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UnoBurg.com is a multi-topic platform for authors with 100% Google AdSense Revenue Sharing opportunity.   This site provides various informative and  knowledge sharing useful articles, information, tips, how-to things and many more.  We have launched this multi-author blog to provide the best platform to the authors who have a good knowledge of particular subject or any subject which he/she wants to express and publish to the Globe.

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UnoBurg.com is a free platform to post self-written content which are open to anyone who can contribute self-written articles without any cost i.e. registration to UnoBurg.com is FREE!  In return UnoBurg.com offers earning opportunity to our authors who are posting content as free posts (instead of paid posts we have another earning opportunity for lifetime!) can join our 100% Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program through which they can earn unlimited revenue through Google’s famous AdSense Publisher’s Program.

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You might be surprised by reading free services provided by UnoBurg.com, offering 100% AdSense revenue sharing without taking any registration fees, free blog listing, free training to our authors regarding how to post contents, how to increase traffic to make good money through your articles through AdSense program.

Yes!  We’re offering all these absolutely free without taking any charges from our authors, however we only need the unique contents i.e. self written articles on any topic, topics that can generate good traffic.

Our main intention to provide free services is to offer a good platform to the Writers who want to make money online through reliable money making programs with their writings.  Google AdSense is also a FREE Ads Publishing program through which website owners can generate revenue. So, we want to provide earning opportunity to our authors to make good money through their passion, profession and we make this portal fantasstic to  become one of the best revenue sharing websites where 1000s authors can make at least 500$ per month through their writings for long term.

If you’re a new user to this blog website and want to make good money through your writings, then we’re pleased to invite you to contribute in our website regularly.   We’re at your service to provide every guidelines, help, suggestions, how to proceed and all until you become independent and make good money with us.

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About Me:

Hello! I am Mahesh Kumar, from Maharashtra, State of India.  Well, I am an Entrepreneur, Chief of this blog.  I am a full time passionate blogger, web developer, qualified engineer in Information Technology from Mumbai Technical University.

Blogging is my passion, web development is my interest and hobby to express myself.   I have almost 10 years of experience with Google AdSense as Self Publisher and have it as a unique earning source for my family which made me decide to go full time blogger.

I love to guide people who want to work with us and it is really great opportunity to develop yourself while guiding or teaching others; it is rewarding.

So, to increase my knowledge and  to learn more I find new people who are in search of assistance in online business or surf the net to find the latest news.  So, you can call me fully-techie-guy who loves technology, blogging, net-surfing and helping others.

This is About Us.  If you want to connect with me, I would like to see you only at my Google Hangout ID – unoburg at the rate gmail dot com as I find it the best place to connect with my circle!

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