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Best Spots for Engagement Photos in Chicago

We all want to have that one perfect engagement photograph that we’d frame up. It is often difficult to get the perfect shot on the engagement day, so a pre-wedding photoshoot can cover up. Here, we will tell you about the most beautiful spots in Chicago for engagement photos.

Engagement photos in Chicago can give you the best of urban parks, beaches, skyline, and more. The city sets standards high and helps us capture the perfect moment. Know the best spots in the list below:

Olive Park

Olive Park gives you iconic views of the skyline blended by the backdrop of Lake Michigan. You have probably been here for an early morning walk or on a picnic with your friends, but engagement photoshoot? You’d have thought of that? Well, the unobstructed views of the cityscape along the edge of the water can give you a breathtaking ambience. The best time to come here is during the sunset. It is an intimate spot that sets the mood just right and you’d have the best pictures captured.

Art Institute

Art Institute is a hidden gem that makes it one of the unique spots to click engagement photos in Chicago. Locals and visitors primarily come here to visit the museum, but miss out on the beauty of the gardens around. If you want your engagement photoshoot amidst nature’s bounty, you must select this option. It is perfect during fall as the colors turn golden. It is yet another place to book during the week since there is no crowd. The ambience brings in the romance so the pictures are going to be as natural as the surrounding!

Museum Campus

The Museum Campus has plenty of spots to click the best engagement photos in Chicago. Start off from the ground at the Field Museum as it offers a beautiful marble backdrop. The best part about this place is the bright natural light due to the building. Stroll hand in hand with your partner as you are on the walkway, and we will capture some candid moments. Next, move to the Shedd for some more photographs and finally to the Adler Planetarium for the best sunset clicks. The Chicago skyline looks mesmerizing from here as well and gives us a lot of versatility.

North Avenue Beach

We love the North Avenue Beach for all the facilities but doesn’t it have unmatched beauty? From the waters gushing into the white sandy beaches to the walkway between Oak Street and North Avenue, there are plenty of photography options here. Don’t miss out on the boathouse that can work as a great backdrop.

The Chicago Riverwalk

There are quite a few places around the Chicago Riverwalk that makes it one of the top spots for engagement photos in Chicago. You can choose the spot at the center of town to get the urban vibes or move to the northeast side of the river for quietness. The best time for a shoot in this spot is during spring. You will have flowerbeds full of tulips that offer a romantic ambiance. Locate the iron benches on the paved pathway and relive the moment of your proposal.

Choose your preference among the best spots for engagement photos in Chicago, as we capture the memories that will last forever!

Travelling Alone – The Good Old Days Can’t Build Your Future

In a moment of pondering, while thinking about the future, plenty of things flash through your mind.

Perks of travelling alone

If you are a dream chaser who can hardly settle for an ordinary life, then you are likely to have booked your one way ticket towards your challenge. The idea behind travelling isn’t merely the urge to encounter life abroad.

It’s far broader than that, travelling helps you build the set of traits you need to bear different responsibilities. As an expat who’s totally new to a country, you take care of every single aspect of your life. In other words, you are your own household, your own mentor, preacher, doctor and even your own consultant.

Assume you have a plumbing problem or your kid suffering some sort of fever. It’s not like you are going to ring up your doctor or call your plumber right on the spot.  Instead, you will have to get to the right person to handle the situation or maybe be that person.  Many people can’t imagine they can handle situations like this, not because they are naive or weak but because life never dealt them a bad hand before.

What you think is a curse might turn out to be a bless

One of the very critical things that determine whether or not you will achieve what you are looking for is perseverance. A person with strong perseverance is a person made of steel. Steel might not be the most precious thing to possess unlike gold or diamond. However, it will never bend or crook. Same way perseverance is regarded, strong perseverance will never let you crumble or stumble. Instead it will give you the persistence and faith to overcome life hurdles.

