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Road Trips Apps

We all know how annoying and impatient kids can get, in a long car ride while travelling either between cities or anywhere you plan to go, and at the same time, you are trying to make some good memories to tell them when they grow up. It’s most common for most of the family members to have an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod so now you’re able to find easy solutions to boredom that would grant you some sanity as well as provide the kids with interesting road trips and even educational games.

Free And Premium Road Trips Apps

Here we’ve given premium Road tripping that you can use in your car and have a stress-free journey:

1. Road-Trip-Bingo HD


Your kids are probably already playing a version of this game as the street signs and roads pass by, so it makes sense to use an app where they can keep track of it rather than you trying to sneak in a point here and there to your kid. It’s a fun , colourful way to keep your child distracted for a lookout of landmarks, monuments, animals and even road signs. The goal is whoever spots a five in a row wins the game.

If you want to purchase Road Trips Bingo HD, it is available at $1.99.

2. The Oregon Tail


While travelling cross-country and your kids are sitting in the back seat, why not let them travel back to the olden days and see how life was. It’s a classic throwback that will appeal to all ages as it kindles a feel of nostalgia and gives the game a much-needed update. There are also eight mini-games that offers plenty of competitive spirits.

If you want to purchase The Oregon Tail, then it is available at $4.99

3. Pocket Planes


Whether you’re traveling by a car, plane, train, what is the best way to keep your kids entertained than have them set up and maintain their own airlines than Pocket Planes? There are many in-app purchases so you should keep an eye on them as they might seem quite tempting.

It’s a brilliant simulation game that teaches and becomes really addictive at some point. Good luck trying to take away the device from them!

4. Karaoke Anywhere


Forget the silly songs and the kids tune that they sing; now you can alive way better harmony to your destination. Just plug your iDevice into your audio jack pick a song from the apps library and sing you heart out. Sounds way better than backseat bickering right?

The price of Karaoke Anywhere is available at $1.99.

5. StoryLines


Making up stories has always been the kids favourite no matter where they are going or when. This app makes it even more interesting. One player draws a picture showing a specific scene and then passes the device on to the other player, who has to title the drawing and passes it on from there. It makes a hilarious telephone game by the time it gets back to the original player. It sparks up their creativity and keeps them occupied for hours!

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