Everything Happens, Happens For a Reason

Have you ever encountered some sort of trouble that you asked yourself why this is happening? Mishaps aren’t always a curse. What you gained or what you acquired is an outcome of experience that caused your suffering. If you are wise enough to connect the dots and link things up you will come up with… (Read More..)

Against All Odds

There are two types of risks, calculated and uncalculated. If you take a calculated one there’s a possibility you will get by, if you are ill-advised or arrogant enough to take an uncalculated risk, then it’s about time and you will fall apart. Nevertheless, there’s a slight chance you can make it against all odds.… (Read More..)

International Student Setting Sail

Has it ever come across your mind to be an international student setting sail?  rebel, leave everything behind your back and fly? Sure it has. If you are a national of one the developing countries then possibly you thought of moving every day at least once. It’s a good idea to set sail and brave… (Read More..)

Rise and Grind – How to Maintain your Work Life Balance

How many times have you waked up at first light with your alarm right next to your hand? Yelling at you to rise and grind jump off your bed, get changed, ride the bus and pop into your office to finish the tons of work you have to finish? Well, it must be your nightmare… (Read More..)