How To Earn With UnoBurg @ 100 Days ! New Opportunity to Writers To Own a New Website Manage by our Team

Dear Readers,

I am very glad to inform you that, Today, on 25th September 2016 – is completed 100 Days on The Web!! was launched on 17th June 2016 and with days count we can say has completed 100 Days!! is a platform for writers where they can post articles and earn revenue through various programs.  We started with Google AdSense 100% Revenue Sharing Program and the program is popular among the authors. is also offering Affiliate Marketing Program where authors can publish affiliate marketing ads such as Amazon Affiliate Marketing or any other leading and can earn 100% revenue from the affiliate program. – 100 Days on the Web!

Here’re some important milestones which I want to the flashback in between those 100 days to know our new readers.  I would like to say Thanks to all the participants and writers who are being the pillars of 🙂   Congratulations to all Team for 100 Days on The Web!

1] First Quarter Progress Reports – UnoBurg completed first quarter on 17th September 2016 and you can read how had been progressed from the second month to third with rapid movement.

2] Second Month Progress Reports – If you have read our second month progress reports, in which between we had faced many issues and updated the site tools and made necessary changes in the site and which resulted in first quarter i.e. third month progress reports.

3] First Month Progress Reports – We had announced very first exciting reports of where we shared all about first month progressive reports and statistics.

4] Win $250 Contest at – We have an active contest where you can win a Grand Prize of $250 by submitting article links to other blogs, comments, social networking sites etc.   For more information, read how to win $250 contest at

Get A Website From Us – Join Our Website Management Team

If you are an expert writer and want to start your own website blog at cheap investment then you can join our website management team where we will manage your website including website promotion and contents which will be posted by you to increase the profit of the author.

How to Join our Website Management Team?

I am looking for 15 Websites to manage under our website management team project and already I have got applications of few websites, however, still I am looking for more projects to add to our team manage by us.

Brief Introduction of the Website Project –

  • We’ll manage your website to promote it all ways to success
  • Write articles on the website and we will take care of your articles
  • Take 100 % Profit of your website
  • You need to post 30+ articles in instead of paying any charges of website management
  • We’ll help and share important tips tricks to build your website to increase your business and contents ideally
  • Submit total 100+ articles i.e. 30+ articles in and rest to your website to grow up the business.
  • Join us at minimum investment by paying web hosting and domain charges and we will setup your website to help to start up your business from home.
  • For further information, please join me on my google chat unoburg@ is on way to help new writers or professional writers to start up their own website and we will set up their website at cheap cost and services charges.   This is an excellent opportunity to the expert writers or any who want to learn blogging things we are ready to help them to start the own business.

This is open source and we will help to anybody who is ready to take challenges.

Thank you so much.

– Mahesh Kumar
(Chief Blogger @ First Quarter Reports – Check Winners of Surprize Award!

Hey UnoBurgers,

How Are You Doing 🙂  I wish you’re enjoying reading the new articles post by our active member’s authors in!!

Well, we’re completing First Quarter of!  Yeah!!!… Celebration @  As you may have read our first month progress report which had posted in July month after completion of First month and then we had posted second month progress report in last moth i.e. August month which was quite dull or we can say a dip drop month to see good results and improvements.

And today, on 17th September 2016 we’re completing the third month i.e. A Completion of First Quarter @, with a spike up status and reports.  This is just a begin, & I hope and wish to continue this all with all our active participants and members who are contributing in UnoBurg.  So – let’s know how we’re stepping ahead with steady growth and I have shared the traffic reports & Alexa rank of UnoBurg as of today – 17 September 2016.

Check Statistical to find latest months, quarter reports of UnoBurg. First Quarter Reports – Credit Goes To UnoBurg Contributors!

I am really happy to share First Quarter reports and information about UnoBurg status with our readers, contributors and followers that we’ve started up very fine than expected and thus we’re in good shape.  All the Credit Goes to “ALL Contributors” of the who have contributed throughout the first three months after launching on

Here’s some broad statistics which I would like to share with our viewers.