If you think of if the other way round, what if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth? A spoiled kid with every sort of amusement in hand. It’s definitely a bless,and you would be one of those luckiest guys whose worst problems is having to drive a 400 horse power car instead of a 600, or flying a small cabin jet instead of a large cabin one. Life remains a piece of cake till you have to take the pitfall, then instead of the luckiest you become the unluckiest luckiest. It’s very unlikely that you would be able to ride high waves because you only learnt how to survive in a shallow little pond in the first place.

When life gets comfy you better take a leap of faith

The fact that you are living with your beloved friends and family is really amazing, but to what extent you think you can endure stress and hardships. How you are going to act when it comes to taking matters into your own hands, that’s the turning point.

You have always been having good times with friends, driving around or having a drink in a pub. But that’s not how you mature. Your maturity develops with the hardships you are willing to face, the pitfalls you are ready to take.

Some persons hustle all day to reach out their goals. Others just sit back watch them hustling, which do you think victory will align to? That’s why you should be a firm believer that the good old days can’t build your future”.

List of 2018 Holidays for West Bengal- National Public and Bank Holidays

Are you looking for 2018 Year Holidays?  Lets Know the bank holidays, government holidays for the year of 2018 but before that know how and what was the days which follows holidays in 2017 year.

Year 2018 is almost ahead and 2017 is about to finish. In the coming New Year people would like to start their new year and go by a new resolution, new planning and all. For this foremost important thing that is required is calendar. Calendar is nothing but a booklet that covers all the dates month and days wise holiday list. Now going through the calendar to get information regarding holiday lists other than Sundays is a very lengthy process. So we have made your way easy by enlisting all the holidays list together. These are categorized by Public holidays, Bank holidays, National Holidays and festivals. Now with a single view you can find the holiday dates month wise for the year 2018. Those who reside in the state West Bengal will find it user friendly and helpful as because it covers all the holiday and festival lists that specially related to the state West Bengal.


List of 2017 Holidays for West Bengal- National Public and Bank Holidays


Date/Month                       Day                                 Holiday                             Reason


19th January                       Thursday                       Swami Vivekananda          Vivekananda
Birthday                         Jayanti

23rd January                       Monday                         Netaji Subhas Chandra         Netaji Birth
Bose Jayanti                     Date

26th January                       Thursday                       Republic Day                      Constitution
of India formed

1st February                       Wednesday                   Vasant                           Saraswati Puja                                                                               Panchami
12th March                        Sunday                             Doljatra                        Holika Dahan


1st April                              Saturday                          Bank Holiday               Annual Accounts
closure of banks

9th April                              Sunday                            Mahavir Jayanti            Birth of Mahavir


14th April                           Friday                              Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti         Birth date of
& Good Friday                 Dr.Ambedkar/                                                                                                                        Easter


15th April                           Saturday                        Bengali New Year             Begining of
Bengali Year

1st May                              Monday                           May Day                        Labor Day

9th May                             Tuesday                          Rabindra Nath  Tagore     Tagore
Jayanti                           Date of birth


26th June                          Monday                          Idul Fitr                         Muslim’s Festival


15th August                      Tuesday                          Independence day          India set free

2nd September                 Saturday                         Idul Juha                         Bakrid


19th September                Tuesday                          Mahalaya                    Beginning of                                                                                                                           Dasehra
27th September                 Wednesday                     Saptami                    Saptami of
Durga Puja


30th September                 Saturday                          Dussehra                  Vijaya                                                                                                                                  Dashami


1st October                         Sunday                          Muharram (10th Day)   Day of


2nd October                        Monday                          Gandhi Jayanti          Mahatma Gandhi                                                                                                                   Birth day
5thOctober                        Thursday                          Lakshmi Puja             Godess Lakshmi                                                                                                                     worship

18th October                       Wednesday                     Kali Puja                   Festival of Hindu

4th November                      Saturday                       Guru Nanak Jayanti        Birth date of
Guru Nanak Saheb

The above mentioned holiday list are for all over India and especially for West Bengal. Among these holiday list some are national holiday, some are public holiday and others are list of festivals. Republic Holiday, Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi Birthday come under National Holiday list. As per holidays related to festivals concerned, then it is important to mention that dates of Muslim holidays can be changed or different depending upon the various phases of moon. There are few holidays that ore observed all over India like- Christmas Days, New Year Day etc.

