How to Launch A Successful Small Business

You came up with an excellent business idea, now you’re wondering how to launch a successful small business. First of all, congratulations on the decision to start a small business. It’s an exciting undertaking for you. You’ve made the decision, but now you might be wondering how to start a successful small business. You’ll soon feel the exhilaration of making your first sale or delighting your first client.

But I’m going to be a bit of a spoil-sport here. Before you dive right in and open your doors, there’s a lot of groundwork which must be laid. Setting up the proper infrastructure for your business is crucial for sustainable growth and long-term success.

I’m laying out for you some of the basic steps that you need to get started. Bear in mind that there are volumes of information on new business start-ups, so this is a brief outline of the minimal groundwork you must lay. Some of the steps I’m going to lay out for you are free and some have a cost associated with them. All of them, however, will ensure that once you’ve hung up your shingle, you can focus on making money.

Choose a Name Wisely

I’m going to assume that you’ve already chosen what kind of business you want to operate. Now give some thought to a name. Select a name that reflects what your business does so that it’s clear to your customers. Research the availability of that name, or a close variation, as a domain name and social media handles. While domain names are usually quite inexpensive, premium names come with a premium price tag.

In addition, make sure that it’s unique enough that you aren’t infringing on any copyrighted or trademarked names. That’s a lawsuit that could close your doors before you even open!

Seek Legal Counsel


All joking aside, you need legal advice on large matters such as business structure, tax implications, and zoning matters. While you are working on the boring legal stuff, also seek assistance with drafting terms and conditions, sales and service agreement, and employment contracts.

When you seek legal counsel, you will have peace of mind that you are compliant with all laws and have mitigated the possibility of a lawsuit.

Write a Business Plan

An entrepreneur may feel like a deer in the headlights at the mere mention of the term “business plan.” But a business plan is great for business. Planning makes you consider all angles from finances and budget to marketing to a growth plan for your business.

Consider it your roadmap. It will give you turn by turn directions that will get your from Point A (start-up) to Point B (a growing company) to Point C (a wildly successful business).

A business plan doesn’t need to be a long a boring document in triplicate. It can be a concise, one-page guide that will prove to potential investors or lenders that you have, indeed, crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s.

Small Business and Location, Location, Location

Whether you are looking for a physical address or a virtual one, consider the old real estate adage: location, location, location.

If you’re looking to rent office or storefront space, ask vital questions. What’s the budget for monthly rent? Where will you get good walk-in traffic? Is the neighborhood you’re considering safe for you and your clients?

If you’re running an online business, such as an e-commerce site or blog, you also need to look at the location. Where in your home will offer the quiet workspace that you need? Do you even have room to run a business? Can you add on to your home to make an office?

Be realistic and honest when looking at locations for your business. A bad location has been the demise of many great businesses.

Determine Staffing Needs

You may be starting a physical business, like a bakery or a retail storefront. You can’t do it alone! You will need staff to service customers, stock shelves, cook, maintain cleanliness, and any other number of tasks.

If you’re starting a single-person business such as an online boutique, you may also need help from time to time. If you get a large lot of items to list, who will help you? Consider having a friend or relative on hand as a backup or plan to hire a freelancer.

You are one person, and you can’t do it alone. Without reliable staff, you can’t expect to scale your business.

Establish an Online Presence

Today’s consumers no longer flip through the phone book to the yellow pages to find you. They look for referrals on social media or find you on Google. This makes establishing an online presence crucial from the start.

You can use social media or your website to count down to Grand Opening and create a buzz. Encourage your friends to share your links so word spreads like wildfire that you’re opening soon.

After you open, you can use your web presence to grow email marketing opportunities, sell merchandise online, and get positive reviews on social media to continue to drive growth. The internet is on 24/7 and has the power to expose thousands of people to your business if it’s used from early on and managed correctly.

online presence for your small business

Launch with a Grand Opening Event

Set a Grand Opening date and celebrate your successful launch! Spread the word through your family, friends, website, and those social media accounts you’ve set up. Make it festive and treat guests to a free sample, a valuable coupon to return, or a discounted service.

Create a buzz on social media during the launch event. Set up selfie stations and hashtags to make your place become “the place” to go for your particular service. In the end, people will see it, share it, and want to come back again.

If you have an “online” business, create the same atmosphere online and even invite your friends, family, and neighbors over to your new “home office” to celebrate your new business venture.

Mark the occasion by making a big splash!


