contributing Factors of Poverty

According to Carolina Maria De Jesus, “We are slaves to the cost of living.” If you do not have enough resources to provide yourself and your family essential needs like food, shelter, clothing, and education, then you are in the state of poverty. Extreme poverty can cause different misfortunes like hunger, illnesses and death.

Facts about poverty

Did you know that 18 million people die a year or 50 thousand people die each day because of poverty? That is 270 million since 1990.

11 million children die before their fifth birthday.

And in the year 2001, 1.1 billion had consumption levels below 1 dollar and 2.7 billion lived with less than 2 dollars a day.

Contributing Factors of Poverty

  • The politics of poverty – government decisions typically reflect the interests of the well-to-do rather than the poor. Instead of giving more benefits to the needy, the government’s decisions seem to give more to the rich. They treat the poor people as expendables individuals. Instead of helping them with their programs and decisions, they seem to aggravate the situation.


For example, in the Philippines during the Yolanda typhoon, millions of goods were imported from different countries all around the world for the victims. However, it didn’t seem that the victims benefited from the goods. They were replaced by lower quality merchandises, and the whereabouts of the imported goods remain unknown.


Another example is corruption. The Philippines might have overcome poverty if only the government officials are not corrupt. During the early 2000s, the Philippines had a higher income rate than that of Malaysia and Singapore. However, the Philippines stayed at the bottom while the two other countries developed.


  • Poverty and the Economy – the economy seem to work for the rich than for the poor. In other words, the poor people work for the rich to earn money. However, sometimes they are not given what is due to them. They don’t have the audacity to complain because they are scared of being fired. So instead of prospering, they remain poor because they depend on the capitalists who hold them as slaves.

For example, in the Philippines, there are so many farms and plantations called haciendas. The owners sometimes treat the farmers as slaves but the latter don’t have a choice but to conform. For them, they can no longer afford to lose their job to sustain for their family.


  • Patterns of Family Life – education is crucial to the success of an individual. If you want to succeed, apply for a better-paying job. However, companies would rather hire people of good descent, good family background and good educational attainment. Their requirements are too far up for poor people to reach.


This is the reason why people experiencing poverty have no jobs or has low-paying jobs. They are categorized as incompetent because they do not have a good educational attainment.


For example, in hiring operatives, they only consider the people from credited schools with a good transcript of records. The rest are rejected and most of them are under the poverty line.


Social or Psychological Factors: these are the values that are held by the poor which affect how they perceive things.


  • The culture of poverty – Oscar Lewis said that the economic, social and psychological values of poor people are likely to perpetuate poverty instead of alleviating it.


Most of the poor people in the Philippines conduct bad decisions in managing their resources. Instead of buying necessary things for themselves and their family, they use their money to buy drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.


In addition to that, they value their sense of belongingness rather than prioritizing. They still want to spend on occasions such as birthdays, and things they don’t even need even when they don’t have money. This is the reason why they obtain debts from other people which aggravates their poor condition.


They also have this thinking that when they are born poor, they die poor. So instead of looking for a way to progress, they slack off, do nothing, and depend on others.


  • Disparagement and Discrimination – the poor are considered by some people as stupid or disreputable because most of them are uneducated. This is the reason why, these poor people lack self-respect and self-confidence. They are being judged and labeled as incompetent and disgraceful because they come from low-class families.


Because of this, poor people don’t have the courage to stand out in a crowd because they are likely to be criticized. This is also one of the reasons why they are ashamed to apply for jobs in the central business district.


How to Get out of Poverty

  • Depend on yourself. If you think you are able enough to look for a job, do so. Don’t let other people’s judgment stop you from alleviating your situation. In the long run, they won’t be the ones to suffer more, you are. Our world is full of criticisms anyway. The rich gets judged and the poor gets discriminated. What is there to lose?


There are people who are deaf, blind and lame who are able to land for a job. However, you yourself are free from disabilities. If they can be hired, so can you. Keep your hopes up and do not lose confidence in your abilities.


