5 Kitchen Ingredients To Make Rapunzel Jealous


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Now when we think about Rapunzel and her infamous long lustrous locks of hair, we begin daydreaming about how our life would have been with hair like her, so silky and smooth. We spend most of our life using chemical products like shampoo, conditioner, serum, etc. But if we notice our mothers and grandmothers hair are still soft and healthy what do you think could be the reason behind it. Well, let’s have a flashback to those days when your mother kept telling you not to use shampoo and to use her homemade shampoo which you made fun of. Well, that’s your answer. Your “HAHA” right back at you. Natural kitchen Ingredients  are the one you should go for non-harmful ways of having smooth, shiny hair for long term.

Yes, ladies, there’s more to that kitchen than just to make food and gulp it. So now let’s get to it.


 Kitchen Ingredients

It is among the most popular kitchen ingredients for silky hair which everyone is familiar with. An egg is a natural conditioner which contains a higher level of nutrients and fatty acids. It helps in providing that moisture to the hair. Beat one egg in a small bowl, after whipping it, apply the egg mask to your hair and your scalp. Then wash your hairs thoroughly with the shampoo. I know the smell is deadly but like they said “no pain no gain.”

Yogurt- The best Kitchen ingredients ever

 Kitchen ingredients

Yogurt is not just summer goals, but it’s also sufficient for hair goals. Mix yogurt with a two teaspoon of olive oil and apply it to the damp hair and scalp, rinse after thirty minutes. After washing, it will bring a natural shine and softness to your hair.


 Honey for Long Hairs

The third ingredient would be the sweet honey. Honey contains an antioxidant and essential nutrient that helps in healthy hair growth. Mix it with fresh water and apply it straight to your lock, after letting it stay for a half an hour, rinse it thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Your hair will be shiny and light in no time and Cleopatra is a shred of evidence for this treatment.



Bananas contain fat which we all know isn’t what we girls want, but that’s not the case for our hair. Let’s just say this fruit doesn’t seem as unhealthy as it seems when it comes to hair. Crush the banana and mix some yogurt. After blending them together apply this mask to your hair and after 30-45 minutes rinse it with shampoo. Bananas contain glucose which will help in nourishing the flaky scalp and dry hair, getting you more close to that silky smooth hair.



You must’ve heard about Cleopatra the stunning beauty of Egypt. She used to bath with donkey’s milk which was the secret behind her radiant smooth skin and hair. Well i am not sure where you could find donkey’s milk in this city but what you can do is provide your hair with milk you drink. You could even throw that straightener away because milk is considered to be a natural straightener making hair frizz free and silky.

So girls these are the five mostly used kitchen ingredients for smooth shiny hair and for more on this, contact your mother i am sure she would love to assist you.

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