A small business is like a child. They take care, nurturing, and a good game plan. Also like children, they sometimes take an unexpected turn. This can be both delightful and frustrating. But one thing is for sure, there’s never a dull moment. But when you’ve laid a firm foundation for your small business, you’ll be able to withstand the twists and turns that will happen as your business grows.


Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a freelance web content writer. She’s a consulting writer with EmailMeForm and loves learning about technology.  She’s a native of Erie, Pennsylvania who now lives in Bertie County, NC with her husband and an energetic toy fox terrier.








The Oddest Place You Will Find The Circle Game

It is great that there are still people who take out time for fun and are not stuck to gadgets. If you do have friends who can still play games like the circle game, you have gems in your life!

Well, we never know when pranksters get to us, so being alert can help you win your game. Here, we will discuss the oddest places where you can find people attacking you with the circle game. The guide is sure to help you have the best comebacks!

At work or school

The oddest places are not that bad until it gets awkward! Suppose your friend is sitting right next to you in class and he drops a pen that rolls near you. You bend down to pick it up and he shows you the circle. Rather than attending the class, you will start thinking about how to plan your prank. It can get worse if your office colleague walks up to you when you are about to miss a deadline, and he shows you the circle. You have to be aware of these instances and fight back.

In a video call

What happens when you’re feeling romantic but your partner is in a fun mood? You pick up a video call and see her hand showing you the circle. If you’re sporting enough you’d manage to boo her back so that you don’t lose the game. You can always get into the romantic mood once the game is over.


The internet is filled with memes about the circle game. However, that’s not what’s going to get on your nerves. Suppose you open a really cool video and it intrigues you into watching it. You’re about to get to the climax but all you see is the circle. It’s definitely annoying when you don’t have better comebacks than angry reacts!

In a gift

So it’s a special day when you’re going get a lot of gifts and appreciation, but there’s always one person waiting to spoil the joy. Beware of these pranksters if you know you can get sensitive about their jokes. Many people are gifting boxes that have pictures of the palm. You might think that the attractive wrapper opens up to a nice surprise, but you actually end up in disappointment. If you know someone can do this to you, make sure you’re ready with a fist!

When you take a print

Imagine you’re father asks you to get the print he just placed in the printer, and you see the picture of the palm. We can imagine your eyes rolling up already!

Apart from these, you might encounter strangers who try to have fun when you are absent-minded. You can also be conned into reading someone’s t-shirt quote – as your eyes go down to read the full thing, you see the circle!

There are endless times where you might not expect the circle game to start, but the people around you are just too quick. It is time you master the circle game and go on point so that no one can defeat you. Be aware of the people around the oddest places where they can target you. Finally, remember to not look down until you’re planning to start your own circle game.

Top reasons why Brazilian traders are shifting from stocks to bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and its impact is getting greater every day. The current trends show that Bitcoin has over two times more of Brazilian investors than combined investments in their treasury notes and the stock market.

What is the impact of cryptocurrency in Brazil?

There is a significant drop in São Paulo Stock Exchange ever since bitcoin took over. Over 1.4 million tax IDs have been registered by the end of 2017 in Brazil’s BTC exchanges – Bitcoin To You and Mercado Bitcoin. The figure is two times compared to 619,000 people who registered in B3. Apparently, there are more bitcoin traders in Brazil who trade offline or use foreign exchanges.

According to the owners of cryptocurrency exchanges, the response has been humongous. Rodrigo Batista, CEO of Mercado Bitcoin states that the variable between exchanges exhibits the value of bitcoin. They made 750,000 customers in 2017 with almost a leap of 275% compared to 2016. André Horta, the co-founder of Bitcoin to You, said that the fall of profitability in other exchanges is the result of more investments in bitcoin. They currently serve more than 300,000 investors.

How to keep up the demand?

With a flood of investors spending on bitcoin in Brazil, there were reports of deteriorating client service. Mercado Bitcoin now gets an average of 5,000 registrations every day, which was at the most of 500, at the beginning of 2017. The companies are expanding and trying to cope up with the current trend to give the maximum user experience to the investors.

The bitcoin companies have an estimate of growing by 3.5 times this year, and more by the following years. They need to strengthen their IT systems and have more staff to manage work. Bitcoin To You have four times more people, and had only 40 people working for them last year.

