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Virtual Reality Used By Marketers

In technical terms, virtual reality happens to be a three-dimensional environment, which interacts with you and lets you explore through. The objects you see, followed by the series of actions, take you to a different dimension. You go into the virtual world and immerse yourself into the given environment.

Why is Virtual Reality Used by Marketers?

When it is about marketing, the marketers can provide the best opportunity to their audience, to understand a product or service, and they don’t have to be physically present. It eases down their job, and can also be helpful in terms of understanding the products and services themselves. When they go through an experience of using what they are trying to sell, it immediately makes them more confident about their product, and that result in being more convincing.

Top examples of virtual reality used by marketers:

Oculus Rift

The current hysteria in the VR world has begun after the launch of Oculus Rift. It has been developed by Palmer Luckey, sponsored by Kickstarter, and then snapped up by Facebook for $2 billion. It is easily connected to DVI and USB ports at the computer and tracks your head movement for proper presentation of 3D imagery. With a cost of $599, customers have rated it with an average of 3.6 out of 5.

HTC Vive:

This Steam VR headset has been produced in collaboration with Valve. It is known to be amazing for gamers, but the marketers aren’t finding any limitations to have their work done too. HTC Vive comes with an exclusive 70 sensor feature and offers a 360 degree head-tracking advancement too. HTC Vive boasts about the 90Hz refresh rate, which keeps down latency. With a pricey charge of $799, the happy customers have rated it 3.9 out of 5.

Samsung Gear VR:

This product is one of best examples of virtual reality used by marketers. Samsung Gear VR works out to be cost effective and can be only kept for professional purpose. This is referred to feel like Oculus Rift ‘lite’, since both the companies collaborated for technology. This gear adds your Samsung Galaxy smartphone as the processor for display. The handset is slotted in front of the lenses, which is inside a Micro USB dock, and with the help of the Super AMOLED display, you get the authentic experience of VR. With only a cost of $99 the happy experiences have called in a 4.2 rating.

Virtual reality has, and is going through a breakthrough this year. Several companies have adopted this advancement and it has made their work more efficient. Splurging a good amount on VR headsets, are definitely going to turn out to be a great asset, for companies which are considering such purchases.

Some Easy Oily Skin Care Tips

Are you looking for the information about how to make your skin oily free?  Do you want to glow your skin with simple and easy tips, then in this article we have given very simple oily skin care tips by using which you can take care of your skin.

Oily Skin Care Tips

Many of us feel embarrassed for a oily skin taking care of this. Oil is necessary for a beautiful and fresh skin but it needs to keep a certain amount of oil in the skin. Extra oily skin become irritating for us. Faced many problems to take care of oily skin. If you want to protect the oily skin from adverse weather conditions in summer oily skin be cleaned thoroughly every day. You can easily take care of your oily skin at home.

Easy Tips For Taking Care Of Oily Skin

  • Using Facial Scrub is not better for oily skin. In that case, you can use rice flour as Scrub. It prevents the skin from excess oil out.
  • Cucumber juice works well to remove oily skin. You can keep cucumber cube in refrigerator and use it as a ice cube in your skin.
  • Garlic has more benefits to oily skin. It works as a anti-biotic. To remove extra oil from skin use small amounts of garlic paste on the skin.
  • Cleanser or face wash should not be used more than three times a day. Cosmetics and facewash all should be oil free.
  • To remove the skin feeling oily garlic has no equal. Reduce oily skin, apply garlic paste.
  • Use oil free sunscreen when go outside of home.
  • For oily skin care mix 2 teaspoon of pea-flour and 1 teaspoon of sour yogurt the mixture  and use the mixture on skin for 15 minutes and wash. It’s helpful to remove extra oil from skin.
  • Put the egg white in the face and then wait 10 minutes down the tissue paper. When the tissue paper to dry remove slowly and clean skin with water.
  • We need more time to care for oily skin, because in oily skin acne tendency to be much higher. Follow the above tips. To get better results.

Travelling Alone – The Good Old Days Can’t Build Your Future

In a moment of pondering, while thinking about the future, plenty of things flash through your mind.

Perks of travelling alone

If you are a dream chaser who can hardly settle for an ordinary life, then you are likely to have booked your one way ticket towards your challenge. The idea behind travelling isn’t merely the urge to encounter life abroad.

