9 Scrumptious Italian Cooking Vacations


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If you have decided to visit Italy to experience the wonderful sights or even for a visit to the Vatican you can certainly combine your vacation with a number of other activities which you will find extremely entertaining. If you intend to enhance your experience by trying out some culinary delights of Italy, you can choose some of the options, which have been provided throughout this discussion.   Read further and know Italian Cooking Vacations.

9 Scrumptious Italian Cooking Vacations

1. The 7-Day Cooking Holiday In Umbria Of the Authentic Variety

You can choose to join cooking in Umbria where you will get an option to enjoy some of the following.

Cooking classes which give you a personal experience.
Visits to the museum and also to chocolate factories.
A tour to wineries which will also allow you to indulge in some tasting.
You will also be given an apron with the cook in Umbria logo along with recipes.
A certificate of participation will also be provided apart from accommodation for six nights with daily breakfast.

2. The Organic Vegan Cooking Holiday In Tuscany For 8 Days

You can give yourselves an opportunity to enhance your knowledge about natural cooking with the help of organic ingredients. The highlights of this vacation will be as follows:

You can enhance your knowledge about vegan, natural and Italian cuisine.
Tasting sessions for wine and oil will be available to you.
The recipes provided to you will be in line with seasonal produce.
You also have time for sightseeing will as well receive a certificate for the participation.

Italian Cooking Vacations
Italian Cooking Vacations

3. The 4-Day Full Immersion Cooking Holiday Of Italy

When you visit this vacation at Fattoria de Fabio you will become familiar with the ingredients being used, which will help make your everyday meals creative. You also have an opportunity to experience a full Italian lunch which will comprise the dishes made during the course. The highlights of this vacation are as follows:

Cooking classes numbering 3.
Visits to Umbrian vineyards, an olive farm or a daily farm.
A visit a pig farm where the Cinta Senesee species is bred.
You will also have the advantage of accommodation for three days along with lunches.

4. Gourmet Getaways And Cooking Holidays For Seven Days In Amalfi

You can join the family operated Casa Laura for an Amalfi coast cooking holiday in southern Italy where you will enjoy the warmth of the region. You can also enjoy gastronomic and cultural excursions. The highlights of this package will be as follows:

You have the benefit of getting involved in 4 cooking classes.
Pizza and baking classes are also included.
Visits to the cheese farm and the lemon tree.
Excursions to places like Positano and Sorrento apart from six nights of accommodation and a folder of recipes to take away with you.

5. The Five-Day Italian Cooking Vacations

The Abruzzo region has not been explored by many, and you can benefit from this factor if you include this holiday within your itinerary. You will be able to stay in the Italian countryside which is not a favorite decision with tourists. You also have the advantage of getting involved in cooking classes with professional chefs who are adept at using local ingredients. The highlights of this package will be as follows.

Preparing authentic Italian dishes and enjoying delicious Italian meals.
Receiving advice from a professional chef and also visiting the local cheese producers.
You will receive accommodation for four nights and learn to use localized ingredients during your holiday.

6. The Four-Day Traditional Discover Umbria Food Holiday

Umbrian cuisine is typical, and you have the benefit of enjoying the fun of a cooking class, wine and olive tasting if you decide to go the time honored way. The highlights of this package will include:

Olive oil tasting, wine tasting, cellar visit along with accommodation for three nights which includes dinners, breakfasts and lunch.
Dinners will be provided with wine.
Cooking classes are included within this program.
You will also receive a gift in the form of a beach towel.

7. The Six-Day Italian Cooking Course In Florence

If you want to enjoy some handmade pasta and seafood apart from delicious dishes this is the course you should be looking forward to joining. You can have access to the following if you decide on joining this course.

Cooking lessons which last of three days.
An apron and had from the Galilee Institute.
A certificate for the participation along with numerous recipes apart from an education to appreciate Italian wines.

8. The 8-Day Pasta Cooking Holiday

Cooking pasta is extremely popular in Italy, and you should not be overlooking a vacation of this type. You can rest assured that you will have an opportunity to indulge yourselves in some of the following.

Wine tasting sessions.
Italian Cooking Vacations classes which are hands-on.
Dinners in local restaurants.
Visits to local producers and also a souvenir in the form of a apron from the cookery school.

9. Italian Cooking Vacations The Four-Day Bakery and Dessert Vacation To Tuscany

Do not finish your vacation unless you have tried this package because it will give you an experience, which will be unmatched. You will be able to learn how to prepare gluten-free desserts apart from enjoying the following.

You can enjoy gluten-free Tuscan cuisine.
3 cooking classes with chef Fabrizio.
Visits to local places of interest.
Breakfasts and dinners every day.

Italy has a lot to offer, and apart from the sightseeing tours you should also be looking forward to experiencing the 9 scrumptious Italian cooking locations, which we are certain, you will definitely enjoy.

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