The São Paulo-based Foxbit had got 350,000 registrations but had to suspend services for new investors by mid-December 2017. The volume went by five times according to Guto Schiavon, the co-founder of Foxbit. The staff of their company rose by 20 people from 40 to 60 by the end of 2017. They had 15 more people by January 2018, and the numbers are ever-increasing.  The companies have to be on their toes at every moment to make the most of the profit.

Why is Brazil investing in cryptocurrency?

An interesting reason why Brazilian investors are spending on bitcoin is the value. The currency doubles for the country as bitcoin is valued in USD. Brazil has also seen political turmoil like the Car Wash scandal. It gives them an idea that investing in USD is reliable.

This year, Brazil elections will likely end the 16 years of authority by the PMDB and PT political parties. The legal ineligibility of these politicians had brought in scams like Car Wash, so there is an assumption of a huge change. However, the expectation of a having a favorable market with the new administration is not definite. Moreover, the leftist applicant Lula is leading the polls till now. There are chances of Lula not getting through to presidency in 2018, due to the Car Wash corruption. However, the markets fret that another leftist candidate might take over. According to recent polls, an applicant appointed by Lula might convert a huge number of his own votes.

Current Market Scenario

The political tension is one of the vital factors that make Brazilians oppose the Real. Bitcoin now seems to be more appealing to the Brazilian investors as it is anchored to USD in Brazilian exchanges. The interest rates of the Central Bank in Brazil have gone to the lowest level in decades. The traditional ways of investment have become stagnant. Thus, cryptocurrency took over in Brazil due to these reasons.

Complicated rules and bureaucracy are two more reasons that boost cryptocurrency in Brazil. Most investors want to avoid the complex economic system of the country. For example, it takes almost 3 months to open a small organization in Brazil and years to stop LLC. Work allowance for small organizations needs to go through several regulations. Many companies have migrated to Uruguay, Paraguay, among other market-friendly countries due to these conditions.

Xceltrip Brazil has invested in cryptocurrency at the right time and is experiencing a steady growth. It is sure that more and more Brazilians will move to bitcoin as it has clear returns and is worth the price paid.

How to buy social media followers with cryptocurrency?

Do you know that you can buy followers on social media with cryptocurrency? Have you heard of InstaSmarter that helps you get there? is the top social media marketing agency in the world. It was established in 2014 and has got thousands of organizations and celebrities grow their follower on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Pinterest. It helps you get likes, subscribers, and followers, and increases your online presence. The best part about the company is that they are now accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more.

Why use InstaSmater?

Apart from being the leading brand that helps you in social media marketing, there are more reasons to use InstaSmarter. The software company helps you in both long-term and short-term goals and showcases your proficiency. They help their customers evolve not only by promoting them but also by giving opportunities to grow. No matter what your industry is InstaSmarter will help you make a mark in the virtual world.

How to grow your online presence?

If you have invested in cryptocurrency at the right time, you know what you own! Being a crypto enthusiast myself, I had made the right decision to invest in bitcoin. However, there were times when I didn’t know how to use it.

Entrepreneurs will know what it takes to promote their presence on social media. Hours of hustle, lots of expenditure and a lot more of disappointment is what promotions are about. If you too have faced these, you will know how frustrating it can be.

Well, after going through a lot of research and spending heaps of money and time on various websites, I landed on I was amazed by the user experience and to believe that I could buy twitter followers bitcoin! Yes, the website accepts cryptocurrency to help you become popular to relevant people online.

There can be merchants accepting bitcoin in exchange of followers on Twitter, but they cannot offer you an exact number. InstaSmarter charges you a certain amount of money and gives you the exact number of followers as quoted. You can start off with as little as paying $1.49 for 100 Instagram likes!

It is a great opportunity for Crypto traders, venture capitalists and profit traders to sell their digital currency and grow their online presence. It is one of the smart ways of using your asset in the right direction and getting a greater return.

Buy followers with cryptocurrency

The main thing that will attract every crypto enthusiast about InstaSmarter is their acceptance of cryptocurrency. You just need to go to their website and buy twitter followers bitcoin. The website offers easy usability and looks like just another e-commerce website selling goods and services. You simply need to select the social media platform you want to promote, choose your preferred package and add it to cart. You will have to add your email address and the link to the social media website where you want followers. When you are about to checkout for payment, you will find cryptocurrency as an option. They accept the amount via

Doesn’t this sound like the easiest way to buy twitter followers bitcoin? It is easier than it looks like! I have shared my bit of success with you and hope you’d write you own too. Click through to InstaSmarter and shoot up your online presence right away.