It’s far broader than that, travelling helps you build the set of traits you need to bear different responsibilities. As an expat who’s totally new to a country, you take care of every single aspect of your life. In other words, you are your own household, your own mentor, preacher, doctor and even your own consultant.

Assume you have a plumbing problem or your kid suffering some sort of fever. It’s not like you are going to ring up your doctor or call your plumber right on the spot.  Instead, you will have to get to the right person to handle the situation or maybe be that person.  Many people can’t imagine they can handle situations like this, not because they are naive or weak but because life never dealt them a bad hand before.

What you think is a curse might turn out to be a bless

One of the very critical things that determine whether or not you will achieve what you are looking for is perseverance. A person with strong perseverance is a person made of steel. Steel might not be the most precious thing to possess unlike gold or diamond. However, it will never bend or crook. Same way perseverance is regarded, strong perseverance will never let you crumble or stumble. Instead it will give you the persistence and faith to overcome life hurdles.

If you think of if the other way round, what if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth? A spoiled kid with every sort of amusement in hand. It’s definitely a bless,and you would be one of those luckiest guys whose worst problems is having to drive a 400 horse power car instead of a 600, or flying a small cabin jet instead of a large cabin one. Life remains a piece of cake till you have to take the pitfall, then instead of the luckiest you become the unluckiest luckiest. It’s very unlikely that you would be able to ride high waves because you only learnt how to survive in a shallow little pond in the first place.

When life gets comfy you better take a leap of faith

The fact that you are living with your beloved friends and family is really amazing, but to what extent you think you can endure stress and hardships. How you are going to act when it comes to taking matters into your own hands, that’s the turning point.

You have always been having good times with friends, driving around or having a drink in a pub. But that’s not how you mature. Your maturity develops with the hardships you are willing to face, the pitfalls you are ready to take.

Some persons hustle all day to reach out their goals. Others just sit back watch them hustling, which do you think victory will align to? That’s why you should be a firm believer that the good old days can’t build your future”.

World Cup Russia 2018 – Best Betting Tips And Team Statistics

World cup Russia 2018 will come forth with a lot of excitement. For the fans, spectacular goals Scored by their teams will elicit a lot of cheers. Some of the England fans will say that this is our year. Again, African and Asia Teams who have never won the World cup will hope to win it in Russia. It’s just a matter of time before all teams put their boots on the ground. The race to the World Cup Russia 2018 is on…

Betting at The World Cup Russia 2018

Betting will form an integral part of the World Cup Russia 2018. Just as in many other competitions, Sports betting is a major investment for the fans. World Cup Russia 2018 may earn a lot of dollars to a lot of sport betting fans. But, You just need to be keen on how you place your bets. Remember, this is the world cup Russia 2018. It’s not the English Premier League nor the Spanish Laliga. Definitely, the way you place your bets in the later competitions will completely differ with the world cup.

How To Place Your Bets On The World Cup Russia 2018.

There are different types of bets that you can place on the world cup, to begin with. Some of the prevalent bets  that you can pick from include:

1.Both teams to score.

2.Under/over 2.5 goals,

3.any time goal scorer.

4. First Team to Score.

5. The Team To qualify for the Next round.

There will definitely be a lot of options that you can choose from. From the round of 16 stage, go for under 2.5 goals. On top of that Penalty shot outs usually decide the quarter, Semi and the Final stage of the World Cup. You should not go for a direct win at this stages. However, there are certain things that you will need to consider before you place your bets.

World Cup Russia 2018- What  to Consider Before Placing Your Bet

Image Adapted From The

Image Adapted From The

Winning a game in the World Cup competition comes by with a lot of Planning. It will be noteworthy for you to enumerate the latter while placing your bets. This is due to the fact that world cup games carry a lot of magnitudes. Not to mention that there are a lot of players who will fancy winning the world cup title.  Especially players who have never won the world cup trophy. You need to consider

1.The recent meetings between different teams.

2.The different types of players in both teams.

