5 Legitimate Online Freelance Job Websites


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Introduction to online freelance job websites

Any of these Freelance Job websites will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. If you are a stay at home mom, fresh from college, or you are just looking to make an extra buck, I would recommend any of the following websites. You simply need to sign up, fill out your profile, take tests and you’re ready to start earning. My advice to you is that you stick to your area of profession. Your success in this industry is directly proportional to the quality work you submit to your client. Strive to give your clients the best.

1. Up work

This site has over 1.5 million clients all over the world making it the biggest freelance sites. Here, you can find both short and long-term projects to work on. These projects are available to you in per project or on an hourly basis. That means you get paid for every hour worked or for every project you complete. There are so many low paying jobs but with professional experience and a good profile, you will definitely attract high paying jobs.

2. Fiverr

This Freelance Job site is totally different from Up work so if you decide to maintain both accounts, you need to pay attention when signing up. Instead of having companies post their projects so freelancers can apply, the site has freelancers create ‘’gigs’’ based on what they can do best. This site is ideal if you are willing to offer small tasks that can be done quickly. These small tasks could be anything from blog comments, product description, reviews, transcription, article writing, logo design, and much more. Fiverr jobs used to be priced at $5, hence the name, but this is no longer the case.

3. Text Broker

This is an online content mill that posts a variety of freelance writing jobs. If you can write a beautiful piece and your English is perfect, then this will mint your money like you can’t believe. The site has freelance writing opportunities for all kinds of writer including beginners. However, this Freelance Job is only for US citizens only.

4. Chegg Tutors

The site was previously known as ‘’InstaEdu’’. It’s a tutoring platform that matches qualified tutors withy students who really need academic help. There is a wide variety of subjects covered here so whatever your profession is am sure you will find something. If you’ve got a post graduate degree, you can go ahead and sign up and teach the subject you are qualified in. payments start at $20 per hour. You need to9 have a good computer and internet.

5. Rev

Rev offers transcribers, translators, and captioners, opportunities to practice their skills. Okay, I said practice. This is a professional site that is very strict on providing high-quality work to their clients so you have to be really good. These Jobs include transcribing audio files, translating and so much more. You just need to sign up, do their test accurately and start earning immediately. You have the privilege to select your working hours. The more you transcribe the more you earn. They have these levels, the more you continue producing quality work. They upgrade to the next level and you get to earn more… Starting salary is at $30 per audio hour transcribed.


So if you looking to make some extra money on your free time. Sign up to any of these sites and trust me you will not regret your decision. If you can be serious and produce quality work, the money you get here cannot be compared to that guy who guys to work on the daily. Happy freelancing.

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