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Mental Disorders- Why Society’s Reaction is Heartless?

What does your mother do when you fall ill ? She takes you to the doctor and gives you the medicine regularly. Not only this but she also tries to treat you by making for you nutritious healthy meals. She also deals with you in the kindest of ways all the time. Doesn’t she?

Imagine,if she rebukes you all the time and accuses you that it’s all your fault that you have fallen ill. Then, comes your father and does the same. Your brothers and sisters also take the same strategy of dealing with you and all leave you at the mercy of your sickness.

Doesn’t it sound inhuman and heartless behavior? Definitely, this type of behavior is no cure for your illness.

Mental Disorders - Why Society'd Reaction is Heartless?












Mental Disorders and Society’s Reaction 

On the other hand, people diagnosed with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism etc.face worse sort of taunts and criticism from the people around them. No one mercies them. Despite the fact that these people are not suffering from these disorders out of their own choice. The family of mentally upset person does not encourage him to consult a psychiatrist.

Our society misunderstands mental disorders. A mentally unfit person is a stigma for his family and friends. People with mental illness are called ‘mad’ and looked down upon them. They are alienated from the society and called disabled. But the truth is that they are suffering from the weird circumstances of their lives.

This stigma is not just seen in uneducated rural population only, but also in highly educated population. Everyone fails to understand the misfortune of these special people and families of these people keep hiding them from the society. They are looked down upon and are called abnormal.

This reaction of our society haunts the families of mentally suffering people. The parents and brothers and sisters feel ashamed to let people know about the mental disorder of their loved ones. They hesitate  to take the mentally ill people to the psychiatrist and psychologist. “What people will think about us?” they worry about what the society will think. Rather than struggling to find a treatment for these people, they head to temples and mosques.  Isn’t this all strange and unsuitable?

Mental Disorders are Like Physical Illnesses

What if you are unwell and nobody takes you to the doctor? You might have chances of dying, isn’t it right?

The case is same with these people who have certain mental disorders. They just need some love, affection and understanding to get back on the normal track of life and feel happy and comfortable in the company of all of us.

But unfortunately everyone tells them, “What you are suffering from is all your fault.” The condition of these people becomes worse at this. Lack of understanding makes their mental disorder worse.

Mental Disorders - Why Society'd Reaction is Heartless?

A mental disorder is just like a physical illness. Any good psychiatrist can diagnose, treat and cure them. In advanced societies broadminded people take their loved ones for mental treatment.  They support the patient and cooperate with the psychiatrist. The mental disorder is ultimately cured.

We also have hope for our loved ones just like other societies. Every mental disorder is curable and those who suffer from mental disorders can one day be like us or even better than us.

Zika Virus – Causes, Dangers and Prevention

What is Zika Virus?

Nowadays, Zika virus has become a big talk especially in medical community. Although, the virus was first discovered long ago in 1947 in Uganda but not adequate researches and studies are carried in order to shed more light on this  virus. There is uncertainty and ignorfance among people about Zika Virus. Therefore, to know what zika does to human is still in need of more research. But to alert the people about the virus and its dangers, WHO declared Zika on February 1, 2016,as Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

Zika virus is mild illness and rarely leads to death. It primarily transmits through the bite of infected Aedes specie of mosquitoes. Zika also spreads through sexual contact because the virus has the ability to stay alive in the semen longer than in the blood. There are also reports of blood transfusion transmission and laboratory exposure cases.

Zika Virus

How Dangerous is Zika Virus?

When Zika virus attacks people, they suffer from mild fever. Skin rash also accompanies. Both these symptoms are very common in fever. A patient of Zika ignores the initial symptoms of Zika and does not consult a doctor. Joint or muscle pain also starts in three or four days. Uneasiness and discomfort appears only after two to seven days after mosquito biting. The virus symptoms spread in the body of one from every four infected people. However, the danger of this infection becomes more fatal when zika attacks a pregnant women. The infection attacks the fetus and causes microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome. As a result, a fetus is diagnosed by muscle weakness and damage to immunization. More studies and research is needed on Zika to know its full effects on a pregnant woman and her baby. But it is obvious that potential danger level of Zika to babies is high.