3.Player Performance for both club and country

4.The system of play that the different teams will use

5. How far the teams have reached

You will be in good position to place your bet if you consider the above-mentioned factors. However, you should refrain from placing your bet based on the type of team that the players play for. Big Players from big clubs like Manchester United-Real Madrid and PSG have failed to perform in Big Occasions. Lionel Messi didnt score at the World Cup 2014 Brazil Final. Mario Gotze found the back of the net in Brazil.I bet that no one expected Gotze to score. All eyes were on Thomass Muller and other Big German Players who Featured in the final. Dont Forget that James Rodriguez came out of the blues and scored a lot of spectacular goals

World Cup Russia 2018- Both Team To Score Games

World Cup Winning Goal Courtesy Of Gotze(Photo adapted From Quartz

World Cup Winning Goal Courtesy Of Gotze(Photo adapted From Quartz

Obviously, there are certain games that will automatically yield scores. For you to place this bet, you will consider the attacking power possessed by both teams. Besides the later, consider the nature of each opponents defence line. How many goals have both teams scored and how many have they bagged in? You can get this statistic from their World Cup Russia 2018 qualifying campaign. Some of the automatic games that both teams may score include

1 Argentina Vs Nigeria

2 Portugal Vs Spain

3 England Vs Belgium

4 South Korea Vs Mexico

5 Japan Vs Poland

World Cup Russia 2018 – Direct win Games.

There is no way that the Hosts can commence their world cup campaign with a loss or a draw. Obviously, the first game will be a direct win for Russia. Of course, that will not come easy especially with them playing the rejuvenated Saudi Arabia team. Also, France, Argentina, Sweeden, Belgium, Germany Uruguay may comfortably earn the direct win with their first games. For excellent direct win predictions, you should consider the betting tips factors explained in this article.

Golden Boot Betting at the World Cup Russia 2018.

To begin with, the Golden Boot award acknowledges the most goals scored by any player in the world Cup. Who will then score a lot of goals in the World cup Russia 2018 and grab the Golden Boot award?. With Harry Kane breaking a lot of records in 2018, we can place our bet on the England Captain. Besides the England Captain, Other players that might as well content for this award include

England Striker Harry Kane Receives His Golden Boot Award(Photo Courtesy of The World Game - SBS

England Striker Harry Kane Receives His Golden Boot Award(Photo Courtesy of The World Game – SBS

1.Romeru Lukaku

2.Lionel Messi

3.Christiano Ronaldo


5.Robert Lewandoski


However, going for Harry Kane, Neymar or Lukaku Can earn you great rewards. It will not be an easy task for Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to score a lot of goals. As much of the fact the two players are the leading top scorers in Europe. It is an undisputed fact that much focus will be on the players. The latter may pave way for other players in their team to score a lot of goals.

World Cup Russia 2018- Who will win the Prestigious Trophy.

World Cup Trophy (Picture Courtesy of the Insyder Magazine}

World Cup Trophy (Picture Courtesy of the Insyder Magazine}




There are definitely some teams that are favourites to win this Trophy. First of all, Africa and Asia’s teams have no place in the World Cup final stage. More so countries that have not previously reach the knock out stages.  Let’s start by eliminating all Africa and Asia Countries.  I hate to say this but statistics are against countries form those continents. Besides Africa and Asia Countries, let us Eliminate the Hosts Russia.  This is due to  Russia performance on the Confederation Cup.If they will carry such an awful display, they will be in for a much disappointment.

Russia will not be the first country to be bundled out of the competition on their home turf. I bet that Brazil and South Africa understand the later predicament. The furthest they can reach is the round of 16 group stage. Hell Yes.  Europe and South America teams are favourites to win this trophy. Let’s begin by eliminating Spain and Germany and Argentina out of the Picture. For Germany, there is no way they can lift the world cup in two consecutive Tournament. You only get that lucky to score in the dying minutes of a final once. I just blame Gonzalo Higuain, he didnt make use of the clear-cut chances he got..

World Cup Russia 2018 Ultimatum


Image Adapted From ABCNews

Image Adapted From ABCNews

For Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid are not up to their game recently. On top of that most of the players who currently play for this teams aren’t Spanish. I bet if they will bank on Alvaro Morata as their lead striker, hell will break loose. England is completely out of the picture. They have a lot of overrated average players. A defence combination of Phil Jones and Cahil will definitely yield a lot of own goals and penalty kicks. France, Belgium and Brazil are the remaining teams to battle up for this trophy. My favourite bet is in France. France has a lot of excellent players on the different sides of the pitch. Starting from their goalkeeper, their midfield and striking option is one of a kind.