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With the knocking raindrops after the burning summers, it feels an enthusiasm of rain and relief. The phase between this hot and wet weather, results in humid climate. Humidity brings damages to skin and hair which obviously decrease the feel of rain. This is the time when your hairs are badly damaged and need a hair care tips. Those who are living in humid region can understand the fuzz of managing the hair. The main cause of this damage is the moisture loss in the hair due to which it spread and looks messy.


Hair fall and damaged hair are the nightmare for every woman and hence need certain precaution to avoid many damages to hair scalp. Let us have a look at some quick tips before visiting your hair salon.

Using a moisturizing shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo is the best treatment for humidity. While purchasing a shampoo for this climate, make sure to read the label, your shampoo must contains proper moisturizing agent. Avoid the shampoo that contain mineral oils, petroleum jelly or greasy agents, on with olive oil and shea butter is perfect for the hair care. You can schedule such shampoo for twice or thrice a week, not daily.

Apply conditioners after every wash

A hair conditioner with moisturizer prevents the hair fall during the fizzy air. It keeps the hair untangle and maintain its shine throughout the day. During its application make sure to cover the cuticles and tip of the hair evenly. Do not rub the hair and use a wide toothed comb to spread it properly. It is important that the conditioner is properly washed else it will damage the hair scalp resulting in dandruff.

Home remedies for hair care

You can spare some time, once a week to pamper your hair with simple home remedies.

  1. Put a tea bag in 2-3 glass of warm water and keep it for some time. Now take the tea bag out and add a a full lemon juice to it. Apply it evenly and rinse it, this is a quick tip for hair care and healthy hair scalp during humid climate.
  2. Alternately you can also make a hair pack by mixing almost half cup of rose water with one lemon juice, you can use this when you does not apply shampoo or even after a shampoo wash. This help in cleansing the hair pores, and leaving a smooth fragrance.

Don’t left the hair untied

It is good to leave your untied and it promotes revitalization of hair follicles, but during humidity it is better to keep the hair tied. You can check some comfortable hair styles that supplement both hair care and styling. Alternately you can carry your hair clips for the cases when you stay in humid weather.

Avoid using Hair Dryers

Mostly hair dryer works better for hair growth but it leave an opposite effect during humidity as it dehydrates your hair luster and leave the hair scalp dry.

Last but not least, cover your hair when going out for long duration; it helps you from pollutants, dirt and humidity as well.

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