Stress: Best Tips on How to Perfectly Overcome stress


What is stress?
Stress, I would like to covertly try and define as down surge in the normal flow of emotion as a result of a relationship with external forces and or energies flowing against self which would then stress one’s external peace or wellness in the mind, yielding to negative feelings or vibrations. It could also be said to be the state where weariness surmounts one’s consciousness as against one’s exact internal will which would always wish that which is good for one and that which is bad further apart from oneself. Simply, stress should be termed as a condition when one has excessively exhausted oneself with, most of the times, day-to-day life’s activities, back and front, in and out.
What approach can I use in defeating stress?
The kind of approach I am putting into charge in this piece is not one that has to do with advising or trying to inform one to subject oneself to drugs and of them usual ways to expunge stress. I would avoid the usual way here and try and let one know apart from taking drugs or pills –chalk things –or being under drips or whatever medical, one could in a very light way and manner free oneself from the tight manacles of stress which is putting millions of people to bed these days.
Facts about Stress:
There are series of facts surrounding the issue of stress. It is one general fact that one of the canons or part of the things that make us a human being is to be able to feel up and to feel down. One cannot be a human being claim to want to avoid some common phenomena common with humanity in entirety; one ought not to forget, as a result, as it is normal with going to bed to sleep and waking up later so it is with feeling stress and the good news is, getting out of it.
Let me leave empirical realities with blood and flesh behind and go with an instance that has to do with the machine world, which is rampant in this very age of ours, all in the name of clarity, in the very easiest way. Let us put into consideration a grounding machine, as an instance of the cause, and it is overused working, grounding without oiling, in short, after some time, it would break down because it has been subjected to too many workloads from outside and without lubrication and other necessary cares. As it is, in a limited sense, with the non-livings, it is, with livings, understood.
What causes stress in the human body?
There are long lists of causes of stress and I would name some, the most common ones. Stress could be caused because of the following, listed:
1. Workloads i.e., office works, etc.
2. Overly thoughts/excessive worries
3. The need to meet up with up with needs
4. Phobia or uncertainty for the unforeseen
5. Rush-outs of moves too frequently
6. Poor love for self
7. Insincerity et al.

What Can I do to solve the plight that is caused by stress?
There could be just another solution to this little common plight eating the fabrics of the human world, I suppose, apart from orthodox medicos’.
Everyone made is made with, simply, the body and the spirit and here, am not trying to preach go religious, what am trying painstakingly to make one understand is that one thing would only under the sun control another. The spirit is buried consciously down within the body and the body is ruled by it, every now and then. When the spirit is down, the body is fueled-down and then collapses next. Therefore, not go too compounding about my hypothesis, it is imperative for us to know now that the part to fuels the body that makes it look stout, vibrant and glowing with exceeding brilliance is the spirit or inner energy or force, that, when it is alive, strong and brilliant, but, when it is not, one of the immediate symptoms, one would note, is, stress.
Taking care of one’s mind should be the first thing before any other thing. Why? The world needs you and they need not downed but hale-hearted, most importantly, don’t you…need yourself? Love for oneself in spite of all odds is very needed. The surest way and or the fastest way to detox oneself off all the worldly worries and found, carefully seated in the art of self-love. One would let go every attachment bringing the inner-self down making the one out, look poor squeamishly.
One need to see stress as life’s phenomenon. One thing that one cannot escape, in the sense that, one would have to experience it, one time or the other and in good wills, one would escape it, meaning, it has no power to hold one down if one is determined to set oneself free through being easy oneself with the world, being appreciative enough and loving (oneself) appears to be the paramount of them all.

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