Best Spots for Engagement Photos in Chicago


We all want to have that one perfect engagement photograph that we’d frame up. It is often difficult to get the perfect shot on the engagement day, so a pre-wedding photoshoot can cover up. Here, we will tell you about the most beautiful spots in Chicago for engagement photos.

Engagement photos in Chicago can give you the best of urban parks, beaches, skyline, and more. The city sets standards high and helps us capture the perfect moment. Know the best spots in the list below:

Olive Park

Olive Park gives you iconic views of the skyline blended by the backdrop of Lake Michigan. You have probably been here for an early morning walk or on a picnic with your friends, but engagement photoshoot? You’d have thought of that? Well, the unobstructed views of the cityscape along the edge of the water can give you a breathtaking ambience. The best time to come here is during the sunset. It is an intimate spot that sets the mood just right and you’d have the best pictures captured.

Art Institute

Art Institute is a hidden gem that makes it one of the unique spots to click engagement photos in Chicago. Locals and visitors primarily come here to visit the museum, but miss out on the beauty of the gardens around. If you want your engagement photoshoot amidst nature’s bounty, you must select this option. It is perfect during fall as the colors turn golden. It is yet another place to book during the week since there is no crowd. The ambience brings in the romance so the pictures are going to be as natural as the surrounding!

Museum Campus

The Museum Campus has plenty of spots to click the best engagement photos in Chicago. Start off from the ground at the Field Museum as it offers a beautiful marble backdrop. The best part about this place is the bright natural light due to the building. Stroll hand in hand with your partner as you are on the walkway, and we will capture some candid moments. Next, move to the Shedd for some more photographs and finally to the Adler Planetarium for the best sunset clicks. The Chicago skyline looks mesmerizing from here as well and gives us a lot of versatility.

North Avenue Beach

We love the North Avenue Beach for all the facilities but doesn’t it have unmatched beauty? From the waters gushing into the white sandy beaches to the walkway between Oak Street and North Avenue, there are plenty of photography options here. Don’t miss out on the boathouse that can work as a great backdrop.

The Chicago Riverwalk

There are quite a few places around the Chicago Riverwalk that makes it one of the top spots for engagement photos in Chicago. You can choose the spot at the center of town to get the urban vibes or move to the northeast side of the river for quietness. The best time for a shoot in this spot is during spring. You will have flowerbeds full of tulips that offer a romantic ambiance. Locate the iron benches on the paved pathway and relive the moment of your proposal.

Choose your preference among the best spots for engagement photos in Chicago, as we capture the memories that will last forever!

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