How to Reach Shirdi Sai Baba- Famous Hotels in Shirdi

Sai Baba was a famous saint who used to love mankind and humanity. As per him no one is big and no one is small all are equal and child of God. Sai Baba gave his first appearance in Shirdi and throughout his life he resides there. With his effective lectures he transformed or changed the life of many. This is the reason he had lots of devotees who used to follow the words or thoughts of Sai Babba. Even after his death he used to bless to those who are having faith on him. He touched the heart of many by his golden words. His mission was “Give Blessings” to all without any kind of discrimination. He meant to say all are same. By his blessings he cured to many people. Even after long time of his death, still Sai Baba exists in the heart of many and people worship him like God.




How to Reach Shirdi:

Shirdi is a very holy place and must be visited at least once. Those who have faith on Sai Baba would surely likes to visit Shirdi as this place gives feeling of closeness with Shai. There are many ways to reach Shirdi. Like there are direct Airways, Bus ways, Rail ways. Those who want to reach Shirdi for Sai Darshan will find it easy to decide the way to reach Shirdi, as we have minutely mentioned the transport facilities that are available for Shirdi.


Airways- Those who are planning to go Shirdi by Airways, specially people of Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad can reach there by booking ticket for Aurangabad Airport. Aurangabad Airport is 130 kilometers away from Shirdi. After reaching to Aurangabad Airport you can take any bus or taxi or cab to reach Shirdi as these vehicles always remain available for Shirdi.

Train ways- The nearest station from Shirdi is Kopergaon Railway Station. It is 16 kilometers away from Shirdi. Those who want to reach Shirdi by train can book tickets for Kopergaon Railway Station. This station is very well connected to big cities of India. From Kopergaon Railway Station the visitors can take bus, taxi or cabs in order to reach the temple of Shirdi.

Bus Ways- Several state buses of Maharashtra remain available to reach Shirdi by bus ways. These buses are primarily from Mumbai, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Kopargaon and Pune. Those who want to reach Shirdi can take buses of these routes. These buses can be booked online also.

Road Ways- If you are planning to go Shirdi by self drive then it’s a very good idea. Shirdi is very well connected to Mumbai, Pune and Nasik by road ways.  Nasik is 75 kilometers far away from Shirdi, 157 kilometers from Pune, 250 kilometers from Mumbai and 130 kilometers from Aurangabad.


Booking Hotels in Shirdi

Shirdi is very holy and clam place to visit. This is the place where Sai Baba gave his first appearance and till his whole life he stayed there. Devotees who have faith on him likes to visit this place to get blessings of Sai Baba. If you want to visit Shirdi then after booking your ticket for Shirdi the next thing you need to do is booking hotel tickets. You should book your tickets in advance in order to get room in good hotels. You can book your hotel online, for that you need to search like- Good hotels in Shirdi. There are few famous hotels in Shirdi, which are- St Laurn, Sujal Heritage, Bhagyalaxmi, Sai Murli, The Temple View etc. There are other hotels also.


Top Meditation Retreats Globally

Meditation has always been a retreat for the soul. Meditation retreats can be pricey, but are well worth the cost if you are in desperate need of a relaxing vacation. In modern times of excessive stress, it is essential to curate these breaks and move away from radio holidays which create stress and exploit societal image.

Luckily, spirituality burgeoned and travel in diverse forms globally, with the hippie’s of the 1970s giving way for mainstream acceptance.

As seen, the Buddhist traditions in Asia and the Native American traditions fostered a way for diverse spiritual teachings of individual peace and blissful unity. These often required secluded places from valleys to hill tops, for building lasting bonds with nature.

Top Meditation Retreats :

these retreats can seem expensive on the outlook; hence it is important to share that there exists a non-religious Vipassana Meditation Foundation offering free 10 to 45 days meditation retreats in nearly 300 global centers around the world. Though humble in the food offerings and quality of solitary room stay with attached bathroom, the meditation infrastructure and dedication of staff, is a personal recommendation.

