8 Steps to Planning the Perfect Birthday Party


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It isn’t a secret that most of us love Birthday Party Plan , be it our own or somebody that we know. It brings together not only family and friends, but also allows us to meet new people and develop good social skills. However, be not fooled. Many parties are happening out there which have not been properly planned, structured for and coordinated- which leads to ultimate disaster! Instead of providing fun and an energetic atmosphere, it bores us to the point where we feel like jumping off a 5-story building (okay maybe not so extreme, but you get my point).

I have been to many parties myself; some full of entertainment, and others, not so much. To confess, I had also held an absurdly boring party at one time, and I felt horrible about it. That compelled me to hit Google and read up on ways in which I can improve birthday parties I hold (or may plan) in the future, and I feel that it is my duty to share my new-found knowledge with you!

8 Steps to Help You The Perfect Birthday Party Plan

So, moving on, sit back, relax (but not too much, you want to focus on the next part!) and read my ten steps to planning the perfect birthday party!


STEP 1 – Know who the party is for

Firstly, to state something obvious, you cannot plan a birthday “out of the blue” – it has to be somebody’s birthday! Furthermore, you need to identify their age group and plan accordingly (you cannot plan a party that suits a three-year old for a young woman turning 21, can you?). Once you know who the party is for and how old they will be, you are ready to proceed to step 2.

Note sub-step one– if you are planning the party (or if you are reading this to bestow “party knowledge” upon the planner, you have to decide whether or not  it is a surprise party or if the significant man/lady of the night is going to be informed of the plans. Whatever it may be, you are NOW ready to go on to step 2.

STEP 2 Theme! Theme! Theme!

Most of you may be saying “How is the second step of planning the perfect party the theme?” What about choosing a venue. Is that not more important?” I would personally say that they are equally important and should in fact considered as one, unified step, but for the purposes of this article, let us just keep them closely unified, but independent to each other so that we do not mix the two up.

When we choose a theme, we have to be very particular about colour, dress code and decoration of the venue. Ensuring that people adhere to dress code results in everybody at the party appearing to be one, cohesive unit. If anything, it may promote or stimulate social interaction between friends, family and even help meet new people! 

STEP 3 – Venue

Now that we have discussed step 2, we can move on to step 3-the venue. Picking an ideal venue to host the most awesome is both a simple, yet tricky task. You have to take into account the location, size of the venue and the number of people that you want to invite (or the birthday girl/guy) wishes to invite. By the time you reach this step, you will already have a rough idea of how many people to invite so you will have near perfect knowledge of choosing the right venue. Another important factor to consider when choosing a venue is the time schedule. Many places have time constraints which states that the venue should be closed at 22:00h, which to be honest, isn’t nearly enough time to get the real party started!


Food! Who doesn’t like food? More importantly, who doesn’t like good food? Choosing a good caterer or a cook is fundamentally important to your cause, as many people generally class or rate a birthday party by the deliciousness of the food provided to them. Be wary of who you choose as a caterer. If you have to break the bank to hire the best caterer around, by all means, do it! You may have already gotten at least a five-out-of-ten star rating for that alone. Lastly, ensure that you do not under-cater. The last thing you need to hear the next day from a friend or family member is “I didn’t get any of the roasted lamb to eat!”

STEP 5 – Invitations

I know that many of us would take to social networking for this, and it may not be deemed important, but I assure you that this is a vital step. If you choose to hand out invitation cards, it will compel people to attend the party, even if they would have most probably not pitched up. The reason for this is because of the nature of the invitation- it would be a formal invitation. To ensure a good turn-out, you should opt for a formal invitation as opposed to Facebook

Note sub-step 5– ensure that the theme and dress code of the party is clearly stipulated on the invite, as well as time and venue!

STEP 6 – Hiring a Good, EXPERIENCED DJ’

Trust me when I say, this one is important! Even if you mess up at some point during any one of the steps above, having a rocking DJ may just save your skin due to the entertainment factor. If the DJ has all the right tracks, proper equipment and good time perception with regards to when and how he should play a song for dramatic effect, you will have already ensured that at least half of your guests will enjoy the night ahead.

STEP 7 – The Host of the Party (Its program co-ordinator)

Okay, so you have your DJ. Then what? Do you stop planning? Do you grab a beer and feel awesome for planning and awesome party? No, you don’t! Rest assured friends, you may have successfully pulled off the above six steps, but your job is not over yet. To ensure that your guests are kept entertained for the duration of the party, you need to plan a program. And when I say “you”, I mean YOU, reading this. As the party planner, who better to host the event? I mean, you did all the hard work. You sat up countless hours at night planning, pondering, planning and pondering some more, so it’s only fair if you get to be up there in the limelight with the birthday guy/girl and make them acknowledge your efforts! Start off with a warm welcome, a few speeches in-between (but not too much, you don’t want to bore everybody-remember?), a few jokers here and there, a toast and I will leave the rest up to you. By now, if you paid attention, you will have become an expert party planner!

STEP 8 – Show Up and Enjoy!

You picked a theme, found a large enough venue, hired the best chef around, got a rocking DJ and even wrote down a program to make sure the party goes smooth- what else is there to do? My answer is – “show up, and enjoy!” Yes, that is it. You worked hard, so why not enjoy what you have planned? And when the party is over and done with, you will get numerous texts and calls the next day stating how truly, undeniably awesome the party was! Now, my friend, you are ready to have that beer we spoke of!

By this point in time, you will have amassed so much of party knowledge that you can stare not only Birthday Party Plan, but any party for that matter directly in the face!

Birthday Party Plan is not rocket science. It just requires a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of determination and effort to pull off. And I dare say, follow my eight steps above and you will have hosted the most epic party in years to come. Now that you have sufficient knowledge, I bid you farewell, and happy planning!

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