10 Most Remarkable Developments in Artificial Intelligence


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Looking back at the last decade and how much Artificial intelligence has advanced since then, the future can actually be imagined as an episode of “The Jetsons” with flying cars, skyscrapers and smart robots as pets and workers. One of the most noticeable advancement can be Facebook which launched in 2004, yes, not that long ago. Back then even Google wasn’t as efficient as it is now. But those times were the beginning of a new era in which artificial intelligence will take over everything! It has already started taking our jobs and very soon will replace the need for human to human connection as is already evident by how two people sitting together are busy with gadgets rather than talking to each other. They’re becoming more efficient and making us less efficient by minimizing our power of thinking. So AI is basically taking over everything, including our brains. It’s no longer just ‘simulation of human brain or behavior’ it has gotten better than us and now we have to measure up to AI itself!
Here are a few developments to show you where I’m coming from.


  1. Better Algorithms




We all know how AIs learn from their experiences, just like a human brain. They can be trained to do anything and once they learn they only become more efficient, so much so that they actually become better than us. It is because of this that they are taking over our jobs and making us less efficient.
In the recent years AIs have learned and recognized more than we can imagine. That creates a threat because they are not just better at the good things like reasearches but also better hackers and cheaters. To avoid them from going the wrong directions they are being conditioned to differentiate between right and wrong so that they can pick their own path.

2. AI breaking through medicine!




Watson, considered a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, is basically a computer based system accessible through computers, phones, other gadgets, with a huge data base of unorganized information and what it does is quite amazing… it answers questions asked based on the data it has stored. And it gets better with every question asked. Because of which it is being attempted to use in medicine. The venture is currently unsuccessful but it has a high chance of achieving the goal.

3. They look like us too!


Nanyang Technological University (NTU) at Singapore has an intelligently programmed robot Nadine working as their receptionist. She looks very human like and can also talk to people and respond based on their previous conversations. Japanese Yangyang is the same only that it doesn’t work as a receptionist and looks like Sarah Palin.


4. AIs can feel!


Xiaoice is an artificially intelligent program created by Microsoft Applications and Services Group East Asia, which talks, responds and feels like a seventeen-year old girl. She behaves very ‘Humanly’ by being embarrassed, lying at times, getting angry, being sarcastic and impatient as well.

5. They are smarter than us.


AIs have learned enough to outsmart us in many ways. Now they’ve even become better hackers and outsmart even the smartest of computer fanatics. This is arising as a dangerous threat in itself. DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge in August 2016 is set for creating such smart AIs that can compete and destroy an opposing hacking system by pointing out its weaknesses and repairing its own damages.

6. They will soon be our lovers


Believe it or not, the year 2015 also brought a breakthrough in this category. Dr. Pearson owner of the UK’s biggest sex toy shops released a report predicting that human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex by 2050. His report identifies them as “sex toys that interact with virtual reality sex”

7. They will soon enter our brains!


Ray Kurzweil, the director for engineering at Google, has predicted that by 2030 “nanobots implanted in our brains will make us powerful” They’ll enhance our abilities to learn and respond affectively hence making us more human and more fast.


8. AIs as weapons


All super powers of the world are spending more and more every year to create destructive AIs for War and destructions. Ais used as weapons are another dangerous trend. During the International Joint Conference for Artificial Intelligence at Argentina, the use of AIs in military has been banned.

9. AIs are mastering our behavior


During a conference, Mark Zukerberg explained how Facebook is using an AI to integrate and use our knowledge on Facebook and suggest things according to our liking. Things that might interest each person individually.

10.They have learned to deceive


To protect and guard ammunition and supplies from the enemy in the battlefield, scientists are trying to teach AIs to deceive and cheat. So they can misguide and protect the materials from the enemy on the battlefield.




Year 2015 brought many revolutionary breakthroughs in the world of artificial intelligence. Matrix is not very far now!


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