Against All Odds


There are two types of risks, calculated and uncalculated. If you take a calculated one there’s a possibility you will get by, if you are ill-advised or arrogant enough to take an uncalculated risk, then it’s about time and you will fall apart. Nevertheless, there’s a slight chance you can make it against all odds. If you have what it takes to fight tooth and nail.

Take a moment think about what it’s like being on a mission. The clock is ticking; you are on a tight schedule with plenty of work to do, very limited assistance and barley any piece of mind.

First Week in University as a Post Grad

It’s Monday morning, the sky is gloomy and London is not very welcoming. I had to take the Jubilee line to Waterloo station. Stepping into the class I found a bunch of faces from different races, all international students.

The lecturer is sitting at the very front asking everyone if they ever carried out a piece of research. The idea was totally new to me; I never did a single research before. Not only that, but also I had to reference and cite every part I quote.

It was all Greek to me and the whole thing was more of an endless nightmare. I took a moment to think about why I decided to apply for a student visa and travel to London in the first place, and what if the worst comes to the worst. I never thought about the implications before.

There’s no need crying over spilt milk

After spending a while thinking, I came to terms with the fact that I have no other option but to get by against all odds.

I decided to visit the British library and get my head down to my research. The Library was unbelievably enormous, unlike any other library you can’t go search for the book you want over the shelves. It was far more civilized, I had to create account and search the library catalogue then wait for some time to get my book delivered from the library storage.

That was a smack upside my head, the moment I saw the library guy coming after 2 hours pushing a trolley with the requested books in it. I realized my hair will turn grey before I get my research completed.

I had to look for another solution to get my research problem sorted, I tried searching the university online portal but it was as useless as the library. The research deadline is just around the corner and my nervousness is getting a lot worse.

Not all those who wander are lost

I had to pull myself together and work my way out. I went bumping into people asking if anyone can help me out.  While sitting in the borough library, someone referred a book to me “Research Methods for Business Students”.

This book was the turning point in my research. I explored different methods to collect and analyze data. Besides I was able to access a huge online platform with loads of books to read. I can’t describe how lucky I was to have discovered “Google Scholar”. There was no single book that I couldn’t look up, the only problem was some books had limited preview but it’s still a very advisable source to collect data.

I worked my backside off; I stayed up around the clock. Eventually I was able to submit a fantastic piece of research that got me “A”

To get this clear, it’s worth mentioning that not everything is as hard as it seems and what you think is the toughest barrier you have to face, might actually turn out to be the challenge that is likely to strengthen you and put you through to the next level.

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