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How to Earn Cash with AdSense – A Step by Step Guide


Step by Step Guide To Earn Money Cash With Google AdSense

Earning good cash online is such an enticing chance that no one can resist wishing finding one. It looks easy and comfy to stay at home by your laptop or PC and cash your cheque at the bank any time you need. Actually online business is reliable, secured and profitable. One of the most reliable sources of earning cash is through Google AdSense.

This incredible opportunity is at your table top and you even do not know about it? It is never too late with online businesses and starting right at this moment is as profitable as it was a few months or a year back. But you need to get started with right steps and accurate strategy to make a successful start. Here are the steps to start with:

1. Launch Your Blog or Website

If you are at a position to invest some cash in launching a website, that is well and fine. Starting absolutely free is also possible in order to earn. But paid websites allow you to earn long term from Google AdSense. Opening a website or a blog for coaching, tutoring, spreading awareness about fitness, introducing new trends in clothes and shoes, cooking, selling software, etc are all profitable options. For a blog, choose, Google is more familiar with it.

2. Choose Appealing Design and Easy Navigation

Suitable and good design is essential for attracting Google AdSense. Keep the navigation of your site easy and user-friendly by all necessary steps.

3. Pay Focused Attention to SEO of Your Website/Blog

Write the content either of your blog or website with proper SEO. Choose top best keywords to add in the content. Every topic has its own keywords and finding them is easy through Google Keyword Planner. Once you get them, sprinkle them in the content all over. The first important thing in SEO is the right placement of keywords. SEO includes other necessary things also but you focus first on the on-page SEO.

4. Write Informative, Quality, Error-Free Content

Quality is the quest of Google AdSense. Write fresh content rich with information and no fluff. Grammatical errors can kill all your efforts. Make sure that you proofread your contents multiple times and check it on a language checking software also. Google will disqualify your website for its AdSense program if it has errors or content is fluff and not fresh and informative. Another damaging factor is plagiarized contents.

Anything even if a paragraph copied from another website and pasted in your web content, will bring down your website at level zero. Forget about AdSense, Google will block your website or blog completely for plagiarism.


5. Bring Traffic to Your Website To Earn in Google AdSense Program

Now you have a stylish website, quality content, top keywords, user-friendly format and fresh information. Focus on increasing traffic. Shout-outs at social media websites about your services or products and increasing your social circle brings more traffic to your website. The more visitors you have, the more chances are there to get approved by Google AdSense program. Google wants the ads to be seen by masses and clicked.

This is Google’s earning opportunity and you need to show huge number of visitors in order to impress Google.If you have completed these 5 steps above, your website or blog is ready to be approved by Google. Apply for an AdSense account. You read the detailed process at what is Google AdSense and How it Works.

7 Highly Paying Adsense Alternatives in 2016

adsense alternativesWhen it comes to making money or fortune online, Google AdSense is always a primary choice for almost every website owners. Many new bloggers and site owners apply for the AdSense over and over until their request get approved . However, due to some rules violation or not meeting the AdSense Policy, their applications don’t get approved.

Even today, thousands of users get banned from the Google’s AdSense program every day. You know the worst part ? If you get banned from AdSense , your site will never again be approved for this program and you don’t even get paid the money you’ve earned. So instead of scratching your head and writing unnecessary topics in google forum, I recommend you to move on. There are other ad networks available alternative to Adsense which you can easily on your sites. Some even pay higher than AdSense if you meet the Ad Network’s requirements. Let’s discuss highly paying AdSense alternatives which you can stack on your websites.

7 Highly Paying Adsense Alternatives in 2016

7. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal - Best Google Adsense Alternatives

AdsOptimal is an innovative ad network which suits best for mobile responsive sites. You can alter the size of the ad, control its frequency and even time in AdsOptimal. The new feature, 360° VR Banner, instigate the audiences right into your ad banner. You can even upload your custom 360° video to attract more users based on video experience.
The exciting feature of this ad network is you instantly get $5 bonus once your website gets approved for AdsOptimal ad unit. If you have a premium website that contains quality contents and traffic, you’ll get another additional $10. For non-premium websites, you’ll receive only $5 for using the AdsOptimal unit on your site.

Sign Up for

6. RevenueHits

RevenueHits Adsense Alternatives

RevenueHits is one of the best Adsense Alternatives when it comes to monetizing online. It is a Performance based Ad-Network which pays around $20 in eCPM. That means you’ll get paid Cost per thousand impressions. So it’s better to keep you ads on your site as many days as possible to get the best results. If you are using WordPress, then there is a Plugin available to download and implement on your website. Join here as a Publisher to get your account approved within few minutes! It’s easy as 1,2,3.

5. Chitika

Chitika Adsense Alternatives

Chitika is one of the highest paying adSense alternatives which supplies contextual ads only. Like AdSense, it allows the customization of ads to be displayed on sites. It also allows different banners sizes to be added on websites. In addition, it works great on mobile sites.