1] Members Status – There were no change in total Registered member as compare to the second month report of UnoBurg and we’ve now 360+ registered member as of today.  The reason of not increment in new registered users might be I failed to promote newly due to the busy schedule on another important task, site promotion, content building and members issues, contents development and guidelines to members.   So, I got a thought that having quality members instead of quantity then why not to guide them to pick up the site progress?  So, now I planned to guide our active members who are contributing in regularly.

2] AdSense Issues & Applications – We launched this portal mainly to offer 100% revenue share to the writers who are looking for online earning opportunity and thus we are offering 100% revenue sharing program to all our active members using Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program.  However, I am unhappy when to see AdSense applications which were applied through us were rejected due to unknown reason.   I am sorting our this issue to make good progress and hope we’ll get AdSense account from Google with approvals.  I would like to say that Google is very strict with AdSense application approval and thus we have to follow their rules during the application process.   So I used to share important things about how to apply & get approve Google AdSense account within the short time in private chat discussion without active members.

If you are a new visitor of then you may join us as Guest Post writer for that you can read guest post blogging guidelines to post in

If you’re and existing member of and yet you have not received Google AdSense account, then please feel free to contact me through Chat (Google Talk – UnoBUrg@)

3] Affiliate Marketing @ UnoBurg – Along with Google AdSense, we do allow Affiliate marketing advertising program to our active members.  Members/Authors who are awaiting for Google AdSense application or those have AdSense account can write to earn with Affiliate Marketing Advertising Program like Amazon Affiliated Program, eBay Affiliate Marketing or any other leading affiliated marketing program to monetize the authors.  Though we have not announced Affiliated Marketing Program allocation officially, but we have authorized few active members to post Affiliate links in their post to monetize them.

If you want to write on affiliate marketing to earn any of mentioned program, you may contact me to know more details at given google chat ID.

I Congratulate to active members/authors who are doing excellent contribution at and writing varieties of articles.   Now its time to declare active contributors name and UnoBurg of the Month!

4] Win $250 Contest – Share Links & Win $250 Cash! – Last month end i.e. August month end we have an active contest to win $250 Cash prize.   This is a Link Submission Contest where you have to share or post UnoBurg articles, categories, sections link to other top directories, comments, or have to write guest blogs on other websites.

Read the full details of this contest and you have a chance to win $250 Cash Prize through Win Cash 250 Contest.

UnoBurg of the Month Award!

I am glad to announce UnoBurg of the month award winner.  The Third UnoBurg of the month award goes to Jake1989 who have contributed excellent articles on various topics.   You can check articles written by the winner at his profile Jake1989.

The runner-up of the month is Upul5544.  Upul is very active but slowly champ of who is contributing on different topics from the start of the site.

There are other active members like Crypton Softech, Quraisha, Nalicej, Prabin04, Nnamdiasogu, Sirenah, Lauracardone, Jenellygrace and many others.

Congratulations to the Winners & Active Contributors of UnoBurg…Cheers!!!!

Surprize Award – UnoBurg of the Quarter Award!

Surprize…. I take this opportunity to declare UnoBurg of the Quarter.

We’ll declare this award Every Quarter and First Quarter Winner is Crypton Softech (Maushmi Singh).   Maushmi Singh is very active author of the UnoBurg and is one of the invaluable contributors of

Congratulations to Maushmi Singh for this great achievement and Award & thanks for contributing excellent articles in UnoBurg. First Quarter Traffic Ranking & Progress Reports

If you have read last month Traffic Ranking & Progress reports, then I would like to say, we’re moving at same grip to straight forward!

This Month i.e. Third Month Traffic reports are enclosed and if you compare traffic MoM (Month over Month) then the traffic growth MoM is more than 4 times as compare to Sessions, Users, where pages views growth is three times than previous reports. First Quarter Traffic Reports Third Month Traffic – Source: Google Analytics Reports


And here is First Quarter Report of First Quarter Traffic Reports – Source: Google Analytics Reports.

