Benefits and Unknown Caution Ativan for Opiate Withdrawal


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Opiate withdrawal makes some patients suffered a lot into insomnia, anxiety, and psychological terror. It happens since the opiate has taken control of someone’s life by producing incredible addiction. In order to stop the withdrawal symptoms, the most effective way is by using anxiolytic medication, which mostly categorized as psychotropic and only prescribed by doctor. Consequently, patient who is addicted to opiate must have certain treatment under doctor’s recommendation.

Ativan Dosage, one of the anxiolytic medication, is a brand name of Lorazepam. The use has been recently popular through the past few decades due to its effectiveness to reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms. In details, this medicine is capable of reducing anxiety, relaxing muscles, and stimulating the patient to sleep well only with a tiny dosage.

Since it has dosage sensitivity, the use must be under doctor’s prescription, though some abusers may have sold them illegally to fight against withdrawal symptoms. A little dosage abuse can lead into fatal impact. The overdose signs will be extreme drowsiness, confusion, muscle weakness, loosing balance and body coordination until death when patient’s body can’t take any more.

How Many MG I Should Take Ativan Dosage for Opiate Withdrawal

Before considering to take this medicine, patient should know that taking this medication means they have to be 18 years or older. Younger age is extremely prohibited. Moreover, pregnant and breastfeeding mom should not take Ativan. Lorazepam can easily pass through the baby’s body and causing Ativan addiction in very early age. Patient must also stop the use of any alcoholic drink (alcohol stimulates the reaction given by Ativan). If you have been sure about al of those criteria, here is the safest possible way to take Ativan:

· Always take Ativan Dosageunder doctor’s prescription
· There is no specific dosage for Ativan since every person has its own withdrawal symptoms level. However, patients commonly only need to take once a day before sleeping in the night. The possible dosages are 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg

· Even though those seem to be small, sometimes doctor combines with another medicine or gives the patient lower dosage if the symptoms are not too frequent. Therefore, always ask your physician or doctor. Never take the dosage under by your own decision even for the smallest.

· Doctors commonly ask the patient to stop the use after 3-4 days. There should be a withdrawal reaction in the day 5. However, it is not as bad as opiate withdrawal symptoms. This discontinue action prevent you develop physical dependence to Lorazepam.

The Way Ativan Dosage Works

Ativan Dosage works well during the opiate withdrawal because it binds the GABA receptors in the human brain. GABA itself works as inhibitory neurotransmitter that stimulate mental relaxation. In a normal people, GABA is people’s natural Ativan, until people face some problems make them frustrated and fall under opiate control.

Ativan Dosage works extremely well even for a small dosage since it is easily absorbed. Ativan then runs into the specific GABA receptors and stimulate it to make body relaxed. However, the use of Ativan should be stop in certain period since it lets GABA takes its natural role as human relaxant.

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