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For many people, freelancing area is a new way of life. At some point in time, this work area will probably become one of the most wanted work style. As a Freelancer, as many other fields, has its advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about some of them in today’s article.

Also, before you decide to start working as a freelancer, you need to know some important things about this field that you will depend on your future career. Each of them helps you to become even more professional than before and help you to have more success. In addition, there are things that will help you understand better what it means to be a freelancer.

1.       This Work is Only For Young People

True and false. Even if you need a lot of knowledge, many people are not taking freelancing serious. Probably because what they consider work is staying with other people in the same office or working outside with other people. Face to face and not computer to computer. They need to always have somebody telling them what to do and they need to talk with people in person. This is their only way to define work. But freelance activity if for every person who wants to make money online and who has a lot of knowledge in some field.

2.       Only Programmers Make Money

False. All kind of people can make money from freelancing but the biggest and only requirement is knowing how to do something. It can be about copywriting, design, programming, marketing or any other area. You just need to provide quality and reliability services, to be good at what you are doing and you can make money easily.

3.       Any Freelancer is Working From Bed

True and false. This thing is only up to you. If you like to work this way, very good but most people chose to work from an office room or rent because it has its advantageous. Because quality of work is better when you work from an office, this is the most recommended way to work as a freelancer. You should make a work schedule so you have time for everything, just like a normal job. Therefore, try and test those methods and see which suits you better.

4.       Freelancers are Working Less

Definitely false. The difference between freelancers and employees is that the first ones are making their own schedule, there is no limit on work hours/day or week, they don’t have a boss telling them every day what to do and they can always skip a day if they don’t feel like working. In addition, you can work as a freelancer part-time, but there are people who really depend on this job.

5.       Freelancing is Not For Everybody

False. Anyone can change and adapt for this work. You probably read that you will be working more and harder than the average employee person but this thing is not true. You will make your own schedule and work as long as you want.

Therefore, if you find this work field interesting, you need to take full advantage because you will definitely not regret it.

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