So this is about how our is performing from its starting date to till date i.e. First Quarter Reports.   Thanks to all Contributors and all credits goes to active contributors!! Global Position & Ranking @

While we talk or ask What is the Rank of My Website?  We can just check Alexa Ranking of any website.  Alexa is an Amazon company which indicates what is the current rank position among the total websites which are running active globally.   However, It is just an index to check your rank among the top active websites and I got to know it doesn’t affect in actual to your traffic, revenue or other progress reports.   Alexa is a Global Position of your website and we can say a progress indication.

So, below We’ve given First Quarter Alexa Report of First Quarter Traffic Reports Alexa Ranking First Quarter Traffic Reports  Source: Alexa Ranking

The reports of Alexa Ranking updates every day including weekends.  You can check here today’s Alexa Report of

So, let me stop now and let us proceed further movement of & see you in the next month reports.!!

Thank you so so much!!


– Mahesh Kumar
(Chief Blogger/Business Developer)
@ – Second Month Traffic Progress Reports

Hello UnoBurgers,

How Are You Doing?? 🙂

I am so Happy to share UnoBurg’s Second Month statistical reports with our users, authors and readers.  Friends, I am glad to share that we’ve completed second Successful Month of our today – on 17th August 2016. We had launched this multi-author website blog for multi-topics, subject knowledge sharing based portal on 17th June 2016 and you can read our first month progress report. As this is the second month report, yet am so excited to write this port after first month progress report.  

So this is all about our traffic report of last month and what are the advances, achievements we have acquired in last month after launching of – which is multi author Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program offers 100% revenue to our contributors.

Here’s the Second Month Progress Statistical Reports of – Second Month Up And Downs!

  • Like anythings you do in life there are up and down come to everyone’s livings.  So as like that though virtually we are also face technically or whatever may be the cause we need to stop or update the things, facts to retain in the lives or it is a good thing to take a break for a while for the further progresses.  
  • also went through same situation in last month though it was a conditional month for us as we had to face many technical things to develop the blog website to make it in well shape than previous one.
  • As this is the only second month, we must need more progresses to develop, with advance features and to provide better services to our authors, readers, end users of the site.  
  • So in as compare to previous month we had less contributions of articles which count about 100 and which was about 150 articles in first month.  The reduction of articles due to technical things which we have faced like during blog updation website run very slow or oftenly “Resource Limit Is Reached” many times during a days.  
  • We also faced some database problem with our hosting company and it was really trouble and sad to share that we had to restore 7 days back database to restore our website due to technical things or hosting error or unknown reason which was beyond the control and thus we had lost about 20 published articles in the early of August month as database was restored of 31st July.    
  • Well, the issue is resolved now and we have also upgraded the all versions of our websites with easy functions.  We also had provided Front End Post publishing facility, however, this facility slower down the website so we drop that facility and now we offering direct in-house of wordpress content management system to our authors to submit the articles.
  • We know that is Our multi author – multi subject website, blog offers 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing program from which our authors can make lifetime earnings from their posts.    In second month,  we’ve crossed many milestones though it was hectic month technically, but the progressive reports of traffic was almost triple than first month which includes the followings in terms.

Here is there what we have achieving in second month and Yes! we’ve crossed many milestones which includes the followings in terms-

1] 350+ Registered Members – We have crossed 350 registered contributors and from those registered members, there are 75 Authors who are contributing on regular basis to earn in Adsense revenue sharing program.

Welcome New Members to – There are many New authors joined to us those who haven’t AdSense account, we helped them to get a new Adsense account in their name absolutely FREE of cost.

So far we’ve approval of 25 AdSense accounts in last two months and this is subject to the approval from Google terms, and according to our eligibility for AdSense account application process we have after five articles submits in

2] Establishment of The Website – I am happy to see steady progress of in another month with a good shape in all ways after facing lots of problems and site under constructions.   This establishment was not possible without our contributors/authors/editors.