With some amount of provident spending, the world has many luxury and wellness oriented meditation retreats. The great land of the Buddha, India; Ananda rests near the holy Ganges River in the Himalayas, as a 100 acre estate with a 21,000 square foot spa.

With over 79 treatments and personalized meditation training with breathing techniques, this facility offers a balanced combination of luxury and holistic spiritual treatment.

Moving to South East Asia, one of most significant place in Thailand, Kamalaya on the coast of southern Koh Samaui, offers a nestled SPA and detox holiday along with spiritual energy present from the ancient monks, who were cited to be meditating in the exact place.

The continent of Africa with the Zulu tribe, offers a meditation trip with an outreach programme as well in the Ufafa Valley, South Africa. The Buddhist retreat center, awarded by the late Nelson Mandela, offers visitors a unique interaction and connection with the local plants and tribes, being laced with their spiritual wisdom.

Located in the suburbs of San Francisco the Spirit Rock, California offers a connection with the Native Americans and their indigenous ways of keeping peace with the local wild animals and plants.

A more interactive session than the typical secluded meditation, strong bonds are forged people and communities through this program.

Moving on further west, a niche for war veterans with a focus on post war traumas and depression, this center located in Hawaii post the September 2011 World Trade Center attacks, draws visitors year long. Called the Ala Kukui and situated among hills and the Pacific Ocean, it offers diverse creative courses, Yoga and regional cultural insights.

Finally returning back to the East, with modest pricing and the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Dharamsala, India; a program by Eleven Directions helps travelers acculturate with the Tibetan communities with real anecdotes, practices and realizations of the Buddha himself.

This is a short global summary of top meditation retreats for you, across monetary and geography constraints!

4 Major Causes of Religious Conflicts

Religion since man’s creatireligious con head Religious Conflictson has been in existence.And God since the beginning of man has been a mystery which man can never phantom. This as a result has led to various discussions, perceptions, concepts and various school of thoughts about the existence of God and his His ultimate power.But Should we say that God since the beginning has given man the challenge which has in turn become too difficult for him to solve? or should we say that God by his existence put man in the world of conflict by the reason of religion?.many are of the opinion that Religion is as old as the universe.  Therefore, some of the mysterious works of the supreme Maker(God) has created confusions in the life of man( i.e the spiritualist and the naturalist) as they all hold different views about the reality of God’s existence. We all need to know that religion is volatile in nature, and in another sense it is like a two edged sword which could either damage or repair, also could restore peace or lead to war. On this note, I will like to highlight four major causes of Religious Conflicts.

Causes Of Religious Conflicts

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1) Religious Chauvinism

Chauvinism simply means believing or showing an incoherent belief that ones own religion is better than others. This claim is mostly championed by the extremists.claiming that ones own world view is better than another could stir war which at the end would be disastrous. Most people often says that “it is easy to start a war, but so difficult to quench”.
Religious chauvinism is one of those factors that lead to conflict between belief systems. Therefore it pays to shun all claims that one religion is better than another and in turn holds our faith as that which is unique to us only rather than to cause crisis.

2) Intolerance

Inability of some religious believers to tolerate one another is another issue that leads to conflict. As believers often claims that their own religion is superior and should be regarded as the one which hold absolute truth, another sects hold a contrary opinions. Because they can’t tolerate each other.

What most believers fails to understand is that, Religion is just a means to an end and God is the end. So for mortal bodies to be fighting in the course of the immortal sounds insane and senseless in true reasoning.

3) The Parochial Interpretation of Scriptures

Another potent reason why there have been religious conflict in the world today is the tiny view of some so called spiritual leaders who are so parochial in the interpretations of their holy books.

Many believers today as the result of what they heard from their leaders, turns to become an extremist thus, causing scriptural misinterpretations and religious conflict in return.

4) Political Factors

Most times religion and politics comes together and in some cases, most religious crisis are caused by external factors such as politics. majority of the religious conflicts which has led to the death of some innocent people could be traced back to political influence.particularly in Nigeria(West Africa) in some Arabian countries.

Politics a times leads to religious issues and thereby cummulating into crisis which might probably claim people’s livesdo. 2