How to Prevent From Zika Virus?

Prevention is better than treatment. Zika virus spreads from mosquito bites and the most effective method to prevent the virus is to keep the environment clean. Mosquito repellent are good for killing the mosquitoes that get in the homes. When you go out, ensure to wear covering clothes like full sleeves hirts and full pants. Especially relevant is care of pregnant women. Since there is no vaccine to prevent Zika virus, people must avoid travelling to places where zika virus is infecting people. When it comes to sex and sexual relation, more care is essential. Stay with your life partner and avoid random and unknown relationships. If it is unavoidable use protective means like condoms.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. The virus is dangerous not only for you an infected person but to his loved ones also. He can infect them. In case anyone gets fever, mild or severe, he must consult his doctor and insist on having laboratory tests. But ample rest and intake of fluids cures the fever. He should abstain from contacting other family members because the infection is contagious and it can spread to others around in the family!

The Drug Menace – Hugh problem of Drug Menace Addiction

Drugs menace become serious issue in all societies and school children, can cause an intense craving and you may want to quit, but most people find they can’t do it their own. It causes serious, long-term consequences, including problems with physical and mental health, relationships, and the law. Unless cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana are some of the drugs abused.  According to the scientific researches it has been proven that these harmful drugs adversely affect on one’s brain and harm it seriously. As a result of this, the mental process of Drug Menace addicts is disturbed mainly and they become unconscious.

How The Drug Menace & Harmful

Drug Menace Addiction

Drug Menace Addiction

Drug users commit very harmful, dangerous severe antisocial crimes like murders, rapes and more things happen to people embarrassment and lot of illegal activities. How does this become menace? As there is a great tendency of propagating drugs among young generation especially now a days with young girls in higher societies are basically targeted for this menace. Youth are vulnerable to drugs and they are attracted to them easily. So that, it is fair to mention that drug is a menace.

The problem with Drug Menace is not their effect; it is the corruption that is tied to the huge profits that doing illegal business commends. Increasing penalties for drug crimes will just increase the prices and thereby the profits for people willing to take the risk. Along these profits will come increased war in our neighborhoods as gangs and dealers fight and kill for the enormous profits.

Now a day’s it’s been a Hugh problem of facing Drug Menace addiction among the school children and specially the parents has to contribute their fully attention to prevent this menace among the young crowd. It is the parents whose unfulfilled ambitions come to play a prominent role here. However they don’t ever seem to realize that this criticism of the child will not make the child but mar his desire to study.

Hugh problem of facing Drug Menace addiction

Unless drug addicts are reformed or rehabilitated property, certainly they have to die as lunatics. There are many rehabilitation camps operation to control this issue in worldwide. The purpose of them is to rehabilitate Drug Menace addicts and show them the correct path of society. As long as there are people that want to adjust their state of mind, there will be someone to help them do it, and adjusting our state of mind is part of human nature.

We have driven ourselves into such a moral quandary that it will take years to fully recover. But our present course of action has proven to be more destructive than drugs themselves. The only way we are going to stop substance abuse is by lowering the pressure in day-to-day life for our citizens.

According to the researches, it has found out that friends are the agents of spreading this menace in society. Therefore, it is the responsibility of children keeping company only with good friends, and the same time parents must be very vigilant in this regard. So let us all join hands to eradicate, those who addicted to this drug menace.

How To Prevent Chances of Developing Thoracic Kyphosis

Quite a few people have a problem maintaining the recommended posture for their back. These are the people who can develop thoracic kyphosis in the early stages. These people will do better if they decide to use a medical grade dorsolumbar support because it can correct the posture of their back and prevent the chances of developing a problem which is more pronounced. This is also a helpful device for people who suffer from a problem of slumped or rounded shoulders because it can help them bring about an improvement in their posture.