Chitika pays the minimum of $10 via Paypal and $50 via check. If you are using WordPress, then you can download free available WordPress Plugin and implement on your site within few clicks. As it is free and easy, why not try it ? Sign Up Here !!

4. Propeller Ads

propellerads AdSense Alternatives

Propeller Ads, simply known as popUnder ads, is one of the largest UK-based ad networks with substantial CPMs which pays every 1000 impressions. If your site contents are related to sports, entertainment, games, videos/movies, gaming, software, etc. niches, Propeller Ads is great for you. It also promotes Mobile display Ads as well as Banner ads. Its minimum payment is $50 via PayPal, $100 via Payoneer, and $500 via Wire Transfer.  Sign Up Here for easy and fast approval !!

3. Infolinks

infolinks AdSense Alternatives

Infolinks is a unique ad Network which allows a wide customization service. Unlike other ad networks, Infolinks has now 6 different types of adunits: intext, infold, intag, inframe, inscreen, and article. And you can turn on/off any of the above adunits to maximize your revenue. Another feature of this advertising network is you can control the placement of the ads on your site. You can see the ad demos of the infolinks from here.

The minimum payment of Infolinks to the publisher is $50 for Paypal or $100 for Bank wire. Join Infolinks for free!!

2. Amazon Associates


amazon associates AdSense Alternatives

Amazon Associates is probably the most successful and the most popular affiliate program. It neither offers PPC or CPM program but definitely, pays you a certain commission if your links sell the products directly from Amazon. If your website has contents that speak about the product which can be purchased from Amazon, then without thinking twice, I recommend you to join for this program. It’s simple and easy.

Ok, how it works then? If your site has the link to the product and customer buy a product from Amazon after clicking through those link, then you earn referral fees. It’s absolutely free and easy to join. Sign Up Amazon Associates for free to get started!!

1. Adversal


The reason why I put Adversal Ad Network on the first list is because they offer the highest eCPM available for your sites. They also have a great customization banners to get the best result on your website. It even works very well with Google AdSense. So no need to worry if you have AdSense on your website. However, Adversal requires a website which has more than 50,000 Page Views per month. So if your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, it’s more likely that your request for ad network won’t get approved. It seeks traffics mostly from Europe, USA, and Canada. It also offers Affiliate Program.

The minimum payment of this Ad network is $20 and it accepts PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire Transfer methods of payments. In conclusion, it is a great alternative to AdSense. Join Adversal Here Fast and Easy !!


These are the Seven of the most popular Google AdSense Alternatives. If you still in dilemma on picking one, I would recommend you to install all the above mentioned Ad Networks manually one by one on your site and check the output by yourself. But if you want my opinion I would recommend or infolinks. If your website is related to products, I would recommend you to go for Amazon Associates. and if your website has a lot of traffics, do not hesitate to try Adversal. It is a great ad network for traffic websites. But please don’t integrate all the Ad networks on your site. Feel free to comment below if you have any question.

But please don’t integrate all the Ad networks on your site. If you do so the site’s speed performance degrades and as a result the users won’t visit your website ever again due to irritating Ads. Place the Ads in a correct place so that the visitors feels safe and ease on reading your contents. Feel free to comment below if you have any question.

What is Google AdSense and How it Works

image 1

Google’s Money Making Program – Google AdSense

Since you have started thinking of making money online, you have heard multiple times about Google AdSense. This is one of the many ways to earn money but Google AdSense takes a top place in all other options only because it has more credibility. So, what is Google AdSense? It is a Cost Per Click (CPC) program for advertising that offers the publisher an opportunity to earn from advertising. All the matter needs adding a few HTML coding on the website of anyone having good traffic on it to add this little HTML. This code allows the ads with Google to find a way to appear on your page and the amazing thing about them is that they are relevant to your topic or website theme.

For example, you will find  adds of clothes and shoes or online stores selling shoes and clothes if you are publishing posts linked to trendy clothes and fashionable boots and shoes. No possibility of finding ads of diggers and road building machines on your pages about fashion and style.

What is Google AdSense – You are Eager

There is this one great good news with Google AdSense that it is all about making money through your blog or website.  Yes, you can make real hard cash without even going out in the hot summer days or freezing winter. Stay at home and write good content on your website, or sell goods or give advice or share worksheets for school kids and do hundreds of other things that people are eager to know. Google does a little check of your web content with the help of its crawler after you install the HTML code.

The crawler will evaluate what the pages are about? What are they important for? Who is the target audience? And some other details that are crucial to know for Google before placing the ads on your pages.  Now imagine you are writing about your fragrant experience of planting daffodils, jasmine, roses etc. Google will be smart enough to display ads of gardening tools, chemical fertilizers, garden furniture, gardening decor options etc.

image 2

How Google AdSense Works

Technical details? No, relax! I am talking how Google AdSense works for publishers. Google first works on the advertising campaign with the companies having services and products to Advertise. It checks the keywords they choose for their products and services. These are the keywords that consumers enter in the search bar to find out a specific thing on Google.