  • Prove yourself. If people see you as incompetent, prove them wrong. Start applying on different realistic jobs, and when opportunity knocks, take it. You can start with low-paying jobs. At least you get something rather than nothing. Set aside your fear, and anxiety and let your pride help you stand up against the world.


  • Think positive. Being born poor does not mean you have to die poor. It is all on your decisions. If there is a will, there is a way. God is not that heartless to not give you opportunities at all. Believe, and you will see that there are many different chances that you can take in improving your situation.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Beyond Zero Campaign

First Lady beyond zero
On August 17, 2016 the first Lady Margaret Kenyatta delivered the 46th Beyond zero mobile clinic to Murang’a county.  Margaret started her campaign way back in 2014, which aimed at equipping every single county of the 47 counties in Kenya with a mobile clinic. The Beyond zero campaign purpose is to improve maternal and child health in Kenya. This is as a result from reports that about 15 women die every day from pregnancy related complications.  The initiative also aims to eliminate and reduce HIV infections among young children.

“I am deeply saddened by the fact that women and children in our country die from causes that can be avoided. It doesn’t have to be this way,” said the First Lady during the Campaign launch.

First lady Marathon

Margaret Kenyatta

To raise funds for the mobile clinics, the First lady also launched the First Lady marathon. The marathon is an annual event aiming to raise funds to increase access to better healthcare. The marathon attracts top athletes, diplomats, government officials, corporate leaders as well as many well-wishers local and foreign. The First lady’s determination to take part in the marathon shows an act of sacrifice and a resolve to improve healthcare.

In 2014, First Lady Margret Kenyatta also took part in a 42km London marathon. She said her motivation was the plight of needy women and children besides global awareness.


The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has received several awards for her contribution towards healthcare. Among the awards she has received is the United Nations person of the year award 2014. She also received a SOMA awards 2014 trophy in the category ‘Best use of social media for charity’. Kenyatta University awarded her an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters because of her efforts.


During the event to hand over the 46th mobile clinic Mrs Margaret Kenyatta expressed her gratitude to all those who had made contributions towards the initiative. “I celebrate with Kenyans that the promise I made 2 years ago to equip all 47 Counties with one mobile clinic each is almost over,” said the First lady. Over the last one year maternal and child mortality have gone down by 30% due to the mobile health services.

First lady Margaret Kenyatta was praised as a unifying figure and a great role model.

Mrs Margaret Kenyatta has definitely worn many hearts by serving needy children and mothers. Her calm nature and confidence has worn her many admirers. As her campaign reaches the homestretch she notes that more needs to be done. Cancer is another concern that she hopes to raise early screening awareness. She believes that people should not die from preventable causes.

“There is still significant work to be done in this area. My personal philosophy is that the unnecessary death of anyone is one death too many,” said the First Lady.

Such is a noble initiative that should receive support from all works of life. The Beyond zero campaign has benefited many people especially in remote areas. The campaign should continue even after the 47th mobile clinic is handed over to Nairobi County.

Zika Virus – Causes, Dangers and Prevention

What is Zika Virus?

Nowadays, Zika virus has become a big talk especially in medical community. Although, the virus was first discovered long ago in 1947 in Uganda but not adequate researches and studies are carried in order to shed more light on this  virus. There is uncertainty and ignorfance among people about Zika Virus. Therefore, to know what zika does to human is still in need of more research. But to alert the people about the virus and its dangers, WHO declared Zika on February 1, 2016,as Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

Zika virus is mild illness and rarely leads to death. It primarily transmits through the bite of infected Aedes specie of mosquitoes. Zika also spreads through sexual contact because the virus has the ability to stay alive in the semen longer than in the blood. There are also reports of blood transfusion transmission and laboratory exposure cases.

Zika Virus

How Dangerous is Zika Virus?

