Apple iPhone7: Launch date, Features and its Market in India


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Finally, Apple has announced its launch of newest iPhone i.e. iPhone7which is the most awaiting and sensational gadget in current market. But one thing is not totally clear that the new iPhone will be iPhone7 or iPhone7 plus too, just like iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus. As per the latest news most probably September 7 will be the launch date of iPhone7.Apple has already started sending invitation to press. It gave the statement “See you on the 7th  2016. Please join us for an invitation-only event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7, at 10 a.m.” The iPhone7 is coming with ultra advanced technology and new attractive features.


As per the expert’s speculations the latest launch of Apple i.e.  iPhone7 has following features –


  • It is expected that this time the display of the latest iPhone i.e. iPhone7 will be bigger than its predecessors. Also there can be bumpers at the four edges which will protect the screen to not get cracked if it slips from hand accidently.
  • As per the rumors it may come with OLED display instead of LCD display.
  • Apple has replaced the 3.5 mm audio jack with the light connector for audio output.
  • The Ear Pods would have lightening connector.
  • It has enlarged the camera lens to have more powerful sensor. Also this time antenna lines have moved from back to top and bottom of the phone.
  • The lines across the backside have been removed
  • As per the update of Apple technology the iPhone7 would have a curved display without a bezel and it will be equipped with home button software.
  • It will be similar to the track pads on the latest MacBook line.
  • The iPhone7 this time comes up without home button and without headphone jack.
  • The latest iPhone7 have Apple’s iOS 10 software and also an upgraded processor.
  • It will carry more power with good efficiency.
  • It has 256GB of storage capacity which will make it the high capacity smart phone yet.
  • It is expected that iPhone7 will come up this time with dual-lens camera as per a Chinese website Bastille Post.
  • As per the rumors the iPhone7 could be totally waterproof.
  • It may be possible that the body of iPhone7 would not be of metal at all. It can be of some other material so that the radio waves can pass through it. The American tech giant may use “liquid metal” as body material of iPhone7.
  • There is expectation of wireless charging unit in iPhone7. Let’s see whether this time our expectation will be fulfilled or not just like the time of iPhone6’s launch, everyone was expecting this feature but remain unfulfilled.
  • There are chances of SIM card integration within the phone. Also it will be aligned with different carriers and carry the same features just like the normal SIM card. This feature will make iPhone7 more secured.
  • The iPhone7 is expected to use latest technology LiFi which will be capable of transmitting information at 100 times speed of WiFi. However it is not very much fixed as because LiFi is now in its early stage of development. So, still it is not ready for commercial use.

There is a wide range of market in India for the latest product of Apple i.e. iPhone7. People are waiting for this enthusiastically with lots of expectations.

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