When you consider purchasing a dorsolumbar support, it is essential for you to understand that you are not affected by any affliction, which cannot be corrected. You must understand that the support can be worn beneath your clothes and will remain out of the view of people around you. At no time, will you be required to disclose the problem; you face and can continue wearing the support for as long as needed.

Dorsolumbar SupportInitially, you could have some apprehensions in your mind about wearing a support and wonder, whether you will face discomfort of any kind. At this stage, it would be apt to say that you would certainly be conscious about the brace but would definitely get over the additional device on your body. You could also try to understand how people during the past managed, when braces like these had not been developed. There could be a number of answers coming your way but perhaps the most common among them would be the reasons of not being aware of the problem. Conceivably people believed this was just another problem that did not deserve attention.

Prior to the introduction of supports for the back, this matter had not been investigated by the medical fraternity and therefore, information about how the posture could be improved simply by wearing a TLSO brace, would not have been available. It was only after deeper studies had been conducted that manufactures begin developing a support which could rectify the position with the back. On your part, you should consider yourselves fortunate because you no longer are required to continue walking around with a slump and become prone to the problem of thoracic kyphosis. You presently can consider correcting your posture simply by wearing a medical grade dorsolumbar support which will bring about the improvements you need.

How Dorsolumbar Support Can Prevent Chances of Developing Thoracic Kyphosis

Having spoken about these supports it would also be essential to give you information that you should invariably consider having a discussion with your physician to get an understanding, whether you really need some support for your back. Even though wearing one will not prove harmful to you, it is invariably better to try to understand the advantages before you consider purchasing one for yourselves. You will not be required to go through an extensive examination before a decision is given by the physician. Your external appearance will give the expert from the medical fraternity information about whether you are a suitable candidate for a dorsolumbar support.

The little time you spend with your physician will make it possible for you to stay away from such investments and could even bring in some advice about how you should be holding the position with your back without the need for supports of any type.

If you have been advised to use the supports because of an improper position with your back, you can rest assured that the benefits outweigh any imaginable problems which you could have in your mind. Given below are a couple of benefits which you could find extremely advantageous.

Chances of Developing Thoracic Kyphosis

• Your chances of appearing thinner or taller increase when you stand straight and tall with a proper posture.
• It will make you confident and bring in the feel-good factor within yourselves.
• You will see an improvement in any bouts of anxiety, fatigue or the problem with weight gain if you are prone to these problems.

The improvements you begin to notice after wearing the braces will be enormous, especially when you see that more people are attracted to you simply because of the change in your posture.

You do not have to worry about any discomfort which you may feel in the initial stages. Over the years, posture braces have seen considerable improvements being made. Presently, you no longer have to deal with any uncomfortable moments like stiff postures just because you are wearing a brace. Plenty of research has been conducted to understand how a TLSO braces can be made comfortable and manufacturers have begun using material, which will be suitable for you.

When you consider making a purchase, you will be required to conduct some research about the different types which will be available within the market. You cannot hold the belief that one size fits all. You will do better to obtain advice from an expert and try to understand the product best suited for your condition. You should go ahead with the purchase only after you have gathered all the information you need. Most importantly it is also essential for you to give this matter the attention it deserves. After all the support not only gives you, the ability to stand up straight and tall but will also make you feel confident that you have finally taken a step forward to make some corrections and feel comfortable with your back.

Cost of Dorsolumbar Support

If you are worried about the finances which you will have to spend on a dorsolumbar support you can rest assured confident in the knowledge that you will not be required to spend a large amount of money for this device. You will not have any difficulties in finding a number of products being offered by different retailers within the market. Yes, you will certainly have to spend some money, but it will be a better option than having a problem with your back.

You should rather consider the costs of visiting a physician to seek a solution for the problem you face rather than worry about the finances which you will have to invest in buying a dorsolumbar support which will provide you all the help you need along with giving you the confidence to have an upright stance.

Make your choices wisely after you have considered all the products, which are attainable You will have no difficulties in concluding that you should only be looking forward to buying a medical grade dorsolumbar support because it is the best available throughout the world.