8 Amazing Apps Every Girl Should Download!


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Be it online shopping, sending texts or our daily workout regime, today everything is possible through various applications provided on our cell phones. Here are top 8 amazing apps that every girl could use to organize the everyday life.

  1. Instagram


Instagram is a place where users share their photos and videos with cool filters on it. You could also use different tools to beautify your picture. To search something in your area of interests take the use of hashtags. It’s one of the amazing apps among others to flaunt your talent. Sometimes it also helps us in informing about the latest trends and affairs.

  1. Truly madly

Truly Madly

It’s an Indian tinder-like online dating app which focuses on girl users. Girls sometimes don’t feel safe talking to strangers on these sorts of apps. Truly madly, therefore, authenticates their users with the help of their social media accounts, so that only users with 30% or higher trust score, could get a match. There are amazing apps like truly madly that also offer chat games like ‘hocus pocus’, ‘foodie funda’, ‘styletastic’, etc. to make it more interesting.

  1. Ola

Ola Amazing Apps

Ola is one of the amazing apps among others which provide cab booking service by acting a mediator between taxi drivers and app users. This app is essential for women who work for late hours. All you got to do is book the Ola cab online before leaving the premises, and it’ll reach your destination in the prescribed time. The app also provides the cab’s info while booking like driver’s picture, name, and his cab number for a safer transport.

  1. Raksha- One of the Amazing Apps

Raksha App

It’s a mobile app designed by the Indian government to ensure the safety of women. You could press the volume button to send the emergency alert to your loved one with your location by GPS. You can also select the number from your contacts so that they would always be aware of your location. Moreover, if you are unable to connect to the internet, you could also send alerts through SMS.

  1. My pill

My Pill

My pill app helps you in reminding to take your birth control pills as well as acts like a menstrual cycle reminder. It will let you know how protected you are from pregnancy depending on the number of time you have taken those pills. Instead of googling your queries you could have a conversation with women around the world, dealing with same issues as you. Other than that, it also helps in planning the check-up schedule with your doctor.  With this fantastic app, you can be free from all worries.

  1. YouCam make up

You Cam Makeup

It’s the best Android digital makeover app with features like lipstick, foundation, face masks, eye makeup, hairstyle and even different hair colors. You could also try several looks including makeup and hairstyle of various celebrities. The real-time makeover is also possible with this app. You could also record a mash-up of makeovers you did, in a short video. Accessorizing of nails feature is also there in this app, so you don’t have to download another app for it.

  1. Beautylish

Amazing Apps

It’s like Pinterest but only for beauty related topics. Through this app, you could discover various trends of makeup, hairstyles, nail art and tutorial videos for inspiration. You could also follow up news with your favorite brand’s product launch. For any beauty addict girl, this app is a must. Know all the tips and tricks for an absolutely chic look and share some if you have any.

  1. Nike + training club

Nike + Training

It’s the perfect app for the fitness freak in you. This app is designed by one of the favorite sports brand, i.e. Nike. It focuses on the women fitness regime with 100+ workouts developed by their own trainers. It helps you to select a level from beginner to pro so that they would come up with the best workouts for you.

These were the top 8 apps you beautiful girls could make use of. But always remember that the real beauty comes from inside.

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