Baby Conception – 4 Ways a Vegetarian Diet Can Hamper It


Vegetarian diet plan looks enticing especially to those who are struggling to move back to their ideal body weight. It seems that vegan diet is the optimum solution to control calories and fats intake but in fact this option comes with some risks and negative impacts. The major of these for couples is infertility or no success in baby conception. This can be drastic for couples who are trying again and again to conceive but each time their efforts end with a failure. How a vegan diet affects the human reproductive system? Loren Cordain Phd – the founder of Paleo Diet Movement, answers the question by the following facts:

Vitamin B12 rich diet for baby conception
Vitamin B12 rich diet

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Decreases Chances of Baby Conception

Homocysteine is a non-protein amino acid and its level increases in the blood because of excessive vegan diet consumption. Tissue studies have proved that egg cells penetrated by Homocysteine either does not get fertilized or if fertilized cannot carry a healthy production of a new baby. Non-animal diet lacks animal protein and subsequently does not contain vitamin B12. Its direct effect on the human body is to reduce or diminish the eggs cells in women and sperm cells in men. Vitamin B12 is in abundance in fish, all sorts of meat, poultry and eggs. Consumed from animal diet, Vitamin B12 is readily absorb-able in the human body. So, while struggling for baby conception, stay away you and your partner from vegan diet and add a big portion of animal protein in your meals to supply good amount of Vitamin B 12 to your body.

Irregular menstrual cycle
Irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular Menstrual Cycle – an Obvious Result of Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is widely associated with irregular or complicated menstrual cycle. And first thing your gynecologist asks you to do is to fix irregular periods in order to get pregnant. Shocking results are obtained from studies run on women on vegan diet and women on animal protein-rich diet. 9 young women were put on vegan diet for six weeks. 7 of them stopped ovulating after six weeks. Another group of 9 young women were put on diet abundant with meat. After six weeks only one of them stopped ovulating. Significant higher rate of irregular menstrual cycle and complications are linked with vegan diet. The message is clear. For successful Baby Conception , focus on animal protein in your food and cease consuming pure vegan diets.

Zinc deficiency leads to infertility
Zinc deficiency leads to infertility

Zinc Deficiency Contributes to Infertility

Zinc is a key factor in proper function of your reproductive organs. Zinc works with 300 different enzymes in the human body. Even the progesterone and estrogen levels become unbalanced without zinc which directly results in failure to conceive. Vegan diet falls short of recommended amount of zinc. Though, plants also contain zinc but the presence of phytate in whole grain, legumes and soy hampers the absorption of zinc in the body. Hardly half of the available zinc in vegan diet is absorbed which is inadequate for healthy human reproduction system. Meat eaters absorb more zinc and remain at safer side of health. To assimilate excellent zinc in your food, stick to meat in your diet rather than plant food while you look forward to baby conception.

Vitamin B6 rich diet
Vitamin B6 rich diet

Vitamin B6 Regulates Hormones

To make the entire medical facts simpler, it is best to say that Vitamin B6 regulates hormone levels in human body and you now the significant role of hormones in getting pregnant. B6 increases cervical mucus also which is highly important for getting pregnant. Above these all sperm development is directly affected by the B6: good quality sperm with higher intake of B6 and poor quality sperm with low intake of B6. Foods rich in B6 include fish (the highest because of reduced cooking time) all sorts of red meat and eggs. Animal food is 10% to 100% higher in B6 than in plant food. You can get focused results from your animal diet by cooking the meat on low heat with its juices for a short time.

So, set aside your vegan recipes and get started with meat based foods to maintain healthy reproductive system for a happy healthy pregnancy!

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