3] Expert Authors, Great Articles – Continuing second month, we have our Authors who have been contributing a lot during the second month and I would like to congratulate them for being active members author of in very second month after launching.   Now we’ve crossed total articles more than 250 articles, collected upto second and first month. Thanks to Contributors! ? For your great contribution of articles, resources at and authors have helped to reach this level certainty.

UnoBurger of the Month Award!

Likewise last / first month we’ve selected two names of our very active Authors who are contributing through out the month with regular participation.   These two members/authors are being with us since the site launching dates and they’re Maushmi Singh and Upul.   Congratulations to both for great contributions and being UnoBurger of the month and Thanks for being invaluable member of the UnoBurg.

Second Month – Traffic Reports and Progress

As early said that this month was up and down at UnoBurg, but we did not worry about traffic decreased, infact traffic of was almost triple than expectation as site growing further our articles are indexing in the search engine and we’re now getting natural traffic from organic sources.

Second Month Progress Report August 2016

Second Month Progress Report August 2016

The above Google Analytics reports shows how are progressing from first month to second month with steady traffic.  I’ve mentioned few important points that users or authors of should take to write in for more benefits.

We hope to see 100% progress in next month progress report! 🙂

Going ahead, I would like to share Alexa Traffic Ranking reports of the   You can check current Alexa Traffic of which updates almost Daily!

Alexa Traffic Rank of UnoBurg Second Month August 2016

Alexa Traffic Rank of UnoBurg Second Month August 2016

As report shows, how we’re improving from first month as it was a gap up opening month of Alexa where Global Traffic rank was in 6,32,460 and as today it shows 2,78,006 which is almost triple progress in World. Likewise in a particular country which is based country of UnoBurg – India, the previous report rank was 28505 and today it is almost 100% improved 15,179.  

Learn more about what is Alexa Traffic Rank to know how it works for showing website global or country ranking.

So friends, this is all about our second month progress report we are very happy to see consistence progress in second month and it was because of our active members and readers.   I’d like to say Thank You to all of those who take up this site this level with in few sessions.

Important Tips & Writing Topics Suggestions

Suggestion & Important Note – As mentioned above paragraph I’d like to share how to progress further and how to write articles on which topic you can write?    

To say, if you want to make consistence progress in website, then write about user interests topics, trendy topics or target to specific groups of users like Students, Medical, Health’s, Technology, Business along with upcoming events.  

Optimize your articles for future topics like 2017 or next year topics that would be optimized well in search engine to get traffic on timing.   Topics like Educational Updates, Elections, Business & News, Latest & Trends, Entertainments, Cultural & Trend, Articles & Knowledge Sharing, Sports, Marketing, Reviews and many more which is beyond the limits or Sky is the limit to write.  

However, Writing is NOT the only work we have to perform, but your articles need to have SEO touch and, must have a reader group which can increase through socials sharing, sharing your articles to social networking sites, link submission and other techniques which I will suggest in my coming articles.

So it is all about how we are working together to see new heights. This was our second month reports and as early month promised, I will share every month progress report on every month’s third weekend so that our members, authors will know how we’re moving with their regular contributions.

I would like to remember you that, we have created platform for the Writers and Knowledge Sharing purpose only which is absolutely free to use, so take this opportunity and earn 100% revenue share from Google AdSense Program.

Thank you so much to All who have had been taken a Lead to push this portal upward!

Yours sincerely,
Mahesh Kumar
– – First Month Celebration & Progress Report

Hey UnoBurgers!

How Are You Doing? – I hope all of you are enjoying the new look & new environment of which we migrated in the first week of July 2016. During the migration, I have installed the site theme, front-end user interface, and changed the layout of the We’re using Smartline Lite theme in UnoBurg which have many advanced features & functions of the user interface so that our members can work smoothly from the front end. So it’s a time of celebration! Yes, First celebration with real gems-active contributors of who make me to Post this First Month Celebration Post! – First Month Celebration With Top Authors!