Suppose I am launching a website about fashion and style. I will choose keywords, top fashion outfits for men, how to choose fashionable necktie, plaid pants, denim jackets etc. These are the keywords that searchers write in the search bar of Google.

Google spider then matches the keywords people are searching about and keywords added in my website content. Here Google activates its robots to crawl all over my website content and find the keywords matching with the keywords of the advertisers. If the keywords are the same and matching, the relevant ads will show on my page.

You can learn more about how Google AdSense woks here on Google’s help page.



How Do I Make $1000 / Month from Google AdSense

Are you looking for online earnings opportunity? Do you want to make money in spare time?. Looking for a career as full time freelancer and be your own Boss by doing self development and creativity work?  Here I’ve share my experience that can let know you how I am making money from last ten years through online advertising programs.   Now, there are many options are available to make money as trend is changing from Google AdSense to affiliate marketing and business owners do not want to spend a lot of on advertisements programs, but they are looking for direct selling through intermediate of relevant who can refer them the purchaser.

How To Make Money Online?

There are many options are available to make money online just like by playing Lottery games, affiliate marketing, Form Filling Jobs, Paid Survey, Paid Emails and I dont know whether are real gems to make good money, but I am very well knowing about Google AdSense program which works for me any time.   There is need to update from Google AdSense to Affiliate marketing as I said the online money making trend is changing.

Here I have share about make money tips through Google AdSense. also offers free earnings opportunity to our authors by posting articles in this site to make 100% revenue share of AdSense Program.  You can read more about How to earn with UnoBurg articles at Make Money menu and know the full details.

How to Make Money At

We are – at doing work to help writers to make money from their writings.   We can also help to grow up our authors to reach their goals.   At initial, we offer 100% Google AdSense Revenue sharing program to our authors who can make money through own writings.   If any author do not have adsense account, then after completing Five articles in their profile we can help them to fill up the Application of Google AdSense Sign Up process which is a part of our help kindness without any charges / fees.

If you are a new to Google AdSense, then you should know what is Google AdSense.  Try to study about AdSense through Blogs or WikiPedia.   Google AdSense can help you to make good income sources only if you adhere the eligibility and terms of Google which is applicable to AdSense Publishers

Making Money With Google AdSense is So Easy?

Do you know making money with Google AdSense is very easy.  Only you need to go step by step with guidelines provided by the Google for AdSense publishers programs.

No doubt, Google AdSense is the best Ads Network for Publishers who always look for to monetize their website or blog.   There are many start up bloggers who start blogs as full time bloggers to make good money from the Ads Network Programs, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Marketing, Selling Products and many more options that are available online to make money through these websites blogs.

However, Google AdSense is the most preferable and most famous among the bloggers and bloggers like me work day-night to find the way to make handsome income for a month through the Google AdSense Ads publisher program.

Here, I will tell you about how I make $1000 from Google AdSense program through various blogs and what are the best options available that can lead bloggers to increase their Google AdSense revenue.  Are there any trick-tips available to drive regular revenue from the AdSense program or how to boost traffic to make $1000 revenue per month?

How To Make $1000 Per Month From Google AdSense?

Well, I must say, you need to be very smart rather than a hard working blogger to make regular $1000 revenue from Google AdSense. Google is the world’s leading search engine having more than 70% search engine market and is running the AdSense program since 2004 to publish another product of theirs: Google AdWords Advertisers program.

Both Adwords and AdSense are the two sides of Google’s Advertising programs.

I am running several websites and blogs and I am an AdSense publisher since 2009 from various sources. I have generated more than $25000 revenue from different sources like AdSense Revenue Sharing Websites, my own websites, blogs, niche blogs etc.

Here is short history of which I am launched in 2016 for authors to publish their Articles.  If you want join then Sign Up for Free and Post articles to join free revenue sharing program.

(History) Welcome To!

google adsense revenue sharing programHistory of – This is my First Post which I had posted on the very first date after launching this domain

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There is no limitation of posting articles, as many articles you can submit, more earning possible through Google AdSense Program.

How can Help To Grow Up

We, at can help to our new comers, who contribute to our website. If you follow our guidelines then we would be happy to see your growth.  Your Growth will be in terms of regular income as well as your writing skills and knowledge.

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We’ll be discussing more on the Google AdSense program and I will also share useful tips and tricks of how I made good income from the Google AdSense program. There are more wonderful ways to generate income through writing good content.

New freelancers, bloggers and writing experts, we welcome you to the world of!! Let’s join hands together and share in our You Know Burg blog any topics that we want!!

Thereafter, the members of this site will be known as UnoBurgers!!

Good Luck!!

– Mahesh Kumar