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As we all know aging is a natural mechanism occurring in this world in every living organism. Our bodies are composed of millions of cells, each cell has specific life span after which it dies and new cells take its place and life goes on. We human being especially women are a bit scared of getting old, but it is a natural process that every homo-sapiens has to face. It cannot be stopped but it can be delayed. Aging process is not the result of any one single factor, but is the combined effect of a number of factors, which include:-

* Natural aging processes of cell: Cells form the basic unit of living body. Cells perform different functions in our body but with passage of time their functional capabilities decline. So the processes like apoptosis and necrosis take place inside them. Apoptosis is the natural death mechanism of cells. Necrosis occurs as a result of any injury which results in oxygen deprivation of cell causing it to die new cells take their place and organs continue to perform their functions.

*Dehydration: Water is an important component of our bodies. It provides a proper medium in cells due to which exchange of vital nutrients and ions take place. If due to some reasons like excessive sweating, fluid loss in form of diarrhea/ vomiting or severe blood loss electrolyte imbalance takes place. Vitals organs are affected including liver, kidneys and circulatory system. Skin loses its turgidity as a result wrinkles appear on skin and pigments start to accumulate in the skin tissue.

* Poor blood circulation: Bad dietary habits lead to fat deposition in body which results in cholesterol deposition in walls of arteries n veins. On other hand increasing age causes loss of elasticity in cells making them rigid.  Lumen of arteries and veins becomes narrow resulting in poor blood flow to distant areas. So due to lack of proper oxygen and nutrition organs do not work properly.

*Protein degradation : Our body muscles are made up of proteins. With increasing age these proteins lose their normal structure. Same happens with skin tissue.

*Acute or chronic inflammations:  Decreased immunity at any time leads to bacterial and other type of infections, which may be acute (sudden in onset and less than 6 weeks duration) or chronic (more than 6 weeks duration).so more a person remains ill, more rapidly his health deteriorates and he gets old.

*Toxin accumulation in organ tissues: Free radicals accumulate in the cells as a result of oxidation reaction. Liver’s function is to remove all the toxins that pile up in the body. These toxins may be the result of degradation of drugs or different food products containing pesticides.

*Hormonal imbalances:  Growth hormone is secreted by anterior pituitary gland. It is important for growth especially in early childhood n also important for mental n emotional health of a person. It also maintains high energy levels in the body. With increasing age its secretion also decreases.

Illustrated above are only few factors related to aging. List is never ending as wear and tear of cells due to physical activity is also a cause. Low energy levels and decreased immunity also contribute to aging.

Other side of picture portrays the positivity of aging. Aging is beneficial for survival of specie because nature allows the survival of the most powerful. Best traits are selected and passed on to the next generation of cells for the better survival and functioning. Old cells die and are replaced by new version of cells so it also helps in healing. For example broken bones heal when old cells are replaced by new ones called osteoblasts. If all we had were one set of immortal cells, we wouldn’t be able to repair breaks.

Ways to delay aging process

But fact is in spite of many benefits of aging in human body no one wants to get old because along with aging also come lots of problems like poor health, weaknesses, cosmetic disfigurement and low energy levels. So there are different ways of delaying aging.

Better Sleep: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy and wise”. A healthy person should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Sleep deprivation called insomnia results in stress and poor health causing a person to grow old rapidly. Better sleep is important for staying healthy and young.

Dietary modification: Eating healthy balanced diet leads to good health. Avoiding too much fatty foods and consuming fresh vegetables and fruits along with milk and meat, egg, fish is a secret to good health and staying young.

  • Rehydration: Drink more water, it keeps skin healthy and fresh, helps in removing toxins from liver and kidneys.
  • Healthy life style: Laziness invites diseases. So doing workout everyday keeps a person healthy and fit and develops immunity.
  • Hormonal therapies: All hormone levels decline with passage of time. Growth hormones, testosterone, estrogen and many others all decrease. Taking deficient hormonal therapies may provide benefit.
  • Cosmetic treatments : Various face masks, oral supplements like vitamin E, Botox and phototherapies make us look young and healthy
  • Enhanced Immune Functions: Supplementation with melatonin reduces incidence of colds and infections. The exact mechanism is not known. Since much of the activity of the immune system takes place at night, so it is proposed that melatonin interacts with the immune system during sleep, helping to buffer the negative effects of stress on the immune system.
  • Antioxidant Capabilities: Melatonin is one of the most powerful antioxidants. We all are exposed to artificial lights that reduce production of melatonin. So avoid excessive sun light exposure, use sun blocks and umbrellas while going out in sun and also avoid sharp artificial lights.

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