When Zika virus attacks people, they suffer from mild fever. Skin rash also accompanies. Both these symptoms are very common in fever. A patient of Zika ignores the initial symptoms of Zika and does not consult a doctor. Joint or muscle pain also starts in three or four days. Uneasiness and discomfort appears only after two to seven days after mosquito biting. The virus symptoms spread in the body of one from every four infected people. However, the danger of this infection becomes more fatal when zika attacks a pregnant women. The infection attacks the fetus and causes microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome. As a result, a fetus is diagnosed by muscle weakness and damage to immunization. More studies and research is needed on Zika to know its full effects on a pregnant woman and her baby. But it is obvious that potential danger level of Zika to babies is high.

How to Prevent From Zika Virus?

Prevention is better than treatment. Zika virus spreads from mosquito bites and the most effective method to prevent the virus is to keep the environment clean. Mosquito repellent are good for killing the mosquitoes that get in the homes. When you go out, ensure to wear covering clothes like full sleeves hirts and full pants. Especially relevant is care of pregnant women. Since there is no vaccine to prevent Zika virus, people must avoid travelling to places where zika virus is infecting people. When it comes to sex and sexual relation, more care is essential. Stay with your life partner and avoid random and unknown relationships. If it is unavoidable use protective means like condoms.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. The virus is dangerous not only for you an infected person but to his loved ones also. He can infect them. In case anyone gets fever, mild or severe, he must consult his doctor and insist on having laboratory tests. But ample rest and intake of fluids cures the fever. He should abstain from contacting other family members because the infection is contagious and it can spread to others around in the family!

Childhood Obesity: A Question on Children’s Fitness

 Many countries including India is struggling from malnutrition in children, while on other side overweight and obese kids are gaining attention on global level. To find out the details for increasing childhood obesity, India had conducted a survey and presented a report covering the keys causes, which are likely to lead to childhood obesity.

childhood obesity2


Major highlights of the Childhood Obesity Report

  • After a complete survey on major regions, it has been notice that even the major developing and developed countries are facing this problem.
  • The factor causing childhood obesity and overweight is due to food habits and physical actions influenced by certain environmental and social factors.
  • It has been decided that for controlling this problem, primary and secondary prevention plan will be formulated.
  • Some developed nations has already started their prevention plans and control models.
  • In India, a research will be conducted to find out the methods for prevention well as the treatment to over weighed kids.

Causes of Childhood Obesity

There are many local bodies that are consistently trying to analyze this outbreak.

Some random causes effecting childhood obesity

Fitness Training:

Studies have presumes that children, who are involved in more sports and other curricular activities generally stays fit and had less chances of becoming obese. The habits of providing fitness training to children in their school, locality and at home can reduce the ratio of their idleness, like using cycling instead of school bus is good.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

To engage kids with effective physical activities could be cumbersome. Parents need to take care and prohibit some of the activities like excess use of technology, watching television for long, use of accelerators, playing sitting games etc. They must be engaged with the activities that promote metabolism and utilize their energy in smart way. You can start with simple steps of physical training for kids at home.

Dietary Intake:

Another reason of childhood obesity is the diet ignorance, most parent allow children to take energy dense food in their near location like the cafeteria, school canteen and fast food corner. Even the use of snacks, bread-jam and fast food in their Tiffin boxes is an alarm. Cold drinks, preserved foods and

Lack of Exercise: A healthy routine start with the exercise. The pattern of doing regular exercise has almost disappeared. Most children does not even have that elasticity in their body. The trends for meditation and Yoga is continuously been promoted which need equal attendance of children.

Measures to reduce the ratio of obesity

Its never too late to start with a healthy routine with children. However, the kids who are already suffering from childhood obesity need immediate attention and advice from pediatrician. You can start with them for some Yoga or fitness training classes. Most important is to maintain their diet schedule and engage them with minor physical activities at home, like serving themselves, visiting market etc. They can even do their studies by walking through.

Alternately, you can change their sedentary habits and try to give them mental exercise as well. Remember to consult a doctor if they are feeling lethargic and tired soon.