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The question which arise in the mind of a student after 10th which are the Career Oriented Study?: Science, Commerce or Humastream

nities? As soon as the Board exam gets over, students seem to be confused about choosing their stream. In fact students are unaware of the reality that 10th is the very initial and crucial stage of life. One single decision may spoil the whole career. This is a stage, students are half grown up . They take decision with puzzle and ambiguous mind. In turn it results in opening the door to worst consequences in th
e long run.

Selection of correct stream has a long lasting effect on student’s future. It is often seen that in future students start disliking their stream which they choose either half heartedly due to parents pressure or due to lack of proper knowledge.  So it’s very important to select a stream carefully in order to build a strong and long lasting career.

How To Select Best Career Oriented Study for Students

Areas to be considered before Stream Selection:-


1)  Self Assessment:

Before selecting any stream self assessment is very much required. It is nothing but self judgment. Means you need to ask question from yourself. Like

a) in which field of work you would like to work?

b) What do you like? Means which subject you think is comfortable zone for you.

  • If you like Physic or Chemistry then Science stream is appropriate for you.
  • If you like biology then Medical is good option.
  • If you like maths then Commerce is right stream for you.
  • If you are passionate about literature then Humanities could be the right choice.

A detailed strength-weakness analysis needs to be done before making selection of your stream.

2) Assessment of Marks in Each Subject:

Several times it is seen that you like one subject but you are not scoring very well in that. Instead you are doing well in any other subject. This should not be ignored while making selection of stream. The ultimate motto of your study , to score well in 12th and then get admission in a very good college. This can’t be possible without good score in your stream. So selection of stream on the basis of your marks can be fruitful for you.

3) Take Suggestion from your Parents & Teachers:

While making selection of stream after 10th, one should not choose any stream just for the reason that your parents or teachers are thinking is good for you. But yes, “their valuable suggestion should not be ignored “. Take their suggestion and calculate yourself, whether you will be able to go by the stream or not in the long run. Means how much capable you are in that and how good you can score in that. The ultimate decision should be yours.

4) Go for Counseling:

One of the good way to choose right stream is to go for counseling.  A counselor conduct test which is scientifically designed and formulated, thus help a lot to a student to decide which stream is right after 10th class . Moreover you can attend Educational Seminars, Fairs, Expert Views etc. All these can help you a lot to take right step that can be a base for an established career.

In fact there is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities exists in all fields. You just need to be sure in which field you can do your best. Take decision wisely after all your whole career depends on your this single decision. So take smart decision rather than a stupid one.

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