Friends, I am glad to share that we’ve completed First Successful Month of our today – on 17th July 2016. We had launched this multi-author website blog for multi-topics, subject knowledge sharing based portal on 17th June 2016. Our multi author – multi subject website, blog offers 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing program from which our authors can make lifetime earnings from their posts.

I am so happy to share that within a month we’ve crossed many milestones which includes the followings in terms-

1] 250+ Registered Members – We’ve got more than 250 registered contributors and from those there are more than 50 Authors who are promoted to the Author level after completion of eligibility process and entered to Adsense revenue sharing program. New authors those who haven’t AdSense account, we helped them to get a new Adsense account in their name absolutely FREE of cost.

2] Establishment of The Website – I am happy to see steady progress of which have been taking good shape in all ways and this establishment was not possible in-spite of our contributors/authors/editors.

3] Expert Authors, Great Articles – Our Authors have contributed a lot during the very first month and an average of Daily 5 articles, we have crossed 150 articles, collected in the very first month. Thanks to Contributors! 🙂 For your great contribution of articles, resources at and authors have helped to reach this level certainty.

UnoBurger of the Month Award!

The “UnoBurger Of the First Month” is Vola, who have contributed 30+ articles in the first month. She is most active Author cum Editor of the

Congratulations to Vola for being the Top Contributor of the in the very first month and Thank you so much for Great contributions on the Healthy Tips and Articles.

There are few Authors who are the Real, Pillar of the who have been with Us since launching date with regular contributions.

I take this opportunity to say Thank You to the QuenJena, our Author cum Editor, who have been helping a lot from the initial days to build the with regular contributions and help in other sections which valued to today to complete first successful month.

Thank You QuenJena for Your Great Support..!!

Authorize those who are contributing since are Ali Agharzali, Ritika Gupta, Maushmi Singh, Shivi R are the regular contributions of since UnoBurg launched.

Thank you Authors for the Great Contributions and made those days memorable with your fruitfully contributions. Recently in last week, we have got many new authors who are also doing great behind the screen. I also congratulate them for being on our team.

I would like to Say Thanks to Top Contributors those are working really hard with me along-with regular communication through chat discussion.

Here’s the list of Top Contributors who have submitted the articles at

Congratulations to the Authors who have made top contributions in in the first month and this will be another milestone for all of you are going further with new members who have recently joined to UnoBurg Traffic Reports and Progress

At present, on first month completion, We have about 25 active member members who are contributing in regularly and I appreciate to those active members for their full efforts toward the work at

Google Analytics Reports First month

Google Analytics Reports First month

About Traffic Reports, we are improving very fast as number of contributions is increased. I have attached the traffic report of UnoBurg’s First month below which is showing steady growth.

Traffic Rank Signal – Alexa Rank, an indication of website global rank also improving steadily and today on 17th July, Alexa Rank of is given below.

Alexa Rank of July 2016

Alexa Rank of July 2016

Alexa Rank of July 2016

The above Graph indicates how our site is progressing with Gap Up Opening! 🙂

As a Chief in-charge of UnoBurg, due to front end, back end development of our website, I couldn’t contribute well. However, I would like to take the lead with regular guidelines for our active authors and will try to contribute in the coming months after completion of few needy stuffs of UnoBurg

Let’s work together to touch new heights. I will share another month progress report every month’s third weekend so that our members, authors will know how we’re moving with their regular contributions.

Please remember that, we’ve created this platform for the Writers and Knowledge Sharing purpose, so take this opportunity and earn 100% revenue share from Google AdSense Program.

Thank you so much to All who have had been taken a Lead to push this portal upward!

Yours sincerely,

– Mahesh Kumar

Authors/Contributors, please share your experience with in the comments 🙂