Whereas festivals are celebrated primarily state and city wise depending upon the religion, culture, trend etc followed by the citizen. We have tried to make a brief of all holiday lists. We hope it will be helpful to our readers.

Brief Introduction To What is Steroids!

What is Steroids ?

What is Use of the Steroids? ‘Steriods is the familiar name for engineered variations of the male sex hormone testosterone or a term grasping naturally occurring gathering of chemicals united to cholesterol and including sex hormones,adrenal cortical hormones,bile acids e.t.c.Their main  characteristics include adrenal glucocorticoils, hydrocortisone and cortisone,or manufactured analogs, for example, prednisolone and prednisone. Steroids can be utilized to treat conditions that outWhat is Use of the Steroidscome from steroid hormone inadequacy e.g deferred puberty,as well as ailments that outcome in loss of incline bulk like cancer,Aids e.t.c. Anabolic steroids are manufactured substances which have activities like those of the normally happening hormone, testosterone. Competitors use steroids basically to enhance athletic execution, upgrade appearance, and expansion bulk and strength.When these hormones are taken they set off a response that sends an individual’s testosterone level taking off to the rooftop.

What is Use of the Steroids :

Steroids have been popular among athletes both for performance improvement and for aesthetic reasons. A few competitors, weightlifters and muscle heads yield them reliably to propel their solid accomplishment and body up their bodies. professionals,athletes and weight lifters use steroids with the end goal of upgrading execution and enhance their physical appearance. Anabolic steroids are commonly imbued into the muscle, however some are available in tablet structure, or as creams or gels that are associated with the skin.

Use Anabolic Steroids

A large number individuals who use anabolic steroids think about the risks of taking them, and have techniques for getting the ached for effect without the undesirable manifestations. The period when the individuals are not taking steroids is called an ‘off-cycle’. The normal cycle can last anyplace between six to 12 weeks. Numerous people likewise take two or more anabolic steroids in the meantime, in a procedure called ‘ stacking ‘.

More than one kind of anabolic steroid might be utilized at once.The expression ‘’pyramiding” regarding steroids implies a blend of both stacking and cycling. One or more anabolic steroid is taken in a low estimations. This is done  to regulate a biggest dose of more than 6 to 12 weeks, before the estimation is diminished to zero to offer the body a relief and the cycle is started yet again.While all AAS medications might be equipped for enhancing bulk, quality, and execution.

Therefore, while buying Steriods it would not be right to say there are no favorable circumstances to picking one specialists over another for a specific reason. Mostly the amount and nature of muscle picked up might be not quite the same as one operators to another. In a general sense, AAS that are additionally estrogenic have a tendency to be more viable at advancing and increasing altogether muscle size. The potential for unfriendly responses should be considered while picking a steroid to utilize, particularly if AAS use is to be routinely rehashed.

What is Steroids – An Analytical View:

In the realm of games it is not uncommon to see competitors give their complete self for the love of the amusement. From dawn to dusk they rehearse regular to idealize their diversion to accomplish their dreams.Buying and utilizing Steroid goes back to the 1950’s the point at which a few competitors were utilizing steroids (squeezing up) for preparing purposes yet now you will discover a wide range of competitors utilizing this medication.

Five percent of male and two percent of female secondary school understudies are utilizing steroids. So that would be equivalent to 375 thousand guys and 175 thousand females.

Shockingly, Most steroid clients are infusing for better execution and quality for their games; at the same time, different clients are just squeezing up to construct more bulk or to look better.Competition is a profoundly inspiring power. As of now there are more than one million customers and members as well as previous clients of anabolic steroids in the U.S. They pay out $400 million to buy steroids.