All You Need To Know About Jojoba oil + Beauty Benefits


Using chemical substances for your hair and skin will give you good results on a temporary basis but the long term effects can be bad. The oil extracted from a shrub called Jojoba, pronounced Ho-Ho-Ba, has a lot of beauty and medical benefits. Your skin deserves the best, your skin deserves Jojoba oil. It can be used for all skin types but if you have very sensitive skin please test it on a small section of your skin and wait for 24 hours to mark an allergic reactions.

Scientifically named Simmondsia Chinensis, the Jojoba Plant is native to North America and is found is Colorado Desert, Sonoran Desert, Baja Californian Desert, in the states of Utah, Arizona in the US and Baja California of Mexico. The shrub is found only in deserts.

This shrub is also called as goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel.
Jojoba contains vitamins A, D and E. Theses vitamins are skin healers hence Jojoba is used for healing skin ailments.

It is used to soothe scars, burns, rashes.


Extracted from the beans of this shrub Endemic to North America, Jojoba oil is waxy in nature and nongreasy.
Jojoba Oil contains all the vitamins and minerals required for healthy and silky hair and glowing healthy skin. Unlike other oils, Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax.

When you’re buying Jojoba Oil, make sure it’s organic, any other ingredient can cause irritation to the skin and also cause other side effects. What you’re looking for at the store is 100% pure jojoba oil. Jojoba oil acts as a natural oil, and is, therefore, one of the best natural moisturizers available. They don’t need to be added preservatives as they are an organic compound and don’t spoil or get rancid easily, they are used by many organic cosmetic companies for the same reason

Native Americans used this oil for treating bruises. With so many medical benefits, the waxy liquid also has many beauty uses.

The most frequently asked question about Jojoba Oil is: Is Jojoba oil like sebum?
The answer to that would be a yes, as it closely resembles the human sebum.


Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands which secrete sebum for the purpose of lubrication of hair and skin, It is one of the what we commonly call as natural oils. The jojoba oil does the exact same thing and replaces the sebum by lubricating the skin and hair.

So here are a few ways your skin, nails and hair can be benefited by using jojoba oil for hair growth :

1. Makeup Remover: It can be used to remove makeup and dirt from your face, eye makeup included.

2. Keeps Hair Healthy: It contains many essential vitamins and minerals which promote the growth of healthy hair and prevents hair loss. It also keeps hair glossy and soft.

3. Stretch Marks and Wrinkles: Removes superficial wrinkles and stretch marks.

4. Prevents Razor Burns: Reduces chances of shaving incidents like cuts, and moisturizers the skin. It also heals cuts if applied after shaving.

5. Moisturises skin: Removes sticky build-up or excess oil from the skin and prevents irritation or rough patches.

6. Dry Cuticles: Jojoba oil hydrates and nourishes cuticles that are dry and makes them softer.



Jojoba Oil
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Jojoba oil
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Jojoba oil
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