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Wearing the best clothes, following the latest trends or getting good designs, have always been important aspects on purchasing clothes. We tend to neglect giving that much of attention to the shoes we buy. Best Shoes are an integral part of dressing up, and because they balance our entire body, we need to make sure that they are of premium quality and comfort.

In this article, we will go through the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. If you walk on concrete all day, you need to get yourself quality shoes. The foot-bed has to be comfortable and promote arch support. If the shoes don’t fit properly, it can cause injury. Many users also complain about leg and back pain. When our feet rolls inward, but our shoes don’t have motion to control support, our knees can suffer too. At first, determining the pronation level is important, and then you can see which shoe fits.

Shoes to Avoid For Walking on Concrete

  1. Avoid pointed heels. Anything less than 2 inches would be manageable.
  2. Avoid flats as they don’t have cushioning and support. The thin soles might end up hurting you.
  3. Poorly fitted shoes.
  4. Tight shoes.


These are some of the vital features and factors that should be facilitated or noted, before buying these shoes:

Cushioned Shoes and Firm Support:

Buy shoes with thick soles and make sure they are firm with good arch support. Opting for shoes, produced by health care professionals, are comfortable enough to stand on for 12 hours, straight away. Work shoes or work boots are good for decreasing foot stress which could have happened due to excessive pounding. Tennis shoes are apt examples for standing on concrete all day.

Evaluate Pronation:

To avoid discomfort, after purchasing these shoes, you should have your feet evaluated. You can get to a running shoe store and ask them to assist you. They could also show you the best collection they have, and you’d get more options to choose from.

Shoes Inserts:

As we move onto the best shoes for walking on concrete all day, it is important to note that orthotic inserts can also be helpful for these shoes. Some traditional shoes come with removable foot-beds, and they smooth the inserting process. You can also look for foot inserts which are made to slip on top of footrests.

Best Shoes For Walking on Concrete All Day

Mizuno Rider 16:

These shoes are manufactured by a Japanese brand named Mizuno. They are known to provide durable shoes with quality and comfort. This pair is popular among joggers and is known for the solid built. They look pretty sporty, but can be carried for work too.

Features and Benefits:

Rider 16 promises to help you walk for miles without fatigue on foot. The cushioned interior and synthetic exterior, promotes comfort for walking and running.

  • It comes with mesh design and has an ergonomic shape for sensitive feet.
  • It provides ventilation for aerating while you’re on the go.
  • These have shock-resistant soles, and you can pound your feet on the ground.
  • It has a 6 color design choice, which gives you 6 more reasons to try these out!
  • Weighs light and is comfortable.
  • The ergonomic design helps reduce shock from midsole.

Finally, it is affordable compared to most shoes with these features. The product is known to reduce stress, pain and fatigue in soles and ankles. Apart from walking on concrete, it is smooth for running too.


This pair of shoes is known to make your walking a dream! It is made of durable and comfortable materials, which keeps you ticking through the day. It is surely one of the best slip-resistant shoes in the market. Asics include a patented Gel technology which makes their shoes exclusive. This makes their products more comfortable and works like a therapy for the knees. It comes with a removable insole which adapts to your need.

Features and Benefits:

The classic touch of black and white is loved by every customer, and they find it stylish too. Some features worth mentioning are:

  • It comes with a biomorphic fit which ensures that you’re feet would never have blisters or ache. It can keep your feet active all day.
  • The patented gel improves comfort and adds exclusivity to the brand.
  • ASICS GEL-Tech Neo has been designed in a way to promote body weight transition, right from heel to toe.
  • It is also comfortable for people on the heavier side.
  • ASICS GEL-Tech Neo has a rubber outsole which resists shock. It is further coupled with thick and comfortable cushion on the inside.
  • Their reflective features make it comfortable to walk at night.
  • These shoes are good for standing and walking.

This is one of the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. They aren’t very pricey, and can go well at work. It should last for an average of 2 years, even when worn every day.

ASICS GT-2000 3 Running Shoe Review:

This product is a revamped model of the GT-2000 series.

Features and Benefits:
  • These shoes promote support for walking and running. It retrofits medical shoes and guarantees pain relief and reduced stress.
  • It lets air ventilate and is apt for cushioning from heel to the toes.
  • The design looks simple, but it is intricate.
  • This is perfect for anyone looking for medical support to their heels.
  • ASICS GT-2000 3 is solidly built and looks professional.
  • ASICS GT-2000 3 includes usage of high-quality synthetic fabric. It is impervious to the elements and can be carried at all occasions.
  • It is easy to clean, and gets back to its original look after every wash.
  • ASICS GT-2000 3 comes with Fluid Ride sole which distributes body weight evenly. The Heel Clutching System keeps you away from fatigue. These are excellent qualities for a light-weighted shoe.

These shoes not only let you walk through the day, but also helps running or jogging. These are preferred by athletes and look good too.

New Balance MW928 Walking Shoe Review:

This pair of walking shoes has been approved medically. It comes with a comfortable pair of knockers, which provides improved level of support. It also has heavy cushioning to carry you for long hours.

Features and Benefits:
  • This product is made of synthetic leather. It comes with a solid built and would last you for years.
  • It provides wiggle space to the toes and comes with a comfortably tight fit.
  • The product has not only been endorsed by professional athletes and celebrities but also used and recommended by them.

New Balance had made a mark in the shoe industry, and lives up to the reputation. You could consider this pair as well, as it is listed among the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. This pair is free from feet fatigue and lower back